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  2. Currently it looks Biden will probably get at least Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan.
  3. What kind of needs are you talking about? Sexual / romantic interests or unfulfilled infant needs?
  4. Also Ginkgo could help to some degree.
  5. Accupuncture helped me to some degree. I would try it out.
  6. I guess it's about attachment styles. If you have a secure or earned secure attachment style it's way easier to relate to people in general.
  7. Assuming she is my wife / girlfriend she shares some of my core values regarding the interest in truth. So it would not be a problem if she had some Mary-Magdalene-like transformation years ago.
  8. If people have unresolved trauma, meditation can make things way worse and be retraumatizing as studies on side effects of mindfulness have shown. If your neurosis is in a more normal range meditation can be very healing and helpful though.
  9. You only need motivation for something you are not interested in.
  10. Well, there is a fine line between - re-experiencing - which is just an endless cycle of the same emotions at best and also can be re-traumatizing (more "hyper" sympathetic symptoms of dissociation) - a crying where emotions integrate / release - feeling of numbness / depression (more "hypo" parasympathetic symptoms) For example in trauma (theory) usually there is one part that is more "numb" / depressed... and another part that is flooded with a lot of overwhelming emotions / flashback images. These things have to be integrated gradually; otherwise it is not helpful. The "theory" say, that if you are not within the window of tolerance (either too much or too little) you are not integrating the stuff.
  11. Peter Levine - a "superstar" in the trauma field and known for his approach "Somatic Experiencing" - wrote a book exactly on trauma and memory where he might address a lot of questions you have: Also, you can work with "trauma" without necessarily knowing exactly what or if something happened.
  12. So are we talking about 1 day? Or 7+ days (which I assumed)?
  13. I'm a bit worried reading this. Sounds a bit "off" or "psychotic" to me. Why not do regular fasting or regular retreats?