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  1. Having a purpose is overrated, if you never try to succeed at anything, you can never fail! If you never fail, you win by default!
  2. Hey man there's no need to objectify women like that bro, they're not some loud dirty space any bum can waltz, bike or take a bus into. I'm just talking about being arrogant here, not devaluing women. No? Seems to me it's the exact mentaily one needs to fit in here
  3. @TheGreekSeeker Nah man, I'm honestly ashamed to have been here for so long without getting a warning point.
  4. @Judy2 Whatever you say Judge Judy
  5. @NoSelfSelf That's just like, your opinion, man. Joining a sex cult was the best decision I ever made. If I'm wrong, then I don't wanna be right.
  6. Offer to do it for them
  7. I'm sure this wasn't clipped out of context, who would do such a thing? Certainly no tik tokker, I'll tell you that! I'm 100% sure the uploader put a source in the video description or the comments to snuff out doubts about the contextual legitimacy of this clip. Actually, make that 1000%!
  8. I don't even remember where it's from, some post on his blog I think? I just remember it because a long time friend of mine used to be a religious fundamentalist when we met, and I somehow managed to debate him into being an atheist, which he is still to this day about 10 years later, while I'm the one who believes in God, oh how the tables turn
  9. Oh wow it's pretty expensive, 499$. Aaaand it's mine.
  10. Spicy foods increasing sex drive is definitely not a myth. I swear when I eat raw chilli peppers I can smell if a woman is ovulating or not from 100 meters away.
  11. Hell no. Guys are gross. Wouldn't mind borrowing the snake every now and then though.
  12. Yes, being highly conscious definitely makes you more beta. Don't listen to people who say silly things like style, hygiene, social skills, empathy or independence matter, you just gotta be a dumb arrogant brute and women will fall head over heels in love with you.
  13. I hope someone gave poor lil' LexGPT a hug after that truthbomb