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  1. Popular science channel on YT critiquing mysticism and targeting Leo especially saying he is cult leader, I have seen this critique in other places and I’d just like to make this post for anyone that needs to read it but I don’t believe leo is a cult leader after studying cult leaders and watching the cult psychology video. He can say radical and extreme things but by no means is he leeching off people to boost his ego or taking them from their families and loved ones or detaching them from reality to get personal or financial gain, you could argue from an outside perspective that the information is manipulative but then everyone is a cult leader I don’t think it’s manipulative it’s just radical and some people don’t want to hear it. Most of this video is just your common stage orange response about how you need a PhD or multiple bachelors degrees before you can talk about quantum mechanics maybe to understand it but not to talk about experiments. and how spiritual people shouldn’t talk about it and how energy simply is a scientific definition of it and nothing more. maybe better to go on the stage orange examples three but I kind of got a hair across my ass at the cult accusation cause that’s a big one IMO and not true. ego out haha
  2. @Husseinisdoingfine give it a chance there are some higher quality rap artists out there, lol nas x is not a j cole or Tupac or Kendrick Lamar. Listen to the Damn album by Kendrick Lamar it won a Pulitzer Prize.
  3. @Leo Gura after watching your new vid, I’d like to apologize for even posting this and feel free to delete it. it really resonated with me and my ego was getting hyped up and fed up. I don’t know if debates would be good for you other to get normies like you say. Imagine a super bowl ad where you say you are god lol. now back to my yoga and meditation work. work on your book take a break from the videos when you can. Lots of love. Alex
  4. @Boethius to orange love is just a bunch of chemicals in the brain or an emotion and there are not any metaphysical points. Also there is no understanding of the problem of being part of the world you’re measuring so you can’t create a distance from god or infinity or what you’re measuring you’re intimately intertwined with it. thanks for your insight I now understand this problem a lot better
  5. @Boethius good observations and I guess this is more of a critique of turquoise in the video. things that come to my mind is yea all those examples are just examples of radical truths that he asks you to verify for yourself, there’s nothing vulnerable about Leo’s audience and if there is it’s not because he needs to fill the hole it’s mostly truth seekers and those interested about spirituality. it just seems to me that I’ve never thought that Leo was saying he is the answer only follow him like many masters say or even the rare cult leader says, on the contrary I’ve always got the impression that it was your own direct experience that Leo teaches is king and you should verify everything for yourself, I know there a good amount of youtubers that criticize him exist so we can’t answer every one I just found this one particular user a more of a materialist.
  6. @Moksha well said. Yugas are just trying to explain the creation and destruction of knowledge and to a greater extent all creation which is cyclical in nature and not linear.
  7. More conscious than probably anyone on this forum and probably is enlightened I’m guessing. Doesn’t mean he will awaken you but I’m guessing if you keep digging the hole (doing the practices) long enough you will awaken. most yogis say it takes about 12 years of practice to awaken so expect it to be gradual, he’s great at what he does but you’d be right in saying his method isn’t for immediate awakening actually he explicitly states he doesn’t believe in instant enlightenment. if you want to be awake enough you’ll do al the practices and become a brahmachari, something I’ve thought a lot about myself. Each person will resonate with a certain guru and he’s not for everyone but it’s rare to have someone enlightened and making practices at all for all of humanity, it’s not a small thing. I think leo is a great teacher as well and they have a lot in common although Sadhguru is biased towards Indian culture and will not talk about the stuff Leo talks about because of his rep he thinks he will lose
  8. @Leo Gura yea that’s all true and a good point. The main reason I’d want to try them is to realize god just like Martin ball has but I don’t know if I’d risk negative side effects. I’m sure a bad diet is more harmful than taking most psychedelics. I guess the best way is just to try them and see for myself and not complain they could be bad for me. They could also heal me which would be quite good too
  9. Idk if I’d call it mythology after listening to the book called “the yugas” on audible, they line up very well with the Iron Age Stone Age etc and history and the book makes a good case for it. Of course it could all be bullshit but I’m actually a believer that humanity goes through a collective cycle or ignorance and knowledge and it’s not just a straight line. There are many examples of this through history, this is at heart what the yugas are saying. sri yuteshwar giri the guru of yoganana said that this was dwapara yuga and it started at around 1700ad if you’re interested in the yugas then I recommend that book
  10. @Leo Gura Sadhguru has said that psychs can damage the energy system as well, but I’d love to hear a better explanation on it, not the physical one obviously. I’m betting it’s not true for everyone because neem karoli baba took 10 tabs of acid and it didn’t affect him allegedly. I think maybe more research could clear this up and of course Sadhguru could be wrong. Still makes me wonder though.
  11. @mandyjw yea I guess but in the meetings they say it’s pointless to do anything nothings good or bad and there’s no one doing it and I guess I agree but that is also kind of undermining to an individual sense of self it’s true but an apparent body still have to apparently wake up and eat and live so it’s kind of not the message I would put out even though it’s a true message on some level
  12. Ubi would make people less selfish and would probably reduce crime and increase creativity that alone is enough for my vote.
  13. It’s very repetitive but it’s also somewhat soothing to me. I’ve listened to Jim Newman Tony Parsons to go to sleep before hahahaha. jim and Tony and the Neo Advaitans may not have realized god but it seems they have realized no self, I suppose that’s a start. That is a sort of awakening in itself, hopefully when I realize no self through experience I do not trivialize life like they do, I don’t think it’s a worthless perspective but it’s awful tough living in a dream just constantly telling the other dream people that they don’t exist aha I feel like that is already implied but it’s a paradox and a mystery I guess
  14. @How to be wise I can understand a knee to the neck for a minute even but 9 minutes is crazy. nobody is that dangerous, at the very best it was negligence and at the very worst it was murder
  15. Siddhis are real and they have been shown to countless people but then those people die or are not believed and thus the cycle of skepticism continues. Siddhis ultimately aren’t worth attaining and are just byproducts from consistent sadhana. I myself have experience telepathy and other things I can’t really explain from just doing his chants and isha kriya not even the full 48 day mandala or 90 day mandala. This stuff has worked for 1000s of years but the problem is the amount of people actually doing sadhana and showing it off it so minuscule that it will probably never be accepted in the mainstream until everyone is doing it. Sadhguru doesn’t say he’s the only way but they say when the student is ready the guru appears and I believe a guru is extremely important for realization. It doesn’t have to be him but it’s still important at least in the traditional since. It’s like a Sherpa up a mountain or a map to the territory. It’s very useful
  16. It’s kinda scary that people like this vote. Trunk certainly normalized a lot of conspiracy theory stuff, a lot of people genuinely believe he won, and think there is widespread evidence to back it up. @leo gura what epistemic knowledge could we learn from this? projection and scapegoating?
  17. Waking life is a masterpiece. It’s like lucid dreaming and psychedelics put together, anyone who does psychs should watch this.
  18. @Arcangelo collective responsibility exists, and I disagree, social media companies do care about certain forms of speech more and more every day. Facebook is the worst offender cause they allowed Holocaust deniers forever but recently just changed course. leo make a good point that you must balance personal responsibility with collective responsibility, there is too much shirking of collective responsibility in just giving trump a pass for that riot and coup attempt which he told his supporters to March to the capitol and cheer for people they agree with and “not cheer” for the people they disagreed with. It’s getting out of hand and if you’re afraid that people can’t be vicious and ugly just look on Twitter there is plenty of vitriol. Trump only gets so many chances just like Alex Jones. Ultimately there is no fear in me because my barometer of freedom isn’t how much I can post on a private companies website or app. It’s how healthy and conscious the people in society are.
  19. A good chunk of people believe Antifa did this. That’s how sorry we are as a country.
  20. As a whole BLM supporters are nerdy liberal women and men, very young of all races usually college students, they aren’t rioters and they aren’t antifa, antifa is of a lower level of consciousness than BLM if you ask me as whole but OF COURSE there will be individuals that are lower and higher than the collective consciousness of the group, these are the ones usually evidenced in right wing propaganda. from what I’ve seen as antifa they will be violent but they will usually be in a position of property destruction or defense of a group of people from Neo nazi groups. Violence and property destruction dont automatically = bad back in the revolutionary war the rebels tarred and feathered people, raped women and destroyed king Georges tea and are celebrated as heroes, history will judge BLM nicely maybe even antifa nicely but since they are militant leftists I doubt it, like it’s been said they are a green backlash to blue and red and sometimes they can be toxic or sometime they can be healthy it depends on the individual but on the spiral I would put both at green with BLM slightly higher
  21. @Blackhawk joe Biden doesn’t want Bernie in his cabinet or Elizabeth warren, Kamala bent the knee pretty hard to be VP. maybe the dems will win I certainly want to see what they can do for two years until the midterms with complete control, they haven’t had complete control since the 90s I don’t think.
  22. Join a political organization or intern for a politician/ work in their office if you can’t do that then become politically active and work around elections and never give up on your beliefs, universities and cities are a good place to start and political outreach is always there. You could look into movement for a people’s party or the other non profits you mentioned
  23. @Danioover9000 we just in here celebrating and posting his tweets my man.
  24. Denounce all forms of terrorism, left terroists exist but yes right now the problem is these “militias” denounce rioting but don’t forget why they happened.
  25. Love energy can heal the environment too, yes follow the science but that is also an unmeasurable factor