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  1. Haven't sculpted in a long time, this was kinda spontaneous
  2. @Nahm Thank you An update: Since I created this topic I've only watched a few educational videos including Leo's which I deliberately searched for. I also clicked on some videos I usually watch but it quickly stopped being interesting. When I was out I've opened twitter a few times but realized that it gives me absolutely nothing of value, it's not even fun, so I put my phone down and didn't want look at it again. I "knew" that it gives me nothing of value but I guess now I've experienced it. I still don't have a regular meditation practice so I'm gonna start a journal and work on waking up on time which is easier now because I don't stay up late watching videos. This is only day 3 so I can't relax now!!! I also set up a launcher on my phone so my homescreen looks like this which is so convenient
  3. @Space Love them all!
  4. @Husseinisdoingfine Thank you, I'll try my best
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine It opened me up a bit, but I think I would have gotten better results if I were more mindful, I didn't even prepare before starting. After stage 2 and 3 I was so exhausted, at stage 4 my body was very still but my mind won't shut up, thoughts on top of thoughts on top of thoughts... then i tried to move but was too tired so i lied down like a star fish for the rest of it. Right now I'm so unaware I rarely pay attention to sensations in my body, and its even harder to do while moving. I'll definitely try it again.
  6. I've tried going carnivore for 2 months, and I've only had good experiences. Stable energy, no gas(except when I ate dairy), digestion worked like a clock, I could eat once a day, hair and nails grow quicker etc. I don't know much about nutrition and it's confusing but meat and eggs are probably the only foods Ive never had a negative reaction to, though I wouldn't do it for the rest of my life for ethical reasons
  7. @ilkjnkhThanks @OsaidI use them when people are around, I'll definitely leave them at home from now on
  8. @Roy @Husseinisdoingfinethanks so much for replying. I came back from a walk just now, left my phone at home, exercised a little bit. 50% of my classes at art school are online, so I'm home most of the time. I installed appblock on my phone a long time ago but its disabled by plugging your charger in so I can disable it at any time at home, which sucks. I have a laptop but I rarely use it, I do almost everything on my phone, and my phone won't let me uninstall youtube because its a "system app" I realize that I haven't committed 100% to this, there was a bit of doubt every time, and I lost trust in myself because of how many times I failed. So far its been 3 hours since I woke up and I haven't opened youtube, I'm gonna try the Osho meditation today and start over, thanks again!
  9. My average usage is 12 hours a day. I can't even grab a paint brush or do anything at all without having my phone with me, anything I do is with background noise of youtube videos or music. Everything in my life suffers because of this, but I'm so unconscious I can't comprehend to what extent I'm fucking myself over, and I'm too undisciplined and numb to stop. When I first discovered, at 16, I meditated 2 hours that day and managed to meditate an hour a day for two months after that. Then it was on and off, in total I think I have 5-6 months of meditation experience in two years, I'm 18 now. I haven't meditated consistently in over a year, and everything is becoming worse. No motivational video is going to help me. My stupid monkey brain is making this seem more complicated.
  10. Anatomical sketches @coughie Really liking your animation