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  1. @JosephKnecht nah but I’ve done shrooms and acid in the past, both low dose, also freaked the fuck out on acid, but weed is probably worse than shrooms
  2. So I have never liked weed, but after not smoking it for like 5 months, I wanted to see if I still hate it. Unfortunately, it resulted in easily one of the worst nights of my life. I took one hit. One. After about 30 minutes, I thought of some super anxiety provoking idea (I don’t even remember what it was) and the anxiety spread through my body like a wave of energy. Normally I get some kind of mild anxiety, but this was just absolutely unbelievable. I had to walk outside for like 20 minutes. On this walk I experienced something more akin to a psychedelic than marijuana. My mind was going absolutely fucking haywire. I started seeing mental visions of my visual field twisting and turning into geometric shapes and viscerally felt the anxiety swallowing me whole. I almost stopped breathing. After it died down I still felt like shit, and didn’t sleep at all that night. I finally returned to baseline, but while I was still high, it felt like it was possible that I would never return. If I had to exist like that for more than a couple of days I would have 100% committed suicide. How the fuck can that happen to me with one hit while my friends and rip it all day like candy?
  3. @Osaid right, and we tend to use “morals” or “logic” to justify what we really care about, and that is a feeling. Whether it be the feeling of being popular, or intelligent, or whatever. The people that want to make the world a “better” place think they are doing something almost fundamentally important, but in actuality, they are trying to make it better in their own eyes. And of course, people are also motivated by running from bad feelings as well and I’m sure I don’t need to explain the unfortunate variety of all of them.
  4. I’ve come to the conclusion that people do things for 2 reasons. Chasing good feelings and alleviating themselves from bad ones. This may seem obvious, but when I say everyone, I mean literally everyone. You could say, well a drug addict does it for sure, but what about someone chasing enlightenment? Don’t they have some kind of higher motivation? The answer is no. People seek to understand the world around them and themselves for a sense of control, perhaps the high of superiority, an escape from nihilism, and a bunch of other different reasons, all ultimately coming back to chasing highs and escaping lows. I personally pursue understanding because I am unsatisfied with chasing highs (whenever I chase a feeling the thought that it’s meaningless and shallow pops into my head) and am disgusted by nature (and hope to somehow alleviate this disgust through deeper understanding or making change in the world). But the jist of this post is that everyone is motivated by feelings! Not ideas, not logic, not morals, but feelings! Any thoughts?
  5. @Preety_India Yes I think it's an inflammatory condition as well. I'm working on a solve by getting a certain amount of sun per day and changing my diet around. I took a blood test and everything came back normal except for a slightly low globulin level which the doctor said was almost certainly nothing. My body just seems to be prone to inflammation without a common cause because we tested for autoimmune and nothing came up. Thyroid is good and heart is good. I got diagnosed with asthma for the breathing problem but the medication hasn't helped much. I have tried albuterol and montelukast. There is a naturopathic doctor named andrew wiel who came up with an anti-inflammatory smoothie that im going to try as well as some other foods. I don't want to get cortisol shots or surgery because apparently they don't take the problem away permanently and steroids can weaken your immune system which I don't want during Covid.
  6. Recently (past 4 months) I've had tons of health problems that seems to be coming from nowhere. I've been to every doctor I can think of, experimented in tons of ways to get rid of my symptoms and nothing works. All of the doctors said I was fine, I went to a pulmonologist, cardiologist, PCP, watched tons of videos trying to explain everything, and nothing works. My primary symptoms are: Shortness of breath, itching, joint weakness I do live a relatively sedentary lifestyle and have been working for about a month on it by making changes to my diet and exercise routine, but again, nothing is changing. I don't like the idea of taking drugs to solve medical problems unless absolutely necessary and I'm unsure on how to figure out what my issue is. Does anyone have any idea how to help me?
  7. @Recursoinominado I don’t mean wrong, I just mean radical and extremely abnormal. I just didn’t know how to manage his freak out and in all honesty needed to vent a bit.
  8. @Nahm I would but he’s paranoid and doesn’t want to tell anyone else the contents of what he’s talking about. Like he literally told me to put my phone in the other room and we walked outside with no electronics, which I thought was pretty ridiculous but, I’ll just have to do the best that I can to help him through it. Thank you though
  9. @Girzo yeah thanks for the input.. I think I’m just gonna let him figure it out because it sort of just happened and maybe he can be more coherent with it after some more thought.
  10. @Leo Gura yeah he apparently stayed up for like 5 days and looks like total shit. Not eating, etc. I just told him to get it straight and take care of himself.
  11. As a preface, I’ve had this friend for a while now and I have decent respect for his opinions and ability to reason. Ok, so this all started yesterday where my friend called me out of the blue and told me to drop everything I was doing to come talk to him immediately. At first I thought he was in danger or something but it turns out he supposedly was in the process of having some kind of massive awakening and is claiming to have supernatural abilities like “seeing into other people’s souls”. But regardless of the total content he told me about, how should I approach someone who is making absolutely insane claims and is warning me that if he tells me the knowledge that he’s gained it will drive me insane. Like imagine if your friend who you trust calls you out of the blue and starts claiming he’s the next coming of Christ basically. (Not literally what he said but it’s that level of nuts). I don’t believe or disbelieve him but I’m sort of scared/confused.
  12. @Leo Gura but on the other hand, the only way I can prosper is through survival, no?
  13. @Leo Gura is relief from suffering the same as survival?
  14. @Keyhole The argument is convincing to a degree, and you’re certainly right about the fact that we don’t want the worst to be true. What I’m saying is, even though a 16 year old may get brain cancer, that event taking place might not be totally out of line with what is best for that 16 year old, even if it seems totally opposite to that. Given that identities are not real, the death of that 16 year old could be a massive awakening to the true self that was there all along. We can’t be caught up on what we can see around us. There could easily be so much more than meets the eye.