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  1. I get it man, you don't to feel bad so you search for another job to go to. And you think it might be better to go somewhere else. But on this one I'm going to take a conservative stand point and say that you need to stay where you are. you might not have the capital to change jobs every time you dislike it. Even if you do, you don't. If something happens and you need money you don't know if it's going to help you or not, maybr it will be even worse. And maybe better. who am I to judge that.
  2. @soniiiety I have something similar, It's like something happening in the Brain. My interpretation is that some rewiring is happening in the Brain. Atleast that's how I think from my past experience. Sometimes when I contemplate a lot it caused by the thoughts. I call it "spiritual death" when the mind just trancends itself.
  3. I would love to hear more about this topic.
  4. @dflores321 truly absurd lol
  5. To be honest making distinctions is great. And there are a lot of differences between the stages that we can see and talk about. What I've also learned is a notion of "Being a Spiral Wizard" which means that every one of us can go to each stage as we please. And yet again as a collective we can not. There are bits of each stage in every one of us, society, culture and so on.
  6. @Artsu I have one person, but she lives far away. And about being God is a philosophical issue. I'm trying to grasp my mind of all of this "you're God" statement Leo has told me. I think it would be cool to talk with Leo about this, but he's out of reach atm. Finding new friends is tough. I guess I'm just waiting for someone to show up. If telepathy would be possible: And Leo says he has done it, I think I have done it as well, it wouldn't be a problem as I could speak to anyone as I please at any given moment. When it seemed it was possible it felt real and very illiusory afterwards.
  7. The issue is that even if I'm not alone, I'm still lonely... And when I'm not alone I want to be alone
  8. @Artsu I said exactly that God is multiple people. And I think that I'm God and each an every person is God because I've seen it in other people and myself. The All-knowing vibe and the absurdity in the isness of God.
  9. If'm God. Then I'm all alone no matter how many people around me. Unless there are multiple Gods. Is a God a person? By my understanding God is in every person. So basically all the people and the universe combined is God. And if each person lives in a separate universe then every person is each own's universe. Which means that every person is God. Or part of God. On a human perspective. I'm alone then there are no other person in my field of view. But still that's not true because there are still people around me even if I don't see them in my field of view. So on a human perspective I'm not alone. But in God's perspective I'm alone. Unless there's multiple Gods like I said before. these duliaties of one and other makes me confused. There's a lot of paradox in the mind. What do you think? What does it mean to be alone? What happens when I'm not alone?
  10. I can only make so little on the taxi job while working 12 hour shifts. Though it would be beneficial for adapting after rehab. Going in straight on working for 24 hour shifts is mindblowing
  11. But Uber is the same type of job. I think I can make a deal on working 12 hour shifts, but the money is bare minimum wage
  12. I got the taxi job I wanted. Now they're saying that I have to work like 24 hours, other taxi drivers worked like 18 hours 3 days in a row. Am I in the wrong here or is this something that can't happen. Like I don't want to work 18 hours 3 days in a row. I like my sleep. I know there's money involved but still this is just crazy... What do you guys think?
  13. @anxious_turtle I saw it and it's not pretty
  14. @Recursoinominado I almost tripped balls myself man, shit is scary@Keyhole okay I will ter her that so she could spread her tears out@Username yes
  15. We talked fairly opened to each other and she putted this smile on her face, it looked devilish. She told me to go out of the kitchen. I think it was because she wanted to control me. Or maybe I just told myself to go there and I went out of the kitchen. It's not all wishy washy. Beliefs do come true.