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  1. Plugged 50mgs today and no breakthrough but did rocket my brain to very philosphical thinking... I normally think philosophically anyways, but this was next level. I started to write some of it down : Nothing is ,Because everything is What makes you believe what you see in front of you Look when they took all the energy Where does it go , Follow the flow, To find a super-mind The genius The Gods and the goddesses Archetypes of subconsciousness Everything is one. ------------- Afterward I went outside to vape and I my internal voice was telling me to "go all the way" ... Well, for me that only means one thing. I had to smoke it. I also determined that Fear is basically made by the ego, to maintain the ego. Because... I didn't have any fear. I remember seeing a EKG scan of Martin Ball and the guy who was scanning him said that the MeO seemed to "attack" the "ego" side of the brain... The side accociated with personality. So I knew my egos defenses were down so to speak and didn't feel the fear at all. Went downstairs and prepared my bowl with mullien & 14mgs. Prepped myself and waited til my heart was semi normal. Took my hit and BLASTOFF. Straight into the heart of God Cool thing is I feel like I can remember more of the non dual experience this time... (Just a theory) but I think the more times you breakthrough the more of it you'll remember (you won't remember the whole thing, but even little snippets is great) Then the afterglow was incredibly intense. A friend called and had to vent so I took his call and just listened to him. And also another friend sent me a video which I watched while slightly coming out of afterglow. This vid: Its been a few months since I tripped so pretty happy everything went smoothly. Next time I plug I plan on upping it to 55 and if that doesn't work, 60mgs after that. As reported my another member (on the previous page) it took him 60mgs with plugging to achieve breakthrough. So I'm confident that will likely be my number as well. Maybe even 65mgs? Who knows. Fantastic trip. Fantastic insights. Aint nothing like being one with everything to give your human self a lil perspective
  2. @supremeyingyang - The Version of MS One Note I'm using (free version) pushes everything to the cloud too. It's great !
  3. @peanutspathtotruth - Congrats ! Infinity itself is truly amazing eh? It's also my opinion that (and experience) that plugging is a more advanced method (considering getting the dossage right and what not) But smoking just consistently takes you there. Like 95% of the time.
  4. I have two google chromebooks. They both have SSD's , are incredibly fast and quiet as a mouse. I use my newer chromebook for commonplace only because that's when I found out about, and implemented this method. They are cheap computers, and they work amazingly well!
  5. @Arthur - Okay sweet ! I am thankful at least someone else has gone that high. I will do exactly that
  6. Oh yes, I always fast before hand. Usually do it around noon and don't usually eat til 5. And, as a habit, I always shower before hand, even if I smoke it. Cause I like to be clean "while entering gods house". When I do plugging, I even stick my fingers convered with soap up my bum and pry around as deep as I can.... So I know its clean.
  7. Well, I've done 40mgs and 46mgs plugged now. Honestly they both felt about the same. I could feel it come on pretty strong around the three minute mark, which is when I flipped myself over. Maybe that was a mistake... Cause yet again, no breakthrough. I must have an incredible tolerance to pugging. But it did feel really really CLOSE. Defo knocked on the doors, just didn't go through, although i wanted to. Instead, it delivered me to the afterglow state of a breakthrough. Also, i'm thinking it's possible keeping my eyes open is keeping me from breakthrough... I don't know. I DO know with smoking I keep my eyes open and it doesn't matter, cause as soon as I exhale everything just goes away and BOOM ! Breakthrough. Considering my high tolerence, I can't see 50mg's doing much more but the same, but I will try that dosage next. I think now the highest I will hoop will be 60mgs (will see how the 50mgs goes). But god... That sounds awefully high. But again, if I have such a tolerance , then it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. @Dimi - I actually saw this posted in the RC subreddit a few days ago:
  9. @Eezorp - Here I dug it up for ya
  10. @Eezorp - My current batch looks like this. I'm guessing it got hot in transport or something. Who knows... But it works. Check out the mega thread for my "mini guide" on how to hit breakthrough with a glass pipe (I've had 11 breakthroughs now using this specific method)
  11. @zikzak - are you referring to something like this ?
  12. It DOES vapourize it. Just straight up "smoking" 5-MeO doesn't work because you burn the substance. That's why you need to sandwhich it.
  13. I've said it multiple times on this thread. I believe they call it "sandwiching" Here is what you will need : 1- a simple glass pipe 2- mullien leaves 3- 5-MeO-DMT What I do first is pre-weight the MeO . 14mgs continuously gets me to breakthrough. Now, in the pipe you want to pack a little bit of mullien leaves and smoke it. Leaving you with a bed of ash, this ash will act as a screen. . Reason why you want mullien leaves is because it is "neutral" or non-psychoactive. Next, you will pack a small layer of mullien leaves on top of the ash, this will act as a "bed" for the MeO. Next, put your meo on top of that. Next, put another layer of mullien leaves on top of that. Just enough to conver the MeO completely, but not like your packing a whole bowl or anything. Then, on my bed I like to put a face towl coiled up next to me, so after I take my hit, I can put my pipe on it, without burning the house down. Nothing is left for you to take your hit.... You should be able to take the whole hit in one go, hold it in for as long as possible, put the pipe on the towl, then blow out. At this point , you will literally be blasted off into infinity, and beyond. Best of luck to you mate. I've broken through 11 times using this method so I know it works. Do let us know your trip report here when finished
  14. This , has been one of my favorite sub-reddits for a long time. Check out just one example of the infinite intellegence of animals :: If you dig, I suggest following this subreddit... (No I don't own it) .. What the name suggests is true... Nature is fucking lit !