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  1. Haven't done some MEO in a year. And a year before that. I get a lot of fear (which I know is the ego being a pussy) Curious if anyone has tried breathwork beforehand, like whim hof then just dived in after a round? (of breathwork)
  2. Consdering the large vaiation between ROA doses... This comes off as sketchy to me. I would just stick to one ROA if I were you
  3. In my 13 breakthroughs... I've never realized god "in the world" But you know what? I think that's okay. As I know what god is now. And, you even said it yourself .... "there is an infinite number of ways to experience infinity"
  4. Best thing is to start low. Some people have low tollerance while others like myself have a high tollerance. If you have a low tollerance and take a high amount that will definately not be good. With a high tollerance, it will take you a while to find your right dose. But in eaither case, start low. Once you get your breakthrough dose... You'll know
  5. I'm currently on day 7. I've tried so many times before. This time, I am trying "light mode" ... Not hard mode. Basically the main focus is just not to release. And it seems less of a burden not having to not look at porn honestly. Try to keep it to just cam girls as they are more natural. The goal will be hard mode eventually. But I think for someone like me whos basically jacked off every day for 21 years, trying the light mode seems easier. But again the goal will be to go to hard mode , eventually. I've given up weed and booze for almost three years, quit smoking cigs, meditate daily for an hour for almost a year and a half, cold showers every day and also gave up red meat and chicken. No fap , historically at least... Has been the hardest thing I've ever tried to do.
  6. I just watched "Jeffrey Epstein filthy rich" on netflix. His story, control and sexual exploitation strikes me as heavily induced by red.
  7. Meditate daily for at least an hour. I did that for 30 days before my first trip. Definately helps letting go.. Cause you will need to LET GO 1000%
  8. Very good sign here :
  9. That being said, I still think it would be interesting to see what our hive mind can come up with here
  10. In all its forms, I think it would be great to have a mega thread of Love here. Could use as a great pick me up for some that need it. Inspired by : Can be teachings, real world examples, or anything else that makes you feel the vibration of love <3
  11. @Username - You can always just get a regular mod for vaping, then get a ceramic tank. That's what I did. Haven't used it for 5-MEO, but for NN-DMT. I imgaine that it would still work, you would just need to change the temp. I also have a "dry herb" tank for it as well, which I never used. But really, best method I found for 5-MEO is sandwhiching with mullien leaves in a simple glass weed pipe.
  12. A simple glass of water requires the whole universe to be.