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  1. No thought is required for a depressive state. It can come about all by itself, like any emotion. Have you never felt an emotion without thinking anything? Ex: The environment you are in can cause a depressive state. Enough failed expectations can cause a depressive state. Physical illness is often the result of self-infliction due to how bad most people's diet and lifestyle habits are. Depression can be constant, and maintaining a mild depression is a state that requires no effort at all. Go tell someone who has just gone through a horrific series of events that they are not actually suffering, and look them in the eye when you say it. The only way through is by facing that they are suffering. Now for some agreement. Getting people to be thankful for what they have and are, then to look outside of themselves at others, not themselves, is one key to influencing depression. Putting people in the now, not the past, and bringing all parts of their psyche forward is very therapeutic when done with care and attention, to the trapped traumas in the body's nervous system. You can't cure depression or not have depression in the way you describe it, it's an interwoven mix of behaviors, postures, associations, traumas and fears. You can start a lengthy process of healing, during which you'll experience a wide range of emotions, some of which will nose-dive you into great sadness or sorrow. At least you'll be conscious of it when it happens, not avoiding it, burying yourself in work, or drinking it away.
  2. Mental Illness is Illness. There is just 'illness' to consider. This is important, as you can put her life into context. If only these people knew they'd reincarnate, possibly in the same situation they left, because issues lay unresolved. This: She recalled her psychiatrist telling her that they had tried everything, that “there’s nothing more we can do for you. It’s never gonna get any better.” Is not something a therapist would say. Suicide is also not a contagious disease, nor is death a liberation; it is a cycle. I agree that if someone is in enough physical pain for long enough, they should be able to end their life. To force a person to suffer for my own values is selfish (survival is a trait I admire). As someone who has had depression a great deal in my earlier years, I can compare it to accidents I've had in terms of pain. I've had accidents that were 10/10 - separating my bicep from my shoulder, or 7/10 for pain - broken ribs. I've been in depressive states; I would put at a 8/10 against those things, worse than living with a constant, regular broken rib sensation, but not as painful as the white-hot sensation of ripping two muscles. Imagine you live with this constant pain that sometimes is greater and sometimes less, but most of the time there is a full-bodied sensation of it, then I think you'd understand what depression, powerlessness, hopelessness, and shame feel like. There is a point where depression hits despair, and survival is no longer the main consideration, it's a very helpless state. So would I let a person who lived like I lived kill themselves? If treatments and medications don't lift depression, over several years, different specialists, with different practices attempt to treat them, and it's severe enough that they are having suicidal thoughts anyway. Yes. However, if there are weeks that a person is not suicidal, then there are weeks that a person is not in chronic pain. There has to be honest accounting, getting someone to the point of honesty is often crucial in treating them, so the two things can coincide for a better result. I would not want a person who was suffering a pain that could be managed/medicated to kill themselves no, I'd want them to get the support they need. Chronic pain is different.
  3. I can only tell you my experience. I've been infinite bliss before. (White light environment - Divine love) I've been infinite space before (No dimensions) I've touched infinite sorrow before. (An Ocean of suffering, I didn't immerse myself in it fully) Nothing else existed in those moments. I still observed them happening, but the reality became them, and they were without end. I call them states because I can look at/feel/experience them individually. We don't have to call it states, we can call it everything that existed in that moment. *We can look at this way instead An apple is infinity if that's all which is in focus. It's not all the potential infinity could be. It's the same with anything, and emotions.
  4. From Russia's perspective, NATO being closer to their borders was one reason they went to war yes. One out of 20. From NATO's perspective, individual countries join a treaty, for NATO it's not a direct conquering of territory or even one unified territory, like how it is framed in Russia. I cannot recall a war that was over one thing. If you give me an example, I'll do a few hours of research (when I have time) and post 20 reasons why that particular war was fought. Just don't give me an obscure, small regional conflict from 300 years ago with sparse data.
  5. Look for people with no self-worth. That's what you are describing. Why would you want that? Hint: you don't, that's why you (god) haven't attracted someone with no agency, who just hangs on your every word. *Don't take this as a hit to your ego; it's a compliment. I would focus on working out what I wanted from a partner. Feeling it not just thinking it. Then moving in that direction. Don't put any limits on how that comes to you, when the scenario happens in real life, be present, and don't pull back from it.
  6. I can't get to see your bias even in a direct reflection. People ignored and put down Russia. As you ignore and put down Europe, Russia is IN EUROPE. So that all fits. Before this, it was all America and China that anyone talked about. I guess, people need to go to war to be taken seriously in this era. I understand a more nuanced context of why Putin went to war and why European countries may go to war to be taken seriously. It's amazing you think this unifies Russia but somehow will break apart Europe. As if Europe can somehow exist in a vacuum untouched by world events. The entire world has gone to the right. Greece and Turkey may go to war, the Balkans region will likely go to war as it contains a Russia-aligned power, but the rest of Europe will be focused entirely on defeating Russia if BRICS keep pushing. It's also incredible; you can't see that Russia, China, Iran and BRICS are pushing their influence outward. Because that would force you to acknowledge that everyone does it. So instead, you have to have your enemy to make all your hatred toward them justified. Unless i say there is only one bad actor, NATO (America in your mind), and all Russia does is justified, you make excuses or evade realising there isn't one side, it's a dynamic most of the world engages in. Russia has for CENTURIES meddled and invaded Eastern Europe, but oh that didn't matter did it? Just like they were helpless in the current round of slaughter. This is so much hypocrisy. Oh but now Europe is using this as an excuse to rearm? But Russia didn't use it as an excuse? Putin hasn't milked this for all it's worth? Total hypocrisy on your part again. These events are cyclic so yes, all of this aggression creates the next cycle of aggression. Maybe you need to witness that more to understand it. Ex: As much as I criticize Israel's response to Iran, it was Iran who kicked off that round of violence. A few thousand teenagers didn't suddenly wake up one day out of the blue and invade Israel in an organized form. They were supplied, organized, and rallied by their leadership, and if someone tells me thousands of people pulled something like this off without their leadership getting any word at all, I'm going to burst out laughing. NATO will crumble? No Europe is rearming now. Right now. There are talks of sending troops right now. Finally, I can get you to focus on Europe, as this is a European war. It's only taken 500 posts. Let's not pretend I didn't give 20 other reasons. There is no point in this discussion if you can't agree with me, because my way of seeing this is obviously the correct one. That's not a discussion, Bobby, that's you talking to a mirror.
  7. Expenses, pricing, or costs would need to be regulated, so the cost wasn't just passed on to the people getting the wages. @actuallyenlightened Defending the pyramid is not going to help you raise the bottom. It'll maintain the pyramid. With birthrate. The main issue is how we interact remotely, almost entirely in our heads, separating ourselves into individuals and others into labels. Interacting in groups has become awkward for many. So much is lost in this form of distance communication. Did you know that in days gone by, nobody knew who they would be attracted to? Now it's all categorized and pre-planned in our mind as an illusion, it's artificial, like the mechanism it's delivered on. Some boats are worth more than $500 million, and a few are worth more than a billion. The lifestyle may be the same, but the expenses and impact on the population's funding of these more expensive, wasteful lifestyles are not the same. You are focused on the economy, I was focused on how you measure wealth. An economy is just numbers that make rich people feel good if they're not improving people's lives. BTW, you can get half of those points I raised in poor economies.
  8. Any emotional state is infinite. I wouldn't advise seeking a wider spiritual experience with other emotions unless you are very well grounded. I've experienced: Infinite Nothingness. Infinite bliss. Infinite sorrow. All of them were me.
  9. This is why we are in this mess. So all the times people have told me Ukraine is smaller than Russia is that meaningless? Ukraine have got more experience than anyone in Europe in modern times. Russia's experienced officer core is long dead. Are you telling me America doesn't have experience fighting wars? What were all those wars you and others complained about then? America has fought more wars than anyone else in modern times. European countries have often been part of those wars. Most European armies are geared for fighting in Africa or small-scale wars, where they can overwhelm their opponents with expensive aircraft and long-range munitions. The British SAS have tons of experience all around the globe. A better point is Europe doesn't have a large infantry and a large tank core, and yes, you'd be right. BRICS keeps pushing Europe and NATO allies, so now we are rearming a larger land force in many countries, France, Poland, the Baltics, Turkey, and Japan. Let me ask you: I suppose we'll be the bad guys in your mind when we push back right? You'll jump through hoops to somehow support Russia/China and criticize an offensive European posture. But it's just fine when Russia or China does it. Only Putin may use ground troops, you'll say, and you'll justify it 100 different ways so your opponents are the bad guys. This is what the thinking of constantly putting down Europe, pretending they are unimportant, and only Russia or America's views matter is going to lead to. It already is happening, more nations keep calling for sending troops to Ukraine, and tbh I am starting to support it. When we have the military we might as we use it to defend ourselves if America is stepping back from that role.
  10. Yes, the proximity of these businesses or specialists formed the closest I've seen to a hub of sorts, where indirectly or directly, the businesses supported each other in assisting others and bettering the community in intelligent ways, not just in commercial efforts. Then I realized this small place had been mentioned as one of the best places to live, and I realized I hadn't just helped individuals with their health problems, but I was part of raising the consciousness of the area. It was a great time. Usually, one person holds the field of consciousness for others. A few working together create a much larger effect. Individuals are interwoven all across society, and like all of us, they can find a place where their talents contribute. They are rarely organized into a single collective because they are and can interact with any stage of development. If you are mostly in yellow you can talk to other stages of development with no real bother, if you are in turquoise, you'll realize they are aspects of you anyway. Unless you have expectations, because then you can always disappoint yourself and get irritated (with yourself). People went their separate ways; eventually, the shop I worked in closed down due to increasing commercial rates, I went with one specialist, but it wasn't the same. The lady running the spiritual group had a crystal shop that closed down too, so that ended. I'd lost contact due to financial difficulty getting there and never knew where she went. Also, one of the organizers died suddenly.
  11. Belarus is Russia from our perspective here. Ukraine would be Russia under their influence. Putin says jump, they jump. So with Ukraine under Putin's thumb, the border with Russia would start at Ukraine from our perspective. You said any country next to Russia is its bitch, and any country next to America is the same. What about Europe? Is their influence not there? That was why I brought up not considering Europe when you wrote it. Is Ukraine not Europe's bitch too in this analogy? Power, influence, population, land, old USSR countries back, a shorter border, gas resources, black sea ports, and gas connections. As long as he can sell it as a greater Russia, he stays in power, and as long as he can pump his ego up, he feels like he's done a good job. Putin is not a hard man to understand. Though the population crisis there is a factor to consider in places like Russia and Germany in what they will do in the future. More European countries are talking about sending troops to Ukraine, Estonia, France, the UK, etc, which is why I am happy to talk about Europe here, as it lets us understand and focus on what's going on. So again, thanks for that and the discussion. Its not the Americans who will suffer the consequences of the war, or ultimately choose to fight a European war if it happens. So it is important to focus on where it's occurring. *I should add that you are right, Russia joining NATO and/or the EU would have completely changed the course of the world, and, it was sad people could not come together when the opportunity was there.
  12. This is nonsense Bobby, I've just quoted why above. What other numbers do you want to see? Do you want America's and Europe's numbers added together? The size of their economies, populations, and militaries combined makes Russia look like a spec on the map. This part of the reason this war happened, because Russia doesn't understand it.
  13. I posted a pro-Israeli channel, and you jumped to the conclusion that it wasn't. They've been singing Israel's praises since this war started. This thread is better when it's just news, but that's only my opinion. There are many other threads for this kind of talk.
  14. This is why I miss my weekly spiritual group, it was like visiting another world for a week :). When I get moving again, I want to find a group. The best I would expect is a search for a partner and friends. For eight years, I was lucky because I found Stage Yellow in what some called the best place to live in the UK. Several specialists were located in a small area with a high degree of awareness and development. Collectively, they would support each other directly and indirectly. Everybody in the local community benefited from the spillover effect. *My only advice is to look for many therapists, behavioral experts, spiritual groups, and private educators in a small location. Also looking for overall happiness levels in that location could lead you in the right direction, low crime rates, low poverty etc. There are tables you can look at for this, then narrow it down to who is helping to hold that place to that level.
  15. This is a news thread, I'm posting news clips, from a largely pro-Israeli channel. If you want my own opinion it's far worse than what that channel would give you. *This reactionary attitude to seeing everything as an enemy is a good surmise of the problem. Without you viewing the material or understanding their own bias, because their show is more inline with yours.