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  1. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi, I am preparing for IELTS. I can read and write well but I can't speak properly in English. I feel like, while talking in English, my brain's processing speed is too slow. I am aware that the best way to improve my speaking skill is through speaking to more people. However, I am interested in knowing which thing brings good results? I mean what is the "root" thing to learning a language? So that I will concentrate on that one thing if I lack it.
  3. @Nahm Alright Nahm. And you know any good books related to planning?
  4. Hi. I get, once in a while, lots of ideas and a great momentum to do things and make plans to achieve something. Also, while listening to music I feel like that. Forget about success, I am concerned that I get some good momentum. But that kind of motivation is reducing to nothing over a few days. And I get little de-motivated. I am also diagnosed with depressional ocd and schizophrenia. I don't know whether that having those disorders is the reason for less motivation. So, how can I have that motivation for a longer time? Should I be under constant music environment? Or should I stop, like listening to music, once and for all to remove the thought that I am not motivated enough? Any tips so that I can proceed and improve my motivation?
  5. How much is self-studying important? My parents and relatives keep on telling me to join some courses or do some small job. They say If I don't do my brain would turn into a devil's workshop. On the other side, I download courses from the internet and I study by myself. Does those advices come from a lack of discipline? I mean do people study only when they go to school/college or join some courses?
  6. @Neorez Alright Neorez. Do you know any great source where I can know more about the law of attraction? Any good books?
  7. @Serotoninluv #2 OMG. Great thinking!
  8. Hi, I have a doubt...I've been told and have read that "What I am" depends on the five friends I have... And my was relevant(I think) to the above saying: Does the Aura something has to do what thoughts I have or how successful I can become in my career? I mean, for example, if one of my friends watches movies most of the time and when I go and hang out with him or if I keep in touch with him often will I also get more inclined to movies?
  9. @crab12 Thanks.
  10. @Michael569 Thank you.
  11. Hi, guys I wanted to ask a basic question...which music is more beneficial to the mind? Plain music with no voice but only instruments playing? Or music with people singing? I have schizophrenia(no hallucinations) and a severe addiction to porn. So I thought that listening to music with voice triggers some bad things in me. What is your opinion about this?
  12. Hi, I have a terrible memory. I don't know if I have memory issues or am I just in wrong thinking. I have Schizophrenia(no hallucinations) and I still use medicines(Clozapine and Clonazepam). Is that the cause? Or what can I do to have a good memory? Any nutrition tips? Or should I start playing memory games (available in the android play store)?
  13. @Ero Thank's Ero. Good luck with your IMO and IPhO!
  14. Guys, I am doing a bit of research on how should I learn. Should I self study or should I go and seek the help of a teacher? And I am interested in learning topics related to Electrical Engineering. So, as of now, I am learning on my own. And now this doubt occurred to me....about the requirement of a teacher. I know that this question should not be posted in this forum but I think I am just taking advice on learning itself but not a doubt related to EE.So I posted my doubt here. I also watched Leo's research I felt curious to do a bit of research on the doubt I have.
  15. @hamedsf Okay.