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  1. sounds interesting to me as well
  2. Again going on another side note, but this really does tie in with diet and sustainability. Permaculture is very interesting (highly recommend looking this up). In summary, growing your own food and raising your own animals for meat, eggs, and milk holistically, in accordance with nature is the most sustainable way to be healthy. Using methods like covering your garden with mulch, feeding animals vegetable and whole food scraps, composting, growing trees, using renewable energy, reusing and recycling resources, and regenerating the environment rather than depleting it (like modern agriculture/monoculture is and has been for years) are all examples of Permaculture. BUT, if your not doing that and you have no land then the vegetarian whole foods diet is and always will be most sustainable.
  3. You're simply misguided into thinking that all herbivores have two stomachs. This was discussed earlier in the discussion- read through it, research with an open mind, and perhaps consider getting real nutritional advice from someone other than Joe Rogan or whatever meat fanatics you may be favoring. Look up the book Healing with Whole Foods of your interested. BTW, as a side note, I like Joe's podcast. Not always because I'm not learning from it every day and some of what's discussed is nonsensical, but even so it's great to have so many people share perspectives in one place like his podcast. The founder of Whole Foods John Mackey was on not too long ago (#1569) and Joe got heated with him on this same topic, not wanting to be open minded. But Joe did bring up some good points, like how studies may not consider those people using drugs or living sedentary lives with tons of other bullshit foods/drinks included on their lifestyles. Generally though, I think that most people who defend eating meat, eggs, and dairy are those who simply like the comfort of eating it and don't use these foods in there unrefined and whole states and minimally eaten with an abundance of vegetables. Are you that person? Do you simply defend it because it's hard for you to give it up for health and sustainability? @Husseinisdoingfine
  4. Thanks, I agree. Perfectionism has never worked for me. Luckily that book (Healing with Whole Foods) has diets adapted according to everyone's physical constitutions and for beginning/transitioning. I just haven't taken it patiently enough yet. I think my life as a whole needs patience, clarity, and focus as the the main tenets with discipline and practice following 😁
  5. I just read through this whole thread. Took a while, but I'm glad that it's done so well without too much bullshit. I recommend reading the book Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford, to anyone whose considering health to be of utmost importance. It should be obvious now that eating a whole foods plant based diet, perhaps with the addition of small amounts of meat and dairy, especially when transitioning from a rich standard American diet, is healthiest and most sustainable. Now then, this is something we haven't discussed here yet: what do you all think and feel about the process of ACTUALLY doing it? I mean full on; no sugar, white flour, white rice, meat, dairy, refined or processed foods and only eating/consuming whole grains, legumes, algae (seaweeds, like kelp and nori, and micro-algae, like spirulina and chlorella), vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and herbs. I just started a topic called What is Discipline earlier because of the problem I've had with completely transitioning into this diet with daily exercise and awareness practices (as discussed in the book mentioned above). I get such cravings for the old foods, and even though I am so educated on what's most healthy, I'm a hypocrite because I haven't fully transitioned. A little emotional there, but really it's a huge challenge for me. It's like literally going from a caterpillar to a butterfly-it hurts, but you know it's naturally where you need to go for growth.
  6. I'm now beginning to feel that discipline is too simple to accept; it's the acceptance of discomfort, pain, and suffering through deliberate action and awareness for the sake of growth and change.
  7. That's great, but is the ability developed or is the strength of the ability determined by the clarity and aspiration of the vision?
  8. Interesting, thanks for your perspective. I know you said you're starting shallow, but I want to know, 'what IS willpower?' Is it simply an idea? Or is it simply the force of vision, of passion to expand the threshold as you said?
  9. Before my question, I want to explain my situation: I'm 21 years old and already having relatively serious health issues which are affecting every area of my life-physique and appearance, relationships, communication, self-esteem, and psychology. I would get professional treatment if I had the money and knew they would actually help me holistically. But what I truly know is that I am a creator who can heal himself from the inside out. I'm not deathly ill, I just need discipline to manage a strict whole foods diet without sugar+refined foods and to keep me on the path of mastery with calisthenics/daily exercise. So then, what is discipline? Is it just the inner voice of 100% commitment saying, 'just do it!'? Or is there a deeper layer? I have that voice one day, then I lose it when I'm stressed or depressed and go back to the old habits. I tell myself, 'I'm failing my way forward' but J want to know the complete 'science' of discipline so that once in on the path, I'll never leave it. @Leo Gura
  10. @Natasha thanks Natasha, that helped me see even deeper into the reality of social media. I thank you too @Leo Gura your right, it's simply a matter of self-discipline and not relying on social media. And thank you @Loving Radiance, even being on the forum brings that dopamine hit and I'll be reminding myself to be mindful of all of my tech use, and to manage my time on it. Thank you all.
  11. I just watched the Social Dillemna, a powerful documentary that discloses the manipulation and persuasion within the algorithms of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc. The advice was to delete all social media so that we don't contribute to the real issues arising from such manipulation, such as; conspiracy theories, fake news, political divisiveness being at an all time high, distraction, wasting time, depression, suicide, and close mindedness. This may existential. But as a musician, I understand most bands and artists almost have to post and market on Instagram to get exposed enough. How else could we make a living online? Are there alternatives? What's your advice
  12. So the proposed action steps we should take are to know every key figure in every branch of government? Or do we just shut out politics and view beings as equals? What are good, unbiased, educational resources that everybody can use to learn from?
  13. Here's a very small scale example of electromagnetic gravitics: If funded, supported, and developed this can power homes and vehicles for free. Tesla actually had a car with an antenna that endlessly charged two batteries and mentioned it to JP Morgan who refused to support it "if it doesn't have a meter, we don't want it." That was about a hundred years ago...
  14. I wouldn't even consider this alien. The Zero Point Energy Field has been studied and used since the 1920s by folks like Tesla and Casimir. And though I can provide pics and videos of small scale free energy experiments, such as Rodin's VBM coil that causes a metal ball to spin forever, I can't find much else other than documentation proving the study and application of such systems. Firstly, this is because you need an abundance of support and resources for such research. Secondly, if its suppressed it'll be bought out, erased, or confiscated before it can be released to the public unless it's put out very quickly and openly on all platforms. It's like looking for a needle in a corrupt haystack.
  15. @Gidiot Thanks for your perspective man. I did react and get defensive, and I could have controlled that. As soon as I originally posted the full list of links and resources, Leo immediately blocks the post and says "it's a distraction and conspiracy." The guy that teaches open mindedness and questioning closed me off in a heartbeat because he made an assumption of me and the validity of the post. I'm thankful for you Leo, but come on that was low. Lastly, my intention was to get an honest discussion from it. If I am deemed a bullshiter, that's fine, but you have to convince me with a good argument.