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  1. Some Osho quote is needed here @Prabhaker.
  2. Man, Hamburg is the best city regarding enlightenment. So many good teachers coming to and living in Hamburg.
  3. It is a matter how the guy perceives you, not how you perceive yourself. Just if you are for example overthinking things, have an agenda (relationship) or expect him to do everything for you.... you could easily come across as closed and distant to him. Doesn't matter if you smile and if you are friendly in a conversation. But of course I don't know you or the dude nor the dynamics that are playing out with you two. I'm just reporting what a man could perceive in such a situation.
  4. This is not true. You have to remember that this is the work environment. Men will play it very very safe. He could be interested, he could just be interested in sex, he could not be interested. I wouldn't conclude that he is not interested when he doesn't make a move. It depends on the woman. If the woman acts cold and distant all the time - the man waits for the woman to open up first.
  5. He also could have been sarcastic writing something like "Hahahah lol. Of course I just wanted to meet with friends".
  6. There will always be people where nutrion and spiritual/emotional/mental change will work but also people for whom it won't. Good example for whom it didn't work is Rick Linchitz. He awoke with Sathyam Nadeen (doesn't mean every emotional problem was resolved of course - and there is also suffering of others you come into contact with especially as a doctor and teacher), was a spiritual teacher and doctor specializing for alternative cancer treatment. Finally he died of cancer.
  7. Man, sounds like "should" check out Nisargadatta Maharaj.
  8. You don't have to play the silly game. Just enjoy the moment. If the other shoots - fine. If not - fine.
  9. Yes, "People" are crazy because they believe that they are someone. Against any evidence and contrary to reality. This is called delusion.
  10. where can the vision board you are speaking of be seen?
  11. I don't know. Kinda weird to run around judging women if they are "girlfriend material" or not. Just the term sounds pretty degrading and arrogant to me.
  12. You don't need to forgive yourself. Everything is well.
  13. If you cannot say it, you can text him. Just say that you like him, that you like spending time with him and that you would like to be intimate with him and that you don't know if this works out between you but you would like to give it a shot. And then ask if he is interested in that. Keep it a bit vague and don't try to force promises or commitments out of him. Maybe he is interested to explore and deepen your relationship as well, but no one can promise a relationship or even sex. You cannot know how things develop or might feel once you become more physical.