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  1. Can someone here explain their mindfulness experience during sleep?
  2. @Sahil Pandit I don't remember which one it was. But I also explored what the types meant and so I "typed" myself. Internet tests are not that reliable. For example, I do get my correct Enneatype with Subtype here: but for others it might not work that way and I would not recommend typing with a test without understanding what the basic model is.
  3. I like the Enneagram way better. It's deeper and more precise imo. I'm probably a INTJ. Even though my F is rather strong.
  4. not be aware in deep (dreamless) sleep? I mean, isn't that the definition of being awake (or even enlightened) that at least this awareness is "experienced" during all major states of consciousness (waking, dreaming, sleeping)? So... to everyone who claims, pretends or thinks to be awake / enlightened, how is your first hand experience? (Please, no theoretical bs like "what is awake is already awake during deep sleep whether "I" am aware of it or not")
  5. Ken WIlber on pre-rational magic vs trans-rational "psychic":
  7. I'm rereading the Spiral Dynamics book right now and wondered where "Pickup" and the "MGTOW" is on the spiral. Or let's say I thought they must be pretty "low". I would say both range from RED to BLUE to ORANGE, with Pickup more blue-ORANGE and MGTOW more unhealthy BLUE in transition to ORANGE / RED. Both concerned with non-conventional behavior and the correct belief system. Although in Pickup there are some elements taken from GREEN and 2nd tier approaches (Eckhart Tolle or David Deida) in service of the ORANGE and RED self-serving agenda like "being in the now" to get laid more often. What do you guys think? Does any of you see GREEN or 2nd tier?
  8. @Nahm Why did Jesus "attract" being nailed to the cross if he is Love? Why did Ramana "attract" cancer?
  9. Fact: Jerry Hicks died of cancer.
  10. Why would Pi be yellow? I mean, yellow would mean also "transrational"?
  11. I guess "Peaceful Warrior" is about a meeting of a yellow dude as the gas station and an orange athlete.
  12. There are certain byproducts to "Enlightenment". For example one cannot be "enlightened" and not be aware also during deep (dreamless) sleep.
  13. Byron Katie has a spiritual practice...