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  1. Can someone tell me the title of all the books shown as image on the books page? See the attachment. First I want to read those books before purchasing the book list.
  2. @Chosendeer I think that wouldn't solve the problem..that it makes my situation more worse.
  3. Hi. I am a sort of an introverted person, less socializing. So whenever, once in a while, I meet one of my friends, or if they visit me, I get too much happy. I feel very good. Even after my friend leaves - for example, if he comes in the evening at 6 PM and leaves at 7.30 PM - my home that feeling of happiness still resides in me. Sometimes I find it hard to cool off myself and sleep that night. Is this normal? Does this happen to you as well?
  4. @flowboy Okay. By the way, I started reading The Way of Superior Men - the one that you recommended.
  5. @flowboy How long did it take you to get control of your sexuality, overcoming porn addiction?
  6. @flowboy Hey. Hi. I wanted to read a book about willpower. Could you recommend a good book?
  7. @flowboy Ok.
  8. @flowboy After a while of introspection I found out that I dont want to let go of my addictive behavior(I mean liking pornography) because I like it so much. And that is why I'm struggling to let go of it. Now, is there a way to start disliking it so that I can put an end to it?
  9. @flowboy Ok. Thanks flowboy. Now my first goal was to stay clean for 3 weeks.
  10. Did you see that quora article I linked?
  11. @flowboy I'm curious to know how you would respond to this. Kind of conflicting ideas. I'm confused.
  12. @flowboy OK. I'll start again. Just to make sure, no pornography, no masturbation, no ejaculation for 3 weeks, right?
  13. I' m 24. This time I got a bit less thick semen, kind of watery. What does that mean? In the past once I was for 26 days without nofap. Should I continue the streak or start from the beginning? And, yes, for two days I felt slight pain in my balls and that's why I think I relapsed. Is that could be the reason or something else?
  14. @flowboy I relapsed today, on my 10th day of nofap
  15. @flowboy OK.