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  1. It's no secret that he has narcissistic tendencies. Probably Enneagram type 3 or 7 and from a 7ish culture (Netherlands). But I wouldn't conclude that he hasn't "seen" things. From my perception his experiences go very very deep but I also sense that a lot of patterns of him are still active. But I don't follow him that much so I cannot really say anything more about it.
  2. It's the ego that look or seeks some grandiose "life purpose" as a substitute for the life that is already happening. As John Lennon puts it: "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans". You could also read in Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" (last chapters) about "Purpose" and how that manifests for different people. Not everyone is the same. For some it means a relatively simple life.
  3. Don't get fooled by nice sounding words and values when in reality the UN (or UNSC) help certain countries to act out war crimes without any punishment. I mean, why would Bush or Blair not be in jail? Because of the UNSC.
  4. You say you are from SF. Why don't you go to one of Adyashanti's meetings instead of taking one "trip" after another or experiment with all kinds of substances? For example this one.
  5. A good test would be if one is at least aware during deep dreamless sleep most or some of the time. Most that teach are not of course. But we are speaking not about Awakening but Enlightenment here. So if a "person" is not aware also during his deep dreamless sleep it is fair to say it is not enlightenment.
  6. Research "pre post fallacy" from Ken Wilber.
  7. Venu Marie or Meike Schütt...
  8. Well I just want to know what the actual difference is between trading and normal growth. I don't have anything invested in it but I manage some for my brother which are like 27k now since August. He is holding because after 365 days one doesn't have to pay taxes on the profit in Germany (about 40% taxes with trading). So I would like to know if a performance about or more 1.8 times the normal growth is possible with trading (which would result in about the same as just holding because of taxes here in germany).
  9. Yes, but how much more than that 2000%?
  10. @mitch311 just passed the test with my swanwicks...
  11. @ppfeiff and why would there be camps in the first place? I mean, camps in the middle of nowhere with only barracks for the people and houses for the officers outside the camp? Also, why would there be a crematory inside of the camps?
  12. @ppfeiff so what is from your perspective what concentration camps existed for if Hitler was such a nice guy?
  13. How massive are these returns compared to the "normal" growth? For example, did you make more than 600% in the last 6 months?