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  1. Okay.
  2. I'm not quite sure, but I think I'm loving the process. Now a days, I don't feel entertained by watching movies (though I watch movies a lot less, maybe a new movie every Sunday, that's it). I feel like learning something else in that time.
  3. When is it good to take a break? Considering that I can take an hour of break everyday or take a break on Saturday and Sunday. When would be good if my aim is to be more productive? Of course, I can't work continuously per se. I mean taking a "casual" break from work. Well, my plan is to work even on weekends by taking an hour of break every day. However, as you've guessed, I don't have office work on weekends but I plan to use that time to invest in myself. Do you guys have anything to say? Like the possible disadvantages of this approach?
  4. @Insightful27 Thanks!
  5. Hello. Is there any binaural beats session which helps increase logic generation capabilities of my mind during programming? Do you know something that's effective?
  6. Can someone tell me the title of all the books shown as image on the books page? See the attachment. First I want to read those books before purchasing the book list.
  7. @Chosendeer I think that wouldn't solve the problem..that it makes my situation more worse.
  8. Hi. I am a sort of an introverted person, less socializing. So whenever, once in a while, I meet one of my friends, or if they visit me, I get too much happy. I feel very good. Even after my friend leaves - for example, if he comes in the evening at 6 PM and leaves at 7.30 PM - my home that feeling of happiness still resides in me. Sometimes I find it hard to cool off myself and sleep that night. Is this normal? Does this happen to you as well?
  9. @flowboy Okay. By the way, I started reading The Way of Superior Men - the one that you recommended.
  10. @flowboy How long did it take you to get control of your sexuality, overcoming porn addiction?
  11. @flowboy Hey. Hi. I wanted to read a book about willpower. Could you recommend a good book?
  12. @flowboy Ok.
  13. @flowboy After a while of introspection I found out that I dont want to let go of my addictive behavior(I mean liking pornography) because I like it so much. And that is why I'm struggling to let go of it. Now, is there a way to start disliking it so that I can put an end to it?
  14. @flowboy Ok. Thanks flowboy. Now my first goal was to stay clean for 3 weeks.
  15. Did you see that quora article I linked?