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  1. I actually have been "diagnosed" with Autism years back when I once visited a psychiatrist (who in Germany by default are psychotherapists as well). So I researched the topic, spoke with a lot people who have the symptoms and came to my own conclusions (which were that I don't really have the symptoms but others clearly do). So if I were to be diagnosed with Autism again I would do exactly the same again: "research" it if it even applies to my situation and then also research what can be done about it.
  2. I guess it is pretty normal as a human being to have both the need for closeness and also for spending time alone.
  3. "Autism" is just a label for some symptoms which you might or might not have. You can look them up in DSM-5 or ICD-10 and see for yourself if you even remotely agree. Yes, it is just a label but is has some truth to it. For example if you are unable to read emotions or facial expressions it doesn't matter if you see "Autism" or anything else just as a label, it won't improve the situation. It's really practical: you have some symptoms and then you look what you can do about it. Some psychiatrists might be able to help, "some" might not.
  4. @Feel Good at least I deliberately write "imo" or "in my experience" because I know it's just one perspective.
  5. @Faceless imo it is very easy to fool oneself without having a mirror or any kind of feedback. "Independence" is as much based on fear as "dependence". In fact I would even go so far as saying that a teacher is more necessary after any kind of awakening. At least that is my experience.
  6. I don't know what would be wrong with a green college. As everything in tier 2 includes, green or orange or even blue would certainly be included.
  7. Regarding to spirituality I would tend towards saying that it is more interesting what this consciousness basically is instead of what form it takes.
  8. There are great teachers everywhere. Just depends on where you live and if you are able to travel. Oh wait, you can also have Skype sessions with some. Btw: imo it is almost impossible to get very far without a real teacher. and recognizing some version of "there is no x, y, z" is imo not very deep.
  9. It is just a marketing like "better car" imo.
  10. @Nahm I was talking about "aligned eating" and "choose a better thought". Sounds like something straight from Abraham Hicks. And then when someone directly asks you about it you don't even say where you got it from.
  11. Is this also a term from Abraham Hicks?
  12. Do yourself a favour and buy Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" and read the last two chapters.
  13. @Feel Good well... different approaches work in different ways. And Somatic Experiencing as such might be limited if the trauma is more about "relational", "attachment" or "developmental" issues; NARM is amazing for that. I don't understand why there would ever be a need to "install new beliefs" though. Questioning beliefs and exploring what is true and focusing on the resources a bit is enough imo. Yes, doing sessions with someone (who has done trainings in SE, NARM...) would be first choice, but one could certainly try out some things without someone else. And also I would find it valuable to read some books on the topic. Approaches that do not clearly include the body on a fundamental level (as SE, NARM, TRE do and "Shadow Work" most of the time does not) are - imo - not that effective.
  14. Could you explain why from your experience this would be the case?
  15. Yes there are. One women on an Adyashanti retreat I went to was awake since birth and Adya also told that one of his disciples here is also. I'm not giving out the name though. Also you hear again and again from sages that some of them were born "enlightnened".