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  1. Maybe Feldenkrais could help? Examples:
  2. I know a master that graduated from university as a psychologist but then worked as a window cleaner or taxi driver.
  3. Somatic Experiencing could help.
  4. This is normal. A lot of people have similar experiences. (Adya also talks about certain traps - the state you describe is one of them - in his "End of Your World" audiobook). @Martin123 If you can rest in your being without formal meditation that's fine too I guess.
  5. Meditation is a good test if the love is even real. If you cannot sit still in silence for 15 minutes it's probably not love that you are tapping into. Love is your very being and can only be accessed through being silent. At least that is my experience.
  6. You have to distinguish between porn and crime. 99% of what can be seen on big video platforms is legal and has nothing to do with trafficking or abduction. A lot of shit is going on in other areas of life though.
  7. @Prabhaker Do you have the Osho story where a monk after years being in the monastery gets enlightened while visiting a prostitute?
  8. You cannot control what people do or do not do. With porn it's just demand and supply. The supply is done often by women who - from my "research" - seem confused, bored or on some kind of drugs or just are addicted to what they are doing. Of course if someone is confused it is not a free choice really, but the fact is that women voluntarily do porn for money and fame. And there are also a lot of women who legally work as prostitutes because of money without any pressure. That is just a fact.
  9. Is someone here who is watching porn more than once in a while?
  10. @Evilwave Heddy it is more like: if you are a man you support trafficking and porn. Guilty by association.
  11. I would agree. Still, there a many types of porn. Not every porn is the same.
  12. So you say that "amateur porn" where even real couples film themselves is the same as BDSM porn that is produced for money. Yes... I don't get that logic. I probably have to be a woman to understand this.
  13. @Lai now it gets insane. I rarely do watch any porn. But I have seen a lot in the past and this other image (where the woman was abused) has nothing to do with what porn these days is about. It misrepresents it. I wasn't even talking about that picture you now posted. That isn't even porn.