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  1. the energy field of the group / teacher pulls you into it...
  2. It's normal. I don't find a video right now but Gangaji describes something like that. Dropping through thoughts and emotions just before you drop right through some essential experience there might be some deadness. So everything is fine.
  3. The names are given mostly by teachers as a pointer to the "seekers" potential / qualities as well as a pointer that the "seeker" is not his old name / identity. I only know one teacher personally that gives names (Osho / Sannyas-names) and somehow I did not get a name from him. And I didn't pick one myself either.
  4. One has to take the Enneatype / Subtype into account (type 3 selfpreservational) which does explain his constant lying and narcissism. On spiral dynamics he is - at least in some areas of his life - clearly orange imo.
  5. I would have a look at Jiddu Krishnamurti because he might appeal to your overly active intellectual interest but is also very very deep.
  6. @Ether How do I or we know? Well... could be temporary, had this kind of awakenings many times, didn't last or wasn't really the final truth. But hey, it's different for everyone so there is no way to know how this plays out.
  7. I wonder if it lasts or how this plays out in the near future...
  8. Yes, I'm for it because it distracts. At least it distracts myself.
  9. Always wondered if I'm INTJ or INFJ. Guess I'm INTJ after seeing that video.
  10. Could be different reasons: - some kind of transition phase of "numbness", "dryness" as a sign of shifting away from what was previously of interest while the new "aliveness" is not consciously there - you are somehow tapped into a trauma: numbness, "freeze", dissociation... are trauma-symptoms - you are using coping strategies found in trauma to deal with overwhelming feelings and emotions and this kind of attitude somehow became a strategy how you meditate - a psychopath would not bother; so this numbness has nothing to do with what psychopaths are experiencing
  11. I don't have much experience with psychedelics but what I experienced (3xLSD 100ug, 150ug and 200ug) was really uninteresting compared to sitting with any "guru" I know.
  12. Check out Ken Wilber's map. Liberalism is stage orange. "Enlightenment" includes but is much much more than that. Just "liberalism" is limiting and I guess that is what you intuit.