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  1. Bernadette Roberts (christian mystic) afair interprets the pictures that God is the one chasing: .
  2. Yes, I am doing it myself from time to time. It is very effective. It seems a bit too gentle or easy to have effects but I would it just try it out for yourself. For me it is perfect touching deeper layers of patterns that might be unresolved in the body.
  3. I like the Enneagram because it addresses the underlying motivation. For example one could be "stuck" because one is seeking security (e.g. type 6), has problems saying no (e.g. type 9) or maybe the one criticizing it could be a type 7 because they are easily bored and want to do new things all the time. This is oversimplified of course, but it is very deep. We had a thread some weeks ago...
  4. The Work - from my own experience - is not that great when you experience dissociation (which might be the case from what you describe). If you cannot stay present while asking the questions and dissociate into thoughts or go numb or shut down, I'd rather add some kind of bodywork. Something like TRE (Trauma Release Exercise), Feldenkrais.
  5. What I would do: I would reread the last chapters in Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" where it is about "purpose" and what primary purpose is and what secondary purpose is. And I would be happy to live where you live because there is an overabundance of amazing teachers ( there. Of course it would only make sense if my main interest is to be. But hey, that's just me, I don't know what your interest is.
  6. The pattern you describe is "type 9" in the enneagram. Being comfortable more important than getting things done. If you are type 9 (which I am not saying you are as I don't really know you) it would be important to get into touch with anger.
  8. Very important, although nothing new:
  9. Everyone has elements of all types and therefore the descriptions are "universal" but everyone has one main type that shapes one's world view and view of themselves. The type is like a filter through which life is perceived. So, if the description of the 6 is "just how life is", it may be you are a 6 (which is also sometimes called devil's advocate) too.
  10. Anyone who is interested to explore the Enneagram, could check out these books (I would stay away from books that only deal with Enneagram in a superficial way): beginner: intermediate: (audio program, different to the book with same title) advanced:
  11. Yes, Enneagram is a very accurate mirror for almost anything although online tests often are not that accurate.
  12. then Eckhart Tolle "Leben im Jetzt". Or just go with orange books like tony robbins... they surely take peope to orange.
  13. If catholic: Willigis Jäger books (german dude). If more a blueish sceptic: Jon Kabat-Zinn. I would not recommend Tolle.
  14. sx/sp 5
  15. Can someone here explain their mindfulness experience during sleep?