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  1. Is there a clear difference between these two? I looked up the definition of those two but the definitions wary based on which dictionary it's in. Definition of insight in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition: "The ability to discern the true nature of a situation, especially by intuition." But in the Oxford dictionary it defines intuition as: "The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something." The same applies to the word Awakening, it is similar but differs slightly based on which dictionary it is in. @Leo Gura I'm especially interested in hearing from you because to me it seems like you use those two words distinctively.
  2. @Leo Gura Nice, I'll check it out!
  3. I always laughed when people attributed some cosmic meaning to seeing numbers repeatedly. Seemed so ridiculous to me. Until 1111 and 69 appeared in my sight way too frequently, without me looking for it at all. Now I can at least say I kinda understand how some people might get the impression that it actually means something more, although I'm still leaning on the side of it's probably just a funny coincidence and my mind is constantly trying to make connections. For now. Who knows, reality is pure magic after all, right?
  4. @Leo Gura Ah I see, so it's kind of like becoming lucid in a dream, but in "waking life". I remember making that connection in the past yet somehow it slipped away from me... I had a few lucid dreams in my life and they always had a strong mystical, magical sort of feeling. Like reality was pure magic. I get that sometimes in waking life too, but no as strong, except when on psychedelics. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Isn't saying "I awoke to the fact I am God" just the same as saying "I realized I am God" or "I had the insight that I am God" I realize language is entirely subjective and it doesn't have any inherent meaning, but why would one use different words for the same thing when trying to speak as clearly as possible?
  6. Why do you want the ban? Why can't you just leave? Why do you need to draw all this attention towards yourself for wanting to leave?
  7. I actually see a lot of what people claim is stage green as stage blue. Its full of moralism, where Stage green is supposed to be love of all things, at least to my understanding. So, I'd say its stage blue v blue/ orange here. I don't see radical feminism as being stage green but instead as stage blue phenomena. Its v similar to how spirituality gets co-opted by religion, at least the stage green aspects of spirituality. @Ulax Don't you think quoting the entire first post is a little much?
  8. Lmao this guys entire YT channel is about Leo
  9. Why are you working out? To feel healthier and more energetic? Then don't take pre-workouts. It's that simple.
  10. If saying something stupid were enough to end JP's reign, he'd be out of the game a long time ago.
  11. How do you think that would go exactly? That he'd start writhing in orgasmic pleasure as this dude wiggles his fingers infront of him while he's making "deep, mystical eye contact"?
  12. Stage green is so lovable and laughable at the same time
  13. It used to be more effective because protests were more violent in the past. People came after you with pitchforks, not signs and twitter posts.
  15. Like?
  16. @Wonder @UDT I struggled a lot with dropping processed sugar / candies for a while, turns out we fell into the same trap of just trying to cut it out and not filling it with healthy alternatives. I just started eating more fruit and learned to make some delicious, natural sweet treats for when I want a little something extra.
  17. I recall Reckfull saying something about having a bad experience with a therapist in the past.
  18. @Carl-Richard It doesn't have to be a derailment if you simply make level-headed counterpoints to my stance we can get somewhere, instead of empty crap like "herp derp meme herp derp". First thing I'd like to get clarification on is why do you think that a point is automatically dismissible due to it being in a meme format? Secondly, you didn't make me feel bad, instead I found this to be an intriguing exchange, if I made you feel bad then I sincerely apologize, despite what it may seem, it's not my intention.
  19. You have to be a special kind of stupid to take Mr. Girl seriously.
  20. Me waiting around to catch covid to see what the fuzz is all about
  21. @Danioover9000 @DocWatts I am perfectly aware, but that wouldn't matter if I were to, hypothetically, try to smear Preety's image by displaying this image, and then fine-combing her 31000+ posts for anything I could use out of context to make her seem like a racist, sexist, nazi monster. Just imagine what I could do if I had thousands of hours worth of video of her talking to hundreds of different people... Which is basically what the mainstream media is trying to do with Joe Rogan, which might actually get him cancelled if enough gullible people buy that garbage, even though anyone who's watched enough of JRE episodes knows he's not even close to being racist. P.S. Leo better be ready for when/if he ever gets into as big of a spotlight as Joe Rogan with all the content he's put out, there is a lot, and I mean a lot of stuff you could eeeaaasily take out of context and use against him to make him seem like an actual psychopathic monster. Does that mean he should be cancelled?
  22. @Preety_India Have you watched any of his podcast episodes?
  23. Leo wasn't kidding when he said that he actually needed to be careful for not to be turned into a religion, people are already getting itchy if they don't get their weekly Sunday supply
  24. @Thestarguitarist14 Lmao you are so freaking racist
  25. This is so ridiculous that I don't know what to say, how do people fall for this? How can they not realize this guy's crazy with just one look at his nutjob face? And the gold? Come on!