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  1. Don't mistake the type - probably an Enneagram 8 with psychopathic tendencies (like most politicians) - for the stage. Putin could very well be more orange than one might think initially. Russia in general I would say is more blue with red and orange elements.
  2. Just put yourself in their shoes. Did you ever spoke the Mormon guys or Jehova dudes who just wanted to talk with you about what they think is right? Was it an open discussion and investigating things? Or was it to sell you a viewpoint? Talking with people about nonduality or spirituality or anything might be the exact same thing: selling and pushing what you think (even if it came from glimpses of truth) to others.
  3. I'm pretty sure that there are some that don't drink or eat and just meditate - enlightened or not.
  4. As I might reported before, I've been to a retreat where someone was advised by the teacher not to attend the meditation sessions and go into nature instead. Only you can judge if meditation overwhelms and destabilizes you in such a way that it would be good to take it a bit more easy. So there might be cases where the advise of the therapist is actually helpful.
  5. You could educate yourself on psychopathology. Doesn't take that long. And it also helps to understand that the ICD-10 or DSM-V only describes syndroms which itself are just a bundle of symptoms (which can have different causes, e.g. brain chemistry). But for most "syndroms" they don't even know the causes exactly.
  6. @Afonso Hawkins calibrations are sometimes very funny. He has Ramana and Nisargadatta at 720 and Osho below 200 and Papaji at 500 or something afair. Shouldn't take anything of him too seriously. There is another guy (Ramaji) that calibrated in the same way (kinesiology) different teachers and had Gangaji at 1000. So it's really just a matter of opinions.
  7. That is not true. Byron Katie was in a mental institution and did a lot of therapy sessions. Eckhart supposedly did the whole ACIM before his awakening. Both needed time for integration. I think an awakening is possible for anyone anywhere but that is something different than enlightenment.
  8. Sounds like the teacher of Shinzen Young but I guess he was "just" "abusing" adults. But here in Germany there is a Zen-priest that started his practise in 1977 and just got convicted for sexual abusing children and teenagers.
  9. You could listen to this guided meditation. It's very much compatible with Ramana's approach and als examines feelings - what you are and what you are not.
  10. so you don't even care to read people's signals and respect if they are not open to your eye contact and hugging? Regarding the topic I found that as audiobook helpful for me.
  11. Bitcoin is a fiat currency as well. I am personally not interested in making profits with trading but I'm excited about the possibilities such technologies could bring as a change in the world regarding politics.
  12. Funny that I was living like 50km from one of his monasteries but I was never really called to go there or attend when he had talks there or nearby. But overall I still like him. Great guy. Did a lot for emerging spiritual teachings in the western world.
  13. Do you want to have physical exercises or meditations? For physical exercises you could do; you could also check it out on youtube. But make sure you do the correct breathing along the exercises and start with only few repetitions (maybe 3-5). This programme works on every chakra. I personally don't like the whole story around the exercises but taken for itself the exercises are really good.