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  1. That's all you ever have to know about "alpha".
  2. I would find someone who specializes in Somatic Experiencing or "NARM".
  3. Well obviously taking psychedelics is not my path. One of the reasons I don't plan on doing so is because I might get too fascinated with experiences and develop a narrative that might be delusional without recognizing it. I'd rather spend time with spiritual teachers and get real life feedback. Most people on this forum are probably afraid of it because it might question their narrative / state they are in.
  4. Interest in healthy monogamous long term relationships. They are considered as "beta" and mainstream. Too much focus on short term sexual based relationships.
  5. You could go to an Ayurveda expert that will find out your Dosha which pretty much correlates with "body types".
  6. No. What he is saying is resonating true, what you are saying is resonating as bs - to me. That is the difference.
  7. It's really a sign how awake you are if you think "Guru" is something / someone other than you or outside of you.
  8. Yeah, but isn't "read Om Swami" also following a guru (Om Swami)? Also you never know what role a guru played in helping someone who supposedly woke up without one, e.g. UG Krishnamurti who had a major shift at Jiddu Krishnamurti's talks while just walking out the door or something. UG would later say that waking up happened because he turned away from JK and JK played no role in it.
  9. People are different. A developed Enneagram type 5 with the most withdrawn subtype (selfpreservation), e.g. Eckhart Tolle looks different than for example a developed Enneagram 8 with sexual subtype (Papaji, Chogyam Trungpa, Isaac Shapiro...). Even though they might not be very fixated their "fixation" (their type) did not change. Most of the time "life purpose" is just the conditioning speaking imo though.
  10. Psychiatric hospitals are full of people that also thought "what can go wrong? Why is it even illegal?"...
  11. Who says you should have "no experience"? Every human being has. Even the greatest masters.
  12. Even people that realize Awareness (which is not the same as being "aware of") still have tons of patterns running that do not resolve themselves just by Awareness.
  13. I thought you are God. Why do you need to meet God then?