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  1. @Inliytened1 Infinite is not God, infinite is enemy of true God.
  2. I am trying to save human essence, and you are willing to lose it because you think that it is illusion and ego, you are taught to do so by nondual metaphysics. But its not illusion, and not ego. You want to lose your human essence and to become rock among other rocks, to be dog among other dogs. Coz to be rock, to be object is blissful and to be human is painful. You've traded human essence for candy, for infinite candy.
  3. @Inliytened1 Your Pantheism/Monism cannot be cured. It is you who are lost. i am human, and you are too. May it seems like illusion. But thought is more important than experience.
  4. Consciousness is outside of everything. That is, the only content of God's Providential Thought, superiority over absolutely everything. Consciousness is not-identical to absolute everything-ness. Because of that non-identicalness, there is witness. Rock can't witness other rocks because it is identical to them. But human can witness because human has consciousness which is not identical to Being.
  5. Consciousness is outside of infinity. It seems like they are same thing but they are not. better ask urself- what is that desire for nonduality? what is that idea that reality must be nondual? what if it is not nondual?
  6. Human is enemy of Allah. says Quran. 'We've created human from drop and, look, human is opposing us, being a clear enemy to us.' the term used in quran - hasim mubin - clear opponent. Human neglect thy Lord, instead human wants Infinite, wants Being, wants Bliss. In other words, human wants devil. -------------------- To anyone who speaks russian - http://kontrudar.com/lekcii/islam - full explanation on what is infinite - what is individual perception (ego) - and why you are deluded by nondual movement.
  7. Great post, Sadguru not only misleads his followers by feeding them into wrong direction but also is Islamophobic.
  8. @Endangered-EGO you are correct. Ancient Greek philosophers in pre-Socrates era feared infinity too. They didn’t like it. Because not only infinity is fearful and empty from meaning, but also because infinity is what erases you, it destroys your physical individuality and makes you into an object among other objects, infinity negates your subjective human essence and turns you into phenomenon, into rocks among other rocks. They always called infinity as negative infinity, as pure negation. For them, infinity was rock. Only by opposing infinity we exist, only by opposing infinity - consciousness exist. Because infinity and consciousness are opposites, and they exist by opposing each other. In negative ‘union’. Consciousness doesn’t exist without being a contrast, an opposition to Being, to Infinity. Unfortunately, many think that infinite and consciousness are same thing. But that’s a misconception, they are not same, but they exist in connection through opposition. Not in positive union, not in oneness but in opposition. Consciousness ‘fully manifests’ in opposition to infinity.
  9. Hello, there won't be any reincarnations because your psycho-physical individuality is unique.
  10. Every soul will taste death says Holy Quran. No reincarnations, everything is unique, and even more than that, you will taste what is death. Then you will be resurrected for Last Judgement Day. You will be all alone in front of the God.
  11. I'd like to give interpretation on one verse in Quran, forgive me my grammatical mistakes. Human is reflection inside the mirror of someone who stands in front of the mirror. Human is bound to repeat every action after the original one. Of course, he is reflection, and reflection reflects. And human naturally wants to become the one who is in front of the mirror. Human wants to lose heaviness of being a reflection, and just to be the original one, and not a reflection. He wants to simply be... Because the original one is pure being and it is so easy. And for some its even more than that, it is blissful, it is satchitananda. It is joy and love and goodness. Human then calls his reflection nature as ego, illusion, avidiya, ignorance. He spends years to dissolve it, and to become nothingness. What can he do, all gurus he saw taught exactly same thing. But who is that one (the original one) who stands in front of the mirror and sees its own reflection in the mirror? That original one is what people on this forum call God. Echart Tolle calls him God. Mooji calls him God. Rupert Spira and Adyashanti calls him God's Infinite Being. That's why they keep saying that God = you, reality = God, Being = God. But then prophets come and give us text, and then we know - this original one in front of the mirror - it is God of this world, God of this reality, King of this world, or Devil, Iblis. It is The Great Being. It is also an archetype of all worlds. All worlds are reflections of this one original archetype. Also: Ishvara, Shiva, 'Father', Apollos (in arabic - Iblis), Ahura-Mazda, God of light and beauty. And we are his reflections. Our task, prophets say, is not to become him, and not to dissolve our egos in him, but we are ought to emancipate consciousness from him, from Being. We are to oppose him. Because the true God is not him and we receive text about who is that true God. We receive method to emancipate consciousness. This task exists not for us, but we exist for that task. Solving that task will define the meaning of existence. Wait a moment, how can good-love-bliss-truth be the Devil? I don't get it. Good question. The thing is that, God intentionally created reality upon the error. It is made so as a test for people. So people will fix it. The core of the error is good and evil. Verse says: Maybe you love something but in fact it is evil for you, and maybe you hate something but in fact it is good for you. Or in other words, what you think is evil - that is good, and what you think is good - that is evil. What seems like good in this reality, and what you naturally love - this is evil. And what seems like bad and what you naturally hate - this is good. Let's stop on first part - the Good declared as Evil - it is knowledge about that one in front of the mirror - he presents himself as Goodness and Love. But in fact it is Devil. Apollo in Greek tradition is God of Love, Beauty, Harmony, Light. And also he presents himself as Consciousness. But in fact he is not Consciousness. Consciousness exists only as opposition to Being, as a contrast to Being, but not as part of Being, not as equal to Being. Only as opposition and not in oneness, and not in just being. Witness is not is-ness, Witness is separate and opposite to is-ness. Is-ness by its very nature is pointing that it is not witness. Witness cannot be what is witnessed. But this Devil tricks people and presents Consciousness as his own nature by saying some illogical thing like witnessed = what is witnessed. That's not an illusion, its not an illusion that it seems like they are same thing, but it is the result of the fact that Consciousness is suppressed by Being. And, returning to what is previously said, we are to emancipate Consciousness from Being. We receive method, the scripture is that instruction. One of the instructions is: To put names of Allah, the one who is absent, the one who we call Huwa (Kul-huwa-Allahu-ahad), HE, or absent one, to put his names in the focus and centre of our spiritual attention. Graceful, Merciful, Giving, Forcing, Almighty etc. We are interested in putting these names in the centre and in focus of our spiritual attention. To be able to do that, to perform that - leads to emancipation of consciousness. It leads to immediate and to correct awakening, or providential awakening. Its just one of the methods. So this -TRUTH-CONSCIOUSNESS-LOVE - or absolute infinity, or infinite goodness-love, is false orientation, false value and false 'God', an idol. Thats why the witness of faith is la ilaha illallah (there are no gods except Allah) - Except and besides the one whose name is Allah who is radically Separate from reality, Opposite to Infinity, Opposite to Absolute Everything-ness, and radically Transcendent and yet is active here and now through his absence, besides him there is no other immanent Gods. It is denial of idea that any immanent gods including The Great Being are Gods, they are denied as orientation and value. This one, this infinity, or this thing in front of the mirror, or this pure being, or this love, light, truth - is denied. Instead of that, there is Allah as your orientation. And we can know about him and 'get towards' him only through what prophet's scripture revealed (Muhammadar rasulullah). Besides that we don't have tools. Because when we use our natural tools, we almost always reach The Great Being and then call him God and then we try to dissolve into him. Without abrahamic and only abrahamic holy scripture as a method, we fall for idols. Real idol is not statue or image, real idol is that infinite which presents itself as infinitely good Being. But in reality it is just the big candy who said in Quran: 'I will come to them from right,left,back,front and will surely mislead all of them from your path, except thy righteous slaves'. Btw, that's one of the reasons why Moses-Pharaoh collision is so often given in Quran - Pharaoh declared: I am God (things didn't change ever since then as we can see), while his Egyptian priests based their metaphysics around pantheism/nonduality, oneness of Being where Being = God. They were enlightened. And Pharaoh too. And the whole tyrannical Egyptian pyramidal order had roots in their nondual metaphysics. Paradoxically, the metaphysics of 'infinite goodness of the great being' led to tyrannical order, enlightened avant garde created tyranny. Then Moses was sent by true God, he was sent to destroy this pantheistic ideology and political tyranny. But I think the main problem here is this: all or many gurus are advocating for so-called 'positive experience'. They say: to experience, to be spontaneous etc. is positive thing and our main goal in spirituality is experience, and this experience is to be positive. Look, you breath, you walk, you love, you have highs and lows, it is positive. They advocate for positive experiential nature of reality. Because for them, Reality = God. And people fall for that idea of good, they try to find spiritual state where experience will be positive. But la ilaha illallah is advocating the opposite - you should know that there is no positive experience in the field of immanent, even though it feels positive but its not positive from the perspective of Consciousness. You should know that reality is not God. That doesn't put God somewhere away, we wilfully put him in the centre of our attention (through his names) even though he is absent.
  12. Sadhguru serves Devil. Ekchart Tolle, Rupert Spira and Mooji too.
  13. Political Islam is based on the method of political theology. Political theology is based on the absolute and consistent application of tawhid and the method of tawhid, with the help of which every word and every verse of the Qur'an is analyzed. For very many, this principle seems to be taken for granted, because Muslims consider the observance of tawhid to be mandatory and precede everything. However, a huge number of our brothers do not distinguish between tawhid and wahdat, which are directly opposite concepts. Vahdat is the unity from which the finite identity between the Creator and the creature is established, tawhid is the oneness of Allah, which has no analogues and similarities with anything, and which is opposed to everything, so that all creation is ignorance of Allah until that moment until Allah reveals Himself to Adam, who was appointed by Him as governor in the center of the universe. All advanced pagans stand on the wahdat platform: Plato, Indian Brahmins, Chinese Taoists, and also those Muslims who are carried away by the seductive idea of "oneness of reality." Tawhid is not oneness of reality, it is oneness of Allah and his opposition to reality. An extremely insignificant number of Muslims stands on the tawheed platform in absolute and unconditionally sustained sequence. If this were not so, today Muslims would be the absolute masters of the world. However, Allah (s & t) providentially made Muslims unaware for the time, because this world was given to them by Iblis as a test for believers, and this world should be defeated through, among other things, the difficult and painful passage of the best of the ummah to the understanding of things such as tawhid. 2. Political theology applies tawhid, first of all, to the understanding of what Allah has sent down to us in the Qur'an. As mentioned above, tawheed is an indication of the absolute non-identity of Allah and all that is not-Him. This means that to whatever what is not-Him cannot be applied the same statement formulas as in relation to the Almighty. We cannot talk about Allah as a certain object that exists along with other objects. Thus, the tawhid abolishes the literalistic interpretation of the Quranic texts, to which the Wahhabis are prone. At the same time, the tawhid does not allow to interpret the texts of the Koran as metaphors or symbols, to which the Batyns are inclined (seekers of the secret meaning of the Quranic text). The application of tawheed in absolute sequence to the text of the Koran allows us to deduce from it the doctrines of the fundamental realities with which the umma deals: man, society, history, knowledge, power, and, finally, her best as the best community. Political Islam needs a detailed and holistic understanding of these realities, because without their doctrinal description, it cannot formulate and pose current tasks on the global political scene. In addition, Islam is called upon to give Muslims and those whom he calls upon to accept Islam a holistic worldview that would erase the concept of peace that is in their head (including that found in the minds of many Muslims). Modern Western science in its main foundations continues to be based on the Neoplatonic worldview, coming from Greco-Roman antiquity. Modern physicists do not believe in the uniqueness of Allah, but in the unity of being and try to prove that atoms live according to the same laws as the planets. If Muslims believe that these problems are not their business, if they believe that the meaning of Islam is limited to a set of ethical requirements, this is evidence of infantilism and the inability to position oneself as the intellectual center of humanity. 3. One of the characteristic features of today's Muslims who are afraid of “intellectualism” and “philosophizing” is their distrust of logic. This, again, goes back to the lack of a tradition of introspection and the study of the laws of judgment, which remained outside the scope of attention of early Islamic thinkers. Nevertheless, logic is an imperative for every Muslim, because it involves the semantic connection of words, and the Qur'an is revealed to mankind in clear Arabic. This means that everything that Allah says in the Qur'an is not a set of irrational spells that are read aloud by ignorant mullahs for various occasions. The Qur'an is the deepest connection of meanings, forming a multilayer fabric. Decryption of this can only be done through absolute attention to the internal laws of meaning. The key to these laws is, again, tawhid. And the keyhole into which this key is inserted is furcan (distinction). Thus, the conclusions about man, society, knowledge, the nature of time, the nature of matter, etc., which are made through the consistent application of “uniqueness” and distinction, are not of the nature of some subjective “opinions”, but in fact they have the status of the doctrine, which should become the unconditional basis of Islamic ideology. It is the understanding that Revelation itself is the flip side of the uniqueness and absolute non-identity of Allah with everything that is not-He (everything that exists), everything else, the whole worldview of a Muslim, which has the nature of a consistent outlook and character, follows scientific method. 4. What is the scientific method for a Muslim? The “science" itself can be completely different, and, for example, the mathematics of the Babylonians was very different from the modern, built on the mathematical representations of the Greeks. The methods can be different, provided that they provide a consistent system of building the world around us. Allah (s & t) taught Adam names (which also means the concepts contained in these names). The connection of names, which was realized through Adam, built an organized world around him. It is enough to look at the people living today to see that they live in different worlds, described by different semantic connections. From our point of view, the world has not fundamentally changed in the past hundred or even two hundred years. Yes, of course, there are satellites and mobile phones, but this is rubbish. As if the main realities are in place: countries, peoples, social institutions, family, communication between people, etc. However, this only seems to be. An abyss lies between us and our great-great-grandfathers: they saw the world in a completely different way, and things, in the context of their activities, functioned and manifested themselves in a completely different way. We find in the old dictionaries the same words that we use now and do not realize how their meaning has changed. Several logics constantly struggle in the world, and at each stage one of them turns out to be stronger and begins to play a central role. Over the past 500 years, the technology of meanings used by Western pagans has proven to be more effective than the logics that the Muslim intellectual class was armed with. As a result, it turned out that already in the 20th century, even sincerely believing brothers should take for granted the meanings and logics controlled by the enemy, or, as many call themselves “Salafists”, abandon the struggle, efforts, and declare that logic is generally complete nonsense. Both that and other way are categorically unacceptable for political Islam. We must restore the logical interpretation of the Koran, which will give us an objective method of building our semantic connections on the global platform, which will break the logic of the enemy. This method primarily opens the way to political Ijtihad, without which any decisions of our leaders will be dictated by the conceptual-logical apparatus created in the intellectual laboratories of kufr. The assimilation of this method allows a Muslim to gain freedom of independent thinking, not contrary to, but thanks to the Qur'an, within the Quranic logic. Such freedom means first of all freedom from the global matrix of a new world civilization, which is controlled by Iblis through a world government. 5. The central concept in the political theology of Islam is “meaning”. This is not just the meaning of words that are recognized on the basis of the program even by a computer. The real meaning assumes that at every given moment a person understands what he understands. A lot of people live like a computer: they carry out their activities, sometimes very complex and requiring serious skill, purely reflex. Communication between such people is programmed. These people perceive themselves and everything around them, including the decisions of the government, and the actions of the ruling classes for granted, like the fall of an apple that fell from a branch onto the ground (Newton was surprised at this ordinary phenomenon and questioned it - and thus the theory of gravity was born). The meaning for the Muslim, in fact, begins from the moment when he realizes that he, by complicity in the mission of the first prophet Adam, is also the carrier of the particle Ruhulla. Proceeding from tawheed, a Muslim should know that this particle embedded in clay Adam is something completely non-identical to all surrounding reality, due to which (surrounding Ruhulla particles) this surrounding reality appears before him as an object of witnessing. If there was no participation in the human heart in the Spirit of God, from which Allah had given Adam, then everything else around him would be meaningless chaos, an endless haze of form and formlessness. Only this spark of Ruhullah, which stops its otherness from splashing the sea of things around us, is meaningful, and, at the same time, it is the witnessing consciousness addressed to revelations from Allah, brought down throughout history through the prophets. It is the witnessing consciousness against everything that appears and surrounds it that is the core and basis of Islamic politics. Consciousness against being, the Spirit of God against Iblis.
  14. @cetus56 Michael89 is having very rough times, he had panic attacks and almost went to hospital yesterday and even called 911. That was said in his topic in the Serious emotional problems sub forum, where he was asking help. I think it is important for him to be on this forum so someone can help him if panic attacks will repeat. He said he feels like dying. What if something bad will happen? I think it will be good idea to unblock him, because of his condition. And with regards to his trolling - he is having rough time so we can be understanding towards that, when you feel as awful you start going against rules. So please, be merciful, Cetus, unblock him, I am afraid if something bad will happen. He needs to be in touch with forum so people can help him in the case of urgent situation. Lets be understanding and compassionate.
  15. The number 1 thing that can lead you to what I am talking about so you can actually see it for yourself - is Will to Self-Sacrifice. Just say with intention for it: Will to Self-Sacrifice or Will to Sacrifice. Repeat it time to time, and not always but it can happen that you will see something. Holy Spirit can awaken, or History might come to you. Something might happen. It can manifest in various ways. But whatever it will be - it will be what you haven't yet seen if you followed traditional nondual path - you will see real authentic sprituality, you will finally see something from true God. You will see authentic thing. While enlightenment is simulacra. --------------------------------------------- interesting.... quran 2.13: And when it is said unto them: believe as the people believe, they say: 'shall we believe as the foolish believe?' It is them who are foolish. But they know not. --------------------------------------------------------------- God in Nondual movement: Immanent. God is equal to Being, and for some equal to Reality. God in Abrahamic monotheism: Transcendent. He acts through his absence. He is not equal to Being, nor to Reality. Consciousness 'manifests' in 'opposition to Being'. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are only two main groups in the Society who dispute the power and the final meaning of History: priests and warriors. The first ones represent the traditional summit of the human pyramid throught all ages. Priests had distanced themselves from the actual involvement in secular affairs. They had washed their hands, so to say. Paradoxically this manoeuvre only strenghtened the clout they wield in the Society. They are still “the holders of the keys.” It’s through the ecclesiastical body the humanity distinguishes between Good and Evil. The priests constitute the superego of the humankind. Throughout all history warriors were trying to free themselves from the spiritual control of the clerics in order to reverse the social roles. Such attempts were mostly abortive because warriors were acting inside the priestly matrix, being defined in their strategy by the values of priests. The monotheist revelation of the abrahamic prophets had exactly the supertask to free the caste of warriors from the spiritual yoke of priests. Here is the answer: the metaphysical grounds of the radical monotheism should be taken as a platform to build the new political vision. The practical goal is to restore from the scattering of the solitary heroes the political (and metaphysical) caste of passional men as the vanguard of the downtrodden in their quest for justice.