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  1. @Thought Art
  2. Ground yourself. DP070115_Kevin-Koffler-_Detaching-From-Pain_NoBranding.pdf
  3. An incredibly important step that people need to have before they pursue spiritual work. Otherwise, I fear it is a scary degree of spiritual bypassing. I've attached a brilliant instruction manual that some psychotherapists use for it. DP070115_Kevin-Koffler-_Detaching-From-Pain_NoBranding.pdf
  4. Hi people! As soon as things start to go well I quit. It happens in various exploits. Cognitively I notice I think very negatively about everything to do with the goal I'm working on. Further, I also tend to experience a sense of exhaustion, and sometimes disgust with the process. I understand this is likely related to trauma, and whatnot, but I'd like to hear people's perspectives on it. Final note: I understand the 'you are not your thoughts. Just see you are God, or see they are not you and move from there'. And while I respect that as a potential solution, I would politely ask for other solutions than that. Thank you.
  5. I'd do some investigation into, 'Hyperarousal'.
  6. Hi @Javfly33. That sounds tough af for ya. I fully relate to your position. What I used to do is plan a morning routine which works well if I do it. However, it was so hard to do! Instead, I plan a morning routine that I can likely do even at my lowest point! However, sometimes I miss days, and that is okay! I've attached a version of it I made for a friend of mine. Perhaps, it could be something you find of value :). Morning Routine 1.docx
  7. @Mz Hyde I'm happy I could help! I'm excited to see where your journey will lead. Feel free to keep us updated!
  8. There will be ways to combine all of them! At least to some degree. An example could be the following:
  9. Pickup is such a non black and white issue. U'll preface this by saying the following. I agree wholeheartedly with the critiques of PUA that asserts claims of: 1) Toxic masculinity, and 2) Misogyny. However, Pick up, partially, feels a void left by society. Many people are left suffering by the current state of consciousness of current society, and the accompanying effects of this (i.e. poor parenting practices, lack of funding for public services). I believe pick-up has prevented 1000s of suicides around the world. It certainly doesn't solve the puzzle for people. By no means. However, it does give people some sense of a way out of the suffering of their lives. Personally, I didn't even know how people had conversation before starting pick up. It helped me with that. However, at the same time, I certainly fell into the trap of using it as a form of pseudo-healing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Perhaps, in some aspects, pick up can be compared to medication. It papers over the cracks. And one day if you want to live a beautiful life, you will have to abandon the medication, and work on your inner issues at a deep level. However, that medication can stop you from ending your life, and make you more able/ willing to do the healing work when the time comes. NB: This touches on PUA more with regards to the hardcase newbies. I was one of these.
  10. @catcat69123 I'd advise two things. However, perhaps, keep in mind that I don't know your life story. So, no pressure to follow my advice . 1. Get involved in Stage green things, or with stage green people. Something like volunteering might be cool. Particularly, with animals as its less pressure. People are nicer at these sorts of things, and also its less intense as you can focus on actual helping of animals if feeling overwhelmed. @RickyFitts's suggestion sounds promising! 2. Start small Also, I'd, perhaps, start small. If the above is too much, or just not comfortable, then it may be better to start as small as you can. I.e. working in a book shop. There you have to be quieter, and its more relaxed. You'll be around more introverts as well. Even that may be too much, so keep adjusting based on what feels comfortable for ya!
  11. @roopepa Glad to hear it! I like how intuitively done a lot of the facilitators here are: (Its like people are just being!)