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  1. (Link to commercial site removed) He has a story with many teachings about of non-duality. Characters who care about the environment. And the best ... different color characters from spiral dynamics having hilarious conversations
  2. Kaiba is my favorite.
  3. Hello everyone. I have this doubt because after two sessions of self hypnosis, I'm not sure if I could regress or if I just imagined everything. From the research I've done, it's good to write down everything you remember when you get back. And then, if possible, check the clues. Consider clues such as: names, place names, dates, etc. If there are other methods, I would like to try, thanks to all. Sorry for bad English. Good vibes O_O / / I I / \
  4. I feel that I have progressed absurdly in the last two years. But it's complicated because at the same time I feel extremely lonely. I've gone from several parties with friends to work on my problems and I keep doing this. Even with good results, it is difficult and practically impossible not to feel alone (in my perspective). This kind of thing takes a lot, a lot of patience and effort. But I feel stronger and more conscious in spite of everything. I still can not give love to everyone around me, but at least I do not hate anyone nowadays. I have judged people with a much lower frequency compared to the period before self development maybe I'm close to my first experience of enlightenment. I do not remember if Leo made any video about dealing with loneliness during personal development, I would like to watch.
  5. I'm sleepy and I did not realize that you've seen the video, sorry. Well, just be patient.
  6. Well, Leo made this video and it changed my life. It takes some clear time, but in a few months you'll know how to handle it better. It has a lot to do with validating a version of you that you want to achieve.
  7. Without whey protein? Only with healthy food? Yes But it will take a while. Beginners in bodybuilding generally do not have the patience, but it takes a long time, very time consuming, until you get to a good level. For you to notice small changes, it takes about 3 months. Big changes = 6 months / one year.