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  1. Just for the record the first time I posted on this thread was sober, but I didn't sleep for a bit so I was tired which is why it may caused this kind of reckless writing.
  2. @Thought Art To start a disscusion on this type of behaviour I'm talking about. Without judgement. I'm just feeling like I'm not here alone doing this. And it does have a lot of spiritual aspects to it. Or it could be just my own delusions I don't know for sure. Maybe you tried it? Maybe you know what I'm talking about? And if so how does that affect your/other life?
  3. @Danioover9000 Umm sure I kinda get what you're saying. Though I want to keep this thread about youtube channels. If you're up for a discussion then sure go ahead and do that. If you get what I mean. P.s About the cat thing yeah... There should be more variety and capacity for the person to talk about.
  4. I tried it. I hear the thought of the ego, and I answer it with my voice, with more ego. After that it just spirals down of what you may call the rabbit hole which does seem to be hard to get out of. And I don't understand how these thoughts are written because I'm so present right now the only thong I see is my fingers moving on the cell phone as I'm writing this post. Crazy shit I tell you. You should be careful I warn you. Can't. Sorry. Doesn't make sense. Love sure. Hate - no.
  5. I got to be honest, I took this test while being in a bad state so I scored 2.1 which was about 50% above average on primary and 3.2 which was 83% above average Am I a psychopath? Could be yes. But I hope it doesn't come to that.
  6. maybe you're looking a long-term tribe. As I imagine it's hard to find a tribe and stick to it when you're not planning to stay.
  7. Well if we don't share anything in life, how are we supposed to know each other's existance? If we all don't share if we all are indviduals with 0 shareability then what's the point of being human anyway? Sure the clouds are there when we want more than it is possible.
  8. @Danioover9000 You don't need to. You can abstain from sharing it. I think if we choose to share each others work we will not only learn from each other but also help each other grow.
  9. Ironically your picture is an ape. What do I mean? I mean that we are basically animals. We compare each other's dicks with each other on whoever is the strongest. Whoever has a big dick. Some things just happen to be a different way than imagined. It's in our nature to have insecurities. We either dodge the ball by not doing anything about it or we go out and take the best way possible in our capacity to be confident.
  10. Psychedelics only do so much. It the integratipn part that's the hardest, especially when you come to realize the consequences psychedelics caused.
  11. I did like 2 years ago. And my purpise turned out to be to change the vibrational state of people. Ideally to a positive ofcourse. The problem I'm running into is limiting beliefs and all of the baggage I carry around. Changing the vibrational states does revolve around beatbox and music for me. But I just don't feel bothered. Sometimes I find boring or unfullfiling, other times it is the most amazing thing in the universe. Why do these jumps happen? Why can't I have constant motivation and drive to do beatbox and pursue my passion? I came into it very ambitious and a bit arrogant with what kind of progress I'm going to make through months. The amount of work I put into it is just too small. But on the other hand I feel drained and unmotivated to do anything about it. I'm sure there is hope, that I'll pick it up again and going to keep myself going with it. Right now I'm realising that some things need time and progress isn't made overnight(unless it's a breakthrough lol).
  12. I had many visions, some of them fullfilled some of not. Sometimes the vision can be deceiving too, sometimes the vision fullfills itself 100%. Right now I suggest just taking your time. Not rushing anywhere. Be like an old person who doesn't rush anywhere because he wants to live every moment at it's fullest. Seems ideal but hard to live like that. Even if I said it to live like that and then contradicted myself it doesn't mean it can't be achieved. Have you tried The Life Purpose course? There are many mental exercises also lots of visualizations and techniques to help you discover what your path might be in the future.
  13. What are you apoligizing for?
  14. Especially when I hear something I don't want to hear, when people do not comply with my idealogy. When tiny things go wrong even if it's an easy fix. I get frustrated not only with my behaviour but my thoughts too. Like there shouldn't be certain thoughts inside my mind. An whoever is trying to control me or manipulate me I instantly lash out. Or if someone asks stupid questions, I get angry at that too sometimes. Today I got angry at the person(in my mind, not in front of him) and his business because he said that I would need to wait longer (that was 2days ago) And I've got this expectation that he would postpone once again, but he didn't. And then he called me and said that my service Is done I got calm and satisfied for a short period of time. I was way calmer after that than before that. It could be also connected to my drinking and weed smoking, because I have not smoked or drank any alchohol for a week or so and I felt pretty calm in the last days, but then I got this anger in me today at work and I don't know what to do about it.