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  1. Human existence is nothing but a war between different ideologies. Everyone wants to control the narrative and make their own perception universal. What a silly dream we live in?!
  2. It doesn't sound like a game when discussing worth. It sounds more like a chore.
  3. @Tim R You're repeating yourself, buddy. It seems you're attached to labels that cause you miss my point. Acceptance is a dualistic notion, just like love. I accept you = I love you. There's a me and a you in the equation. You can say I accept myself = I love myself, but that's rather the smaller self, not the Self. Because you can also say I reject myself = I hate myself. See, love and hate, acceptance and rejection occur at the dualistic/relative/personal level. The Self does not love or hate, nor does it accept or reject. It simply does not discriminate. All discrimination occurs on the level of the smaller selves, which is where all this confusion is occurring. Please re-read a hundred times before repeating the same lecture.
  4. @Tim R That doesn't seem to address my point. You said existence is selfless, but you also said that existence accepts itself. It sounds contradictory. Because acceptance is something that only a self can do. Without a self, you could neither accept nor reject, unless I am mistaken.
  5. Apply the 90/10 rule. You close in to 90%, and she will do the remaining 10%, and maybe even the 😘
  6. Cool explanation. Now redo it without the external God you suggested there. Otherwise, you're unknowingly conflating the absolute with the relative.
  7. Nah, I don't buy it. Women poop cake and pee lemonade. At least, some of them. 🤠
  8. That's cuz you haven't yet seen a girl poop 💩
  9. As if tits and ass are objectively sexy. The same phenomenon occurs on both sides. It's called delusional thinking.
  10. I am literally sick of the generalizations. There are no rules. Everyone is unique.
  11. This assumes a religion and a science out there in the world and not inside the mind.
  12. It's the most obvious thing in the world that everything is not love, but some people twist narratives and pretend otherwise.
  13. I've got an insight, so I'll be offline for a couple of days. Now that I have nothing to do, I will make it a habit to stay outdoors for 8 hours a day at least. A lot of walking and meditation, and maybe I'll start randomly cold-approaching girls. I've been observing the streets and parks lately, and I've noticed that the western version of pick-up is not a relevant thing here at all. Guys usually just follow girls and flirt until she is interested enough to talk. That's how pick-up is done here. I certainly won't be doing that. It's creepy as fuck. I may be bringing something new to my culture lol. Whatever. I've been watching some videos recently, and I will apply the following: I will only approach a girl that shows high initial interest. It will probably be pointless to approach every girl out there. But I might not approach at all, and I might approach randomly. We'll see.