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  1. Jeez, chill dude, go fondle a stress ball or something
  2. @Michael569 This Also you can't really lose all your gains, when you work out you not only make pre-existing muscle fibers bigger, you grow new ones, and when you stop working out your muscles will get smaller but those muscle fibers that grew are here to stay. It's a big reason for beginner gains, the body repairs muscle fibers quicker than it makes them. It's the reason today that if I so much as look at a dumbell I start getting gains, I used to be at 90kg 5% bodyfat now I'm at 70kg around 8% bodyfat.
  3. I was hoping for people taking DMT and doing a podcast. My disappointment is immense.
  4. Well then, go focus on something you DO wants, instead of something you don't, and probably would never get even if you did
  5. What a shocker. Rich and powerful people breaking the law for... money and power. Man, I can't wait to see the people exposed actually being held accountable! In other news, journalists all across the world have suddenly started having suicidal thoughts, mostly by 2 gun shots in the back of the head!
  6. At this point I'm starting to question if you're even being serious...
  7. What specifically makes you think I didn't? Cool, you can cling onto that simplistic belief all you want. Just don't expect to be taken seriously by a lot of people when you preach it.
  8. Just be careful not to conflate short term progress with long term viability. If your diet was previously leaning on things like meat and / or processed foods, of course changing to frugivore is going to reap benefits, but that doesn't mean it will be the optimal diet for you for the rest of your life. Also it's not as simple as "humans are frugivores". People have different genetics, gut microbiomes from birth, different environments, different lifestyles etc etc, the idea of there being some one size fits all diet is honestly just silly, I'd stick to just trying to figure out what works for you and sharing it, without making massive claims about how all humans on the planet should be eating.
  9. Sadghuru has great, joyful energy, he's inspirational to millions of people, he's doing great work with healing nature, in general, he's a fantastic man. But sometimes he says some outright stupid shit. I think he's just got too much on his plate to think through all the things he says or believes, which gets blurry sometimes, because he is quite the storyteller. Edit: However I do think your 30's (not just 33) can be a truly magical and transformational period of your life, it's a period where you've gathered quite a bit of experience, while still having the gift of youth.
  10. How can you not expect being viewed as having a victim mentality when you make a thread "We are all victims"? This is basically the 20'th century version of someone going "The Bible Says" while not even being literate (Or in your case, not being able to think like a decent scientist, while speaking like you're an ambassador of Science or something) Just sounds like victim mentality in denial to me, bro.
  11. Speak for yourself bro Don't project your victim mentality onto all of humanity Edit: Or do, it's your choice, and yours alone, and if you choose to think of yourself and all of humanity as victims, go ahead! If you want to shoulder off all personal responsibility, you can, it just won't end well for you. Don't you see the freedom?
  12. Can you blame us? Your wisdom is just so brilliant that we cancerous, fake snakes just can't help but to be attracted! Every word you write is dripping with golden wisdom! GIVE ME YOUR WISDOM!
  13. Easy! Step 1. Make 1 million Step 2. Repeat 1000 times Seriously though, what's so special about reaching a billion? I don't think you comprehend how much money that is. If you wouldn't feel happy with just half a million, then your problem is in your head, not a lack of money.