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  1. @zikzak - are you referring to something like this ?
  2. It DOES vapourize it. Just straight up "smoking" 5-MeO doesn't work because you burn the substance. That's why you need to sandwhich it.
  3. I've said it multiple times on this thread. I believe they call it "sandwiching" Here is what you will need : 1- a simple glass pipe 2- mullien leaves 3- 5-MeO-DMT What I do first is pre-weight the MeO . 14mgs continuously gets me to breakthrough. Now, in the pipe you want to pack a little bit of mullien leaves and smoke it. Leaving you with a bed of ash, this ash will act as a screen. . Reason why you want mullien leaves is because it is "neutral" or non-psychoactive. Next, you will pack a small layer of mullien leaves on top of the ash, this will act as a "bed" for the MeO. Next, put your meo on top of that. Next, put another layer of mullien leaves on top of that. Just enough to conver the MeO completely, but not like your packing a whole bowl or anything. Then, on my bed I like to put a face towl coiled up next to me, so after I take my hit, I can put my pipe on it, without burning the house down. Nothing is left for you to take your hit.... You should be able to take the whole hit in one go, hold it in for as long as possible, put the pipe on the towl, then blow out. At this point , you will literally be blasted off into infinity, and beyond. Best of luck to you mate. I've broken through 11 times using this method so I know it works. Do let us know your trip report here when finished
  4. This , has been one of my favorite sub-reddits for a long time. Check out just one example of the infinite intellegence of animals :: If you dig, I suggest following this subreddit... (No I don't own it) .. What the name suggests is true... Nature is fucking lit !
  5. Buahhaa fair enough brother Good points
  6. @outlandish - Cool , just submitted to Erowid. Didn't know you could do that without an account. Also, the edits I made match the checmical structures being referrenced. Both according to google and according to my Chemical Research company
  7. It was late last night when I posted that, and yes it appears I got it wrong. Just edited it, and now should be the correct checmical structures. @outlandish - I don't have a account at Erowid. Perhaps I should make one to add my report...
  8. Just did a little digging and found some interesting stuff. Here is the chemical structure of nn-DMT: Now here is the chemical structure of 5-MeO-DMT: Here is the structure of DPT: And finally, here is the chemical structure of MPT Considering how simular the chemical structures of DMT , 5-MeO-DMT and DPT are to MPT, I have no doubt that MPT can be used to reach breakthrough.
  9. @archi - pretty sure people have killed themselves when using MAOI and MeO. That sounds like a horrible idea. @Leo Gura - Noted ! Its crazy how I can have a tolerance for plugging but complete opposite for smoking.
  10. @Wonderer - No problem. Higher doses are actually easier to deal with, but you don't want to go TOO high. You kind of "need" to start at low doses to figure out what your dose will be. For smoking, I started at 10mgs, then 12mgs, then 15mgs and went down to 14mgs. I've been at 14 mgs ever since. It does hit you like a mack truck. That's for sure. I'm a little frusterated with plugging as I've tried it close to 10 times now and haven't got it to work yet (I'm sure it will work very soon) ... So even though smoking is "Short" that doesn't mean that its not super powerful and not a complete mind fuck ! I've said before, that even 3 minutes of non-duality is better than non Best of luck mate. Don't hesitate to PM me if you need anything.
  11. Beautiful 40mgs it will be then for next time! Curious, are your numbers referring to Freebase or HCL? Cause 35mgs freebase equals 40.8 HCL, so 40mgs freebase would equal 46.6 HCL and 45mgs freebase would equal 52.5 HCL And thanks @Jed Vassallo
  12. @Wonderer - I haven't got pluggin to work for me... Yet. But if you want smoking to work for you try this ... (I've had over 10 breakthroughs doing this) In a regular glass pipe, first, get a small layer of ash at the bottom , to act as a screen. Then put a layer or two of mullein leaves on top of that (most organic shops have this) then put your dose on top of that (breakthrough dose for me is 14mgs) then , and this is important.. put another small layer of mullien leaves on top of THAT. Enough so the dose is completely covered, but not too much as if you were packing a bowl of weed. You should be able to take it all in one hoot. Hold it in as long as possible, and as soon as you blow out... you'll be GONE. I'm guessing why "vaping" didn't work for you is cause it doesn't burn everything all at once. Which is what you need for MeO. I stumbled across this "sandwhiching" method after dozens of hours of reseach. It's worked for me, and a friend of mine too. Give it a go and let me know how you do. P.S- If solo tripping, I suggest having a face towl on your bed coiled up like a snake, so that when you take your hoot you can safetly place it there (so your don't burn your house down lol)
  13. Well, got a new batch of 5 MeO and plugged 35 mgs (freebase) The comeup was smooth and gentle. Except around the five minute mark I felt like I had to puke. (Even though I didn't eat anything all day) Still no breakthrough with plugging. Felt like I "almost" went to the doors but not quite. Guess I just gotta keep upping the dose til it just takes me. Will likely go 37 or 38 next. And slowly increse to 40, then 42 or 43 then 45. If I don't hit it by 45 then I just don't know what to say. Will be smoking it next time, cause I know I can get a breakthrough that way. Just really want to make plugging work !
  14. Thanks ! I will pick that one up. But me oh my how nice and golly it is to listen to him on youtube <3
  15. Trippin Ballz God Mode LSD > this song is on repeat <3