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  1. @Inliytened1 I mean I just know that there are some people that absolutely hate cancer, and have died hating it. Everyone at some point in their life has classified their situation as “miserable”, or at least I and many others have. I can confidently say that there was a point in my life where I was living in pretty much hell, and I want to know why something like that could exist. I could have easily done without it, and didn’t learn much other than the world can be a pretty shit place.
  2. @Inliytened1 I mean, when I stub my toe, it’s pretty miserable, regardless of whether it’s in my mind or not, idk what you are saying.
  3. So does that mean that all realities exist? Including the really miserable ones? @Leo Gura Obviously from the perspective of the ego but.. contrary to what many people seem to assume, the perspective of the ego is really the only important part while the ego is alive.
  4. @Leo Gura 1. True 2. Why?
  5. Idk, I don’t understand why life has to be that shitty for that many people, they never asked to be born, why does the universe give some random guy with a full life ahead of him cancer at 26? Just seems so stupid. (and I know that this post seems somewhat unrelated to what we were talking about, but one of the biggest bones I have to pick with the universe is how it can mercilessly bend people over with no reparations. It just seems like bullshit.) @Leo Gura
  6. So in the end, everyone gets what they want? @Leo Gura
  7. @Leo Gura why does it have to be that way? What kind of reality is that..
  8. I want to know, when you die, does your life come full circle? Will it have been worth riding out? What will I think? Do all people eventually reach the same conclusion about it? Is that conclusion a pleasant one? Will it all be okay?
  9. What’s the point of meaning? What does it do?
  10. @Leo Gura Hitler can exist without infinite love... It could be the case that there is no love at all, and that the actual case is that reality is indifferent and “allows” everything, which is to say that reality doesn’t actually “allow” anything, it just is the way it is, and it makes no distinction in between good and evil at all, not just because it loves everything, but because it is just simply that way by necessity. Love could be just an idea and not fundamental. But I guess it depends what you mean by love.
  11. Leo, after discovering the truth, do you still experience existential terror? Are you unsatisfied with the answer? Are you still searching for something more?
  12. The question is pretty much in the title but, in short, is life a good thing? At some sort of fundamental level.
  13. The consensus about meaning is that is either doesn’t exist, exists in some kind of illusory way, and/or is generally a bad thing relative to “being”. Desire is walks people around like dogs and creates suffering. But then also Leo has a life purpose course. I’m kinda confused. What should I do with my life? Literally nothing or have an LP or hedonism or what? The answer of “whatever you want” is also not going to make sense because A) I don’t know what I want. And B) desire = suffering