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  1. @leebus99 Thanks for the feedback - i've contemplated this for a long time now and I think my target market at the start is more the Andrew supporters and maybe I am a bit delusional but once the app builds traction and evolves I want to try to help those people who struggle to see past it. End goal is to make the world a better place and stop this divide between men and women. @TheSomeBody haha yes pulling the trigger is the hardest part. As someone who didn't use social media to now having a youtube channel this has been quite a substantial shift in paradigms.
  2. @manuel bon Good tip thank you you are right I will start doing voice overs especially for gym videos.
  3. I know haha and to answer the question. Life purpose is to empower everyone to become a better version of themselves and we get there by getting you out of the comfort zone and living on your edge https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n7yY5BmI5nsCUwMCjyaViWHRehyojVeG/view?usp=drive_link (I haven't decided if I will post the video yet haha)
  4. @Leo Gura I understand the media likes to paint a narrative and make comparisons to Jeffrey Epstein. You have to be mindful that these articles are written by people who have an agenda to get him. Its easy to make these distinctions however you must realise that all he knows it how to make Men better. He is doing the best he can with where he is at on his life journey. I can see him genuinely trying his best.
  5. haha thank you appreciate it I will probably be getting a lot of hate soon cos i'm supporting Andrew Tate haha but I guess we will see what happens
  6. CenturySets 100 Repetitions to become a better version of yourself! Haha its an app that allows you to schedule in your workouts/videos/courses etc and once its scheduled in its a non negotiable you MUST complete it. One day (when its ready) i will reach out to have you onboarded so it will be www.centurysets.com/actualized (or whatever username you want) and all your videos that you choose to share via youtube will appear there and people can schedule it into a "Ritual" and they must complete the content and make notes etc. https://www.centurysets.com/
  7. Hi Leo, From the depths of my heart, I truly appreciate the work you've done. I wanted to share my journey influenced by your insights. A friend introduced me to your life purpose course roughly 4-5 months ago, and since then, www.centurysets.com is in full motion. In my professional journey, I reached the pinnacle of the corporate ladder, serving as the practice partner of a major enterprise and working as a Senior Salesforce Solution Architect. While I seemingly had it all, meeting societal expectations, internally, I felt adrift. Despite my roles demanding problem-solving for others, my own life felt chaotic and unfulfilled. A few weeks back, I decided to leave my job and fully commit to Century Sets. Simultaneously, I went through an emotional low point, which I suspect was a dark night of the soul. Drawing strength from both your teachings and content from Andrew Tate, I persevered and continued working on centurysets.com, regardless of my emotional state. While I recognize you and Tate have differing views, I hold great respect for him as he was the one who allowed me to put myself out there online. Half a year ago, my life was a whirlwind of weekend parties; I was an atheist and felt directionless. Your life purpose course initiated my spiritual journey, and I believe I've had an awakening just yesterday, as discussed in another post. I'm still processing it and integrating this feeling. I've begun sharing my story on my YouTube channel, @centurysets. I'd be honoured if you'd join my journey there: https://www.youtube.com/@centurysets Thank you once more, Leo. Your impact has been invaluable. Cheers, Will.