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  1. @Windappreciator omg instant time travel to my teenage years 😄
  2. @Synnergy as someone who leans more to the left and was a hardcore leftist years ago, I agree with you. There is clearly a tendency to censor people who have different views on politics, materialism, etc., in this forum. However, in some cases I think it's completely legitimate because of the toxicity and lack of respect of how these views are expressed. IMO, as long as you are being respectful you should be allowed to express your conservative stances, your doubts about the vaccines or your doubts about esoteric ideas for example. Instead, this is often met with condescending answers, threats of being banned, being ridiculed. Not good for healthy discussions. To be fair though, I have personally expressed this a few times and haven't been banned yet. So maybe the people who are getting banned are actually breaking some rules, not only expressing a conservative opinion.
  3. @Leo Gura 🤔 you litteraly said you can't trust proof, but you trust what most scientists are saying about vaccines and Covid (which btw I do too and that's why I'm vaccinated). But your reasoning seems contradictory. If questioning that is thinking like a child I'm happy to think like one 😄 Sorry @Animo for going off topic. I did that stuff in the videos as a teenager. Maybe telekinesis is possible, but these videos don't prove it. So many other explanations are more likely for what is happening in those videos than psychic abilities.
  4. Wouldn't the same apply to the whole Covid/vaccines controversy? How can we be sure that Covid is so dangerous and vaccines are the better option if proof isn't reliable?
  5. @Waken I've been thinking the same way lately. I do think visiting past memories has healing potential. It gives you a possible explanation of your conditioning and pattern, helps you create a compassionate relationship with yourself and for many people it helps to bring up emotions that apparently can get stuck in the body. But ultimately, I think you're right. It's easy to reinforce the belief that you are somehow broken and need to fix your past if you think you have to find THE root of your trauma. If you find yourself falling into that trap it may be a good idea to ask yourself if you're wasting precious time instead of focusing on what you are actually experiencing in the present moment.
  6. @mandyjw I don't think it has to do with beliefs around money, but more with my scientific background and clinical practice in psychology which makes me doubt her methods of healing. It's dangerous and unethical to work in the way she does with people who may have psychological disorders and may need therapies that are backed up by empirical evidence. But what really throws me off is her vibe, I can't describe it, she seems inauthentic to me and with messiah complex when she speaks of Abraham Hicks vs Esther Hicks. I guess we don't all resonate with the same people.
  7. @Husseinisdoingfine yep, sounds quite homophobic and not scientific at all. There's homosexual behaviors in many other species.
  8. @Nahm I've tried watching some of her stuff but I always get the same vibe and can't help thinking she's a con artist.
  9. @Purple Man and we got the most beautiful girls in Spain too 😏
  10. @Vzdoh hmm this may be true for you, but it seems judgemental to assume a girl who sleeps with someone on the first night doesn't value or treat herself well. I slept with my current girlfriend during our second date and we've been together for almost 6 years.
  11. @Preety_India I mean, the likelihood of dying from Covid if you're young is really really small. It's probably higher in India and third world countries, so I can't speak for the whole world. Abandoning all social interactions comes with its set of dangers as well. I personally socialize trying to stay in open air and try to avoid "high risk" behaviors, although I have indulged in them now and then and I'm fine. Not saying it's a good idea, but anxiety tends to make you overestimate the risks. You can slip in your shower and die. Covid will probably stick around for the rest of our lifes or at least many years. Will you seclude yourself at home for the rest of your life? That will take it's toll on your immune system as well. Btw, I completely respect your choice. I just think it's not the healthiest route and we can find a balance minimizing the risks.
  12. @Dazgwny gotta love those reality checks lol. I used to do that a lot as a teenager and it did work a few times. Another technique that works and I think is called "Wake back to bed" is setting an alarm to wake you up after some hours of sleep, when you are near a REM cycle. You stay up for a while and then you go to sleep again. This should increase the likelihood of experiencing a Lucid Dream. There's another more difficult technique which I never had success with, but people swear it's the most reliable one once you learn it propperly. It's called WILD (wake induced lucid dream).
  13. I mean I had other plans for today, but maybe I can make room for that if you insist 😄 Just kidding. If you are using condoms there is little to worry about. You can always voice your concerns and ask her if she's willing to do an STD test. Also, like another person said, I would explore if this worry is tied to some deeper insecurities. I used to get triggered (and still do a little) when my previous girlfriends went partying and drinking. Upon exploring it, what I was actually afraid of is that they could be uninhibited and flirt with other guys or cheat on me. Maybe something similar is going on in your case.
  14. @DefinitelyNotARobot most people I know who enjoy meat do so for the taste and probably other pleasant associations (a smell that probably triggers some biological stuff, bbq with friends/family, chewing harder, etc.). I don't know a single person who like eating meat because they like dominating a steak, wtf. This is just projection IMO. There may be biological predisposition to certain foods or it may be entirely conditioned. Either way, there's no food that is more spiritual. That's an ego trip. As to why each person reacts differently, it probably has to do a lot with what we're thinking when faced with meat for example. If you think "that was a living cow, that probably got separated from her baby and brutally slaughtered" you will feel unpleasant emotions. If you're thinking about how you love the smell and sharing a tasty barbecue with your friends, you probably won't feel grossed out. It all depends on the subjective connotation. Objectively, it's just a piece of meat.
  15. @Emerald I see what you mean. Thank you for sharing your experience 😊 I can't help but think the label itself is a projection of an archetype or a culturally shared notion of what feminine feels lile vs masculine. I personally find the distinction quite useful and am not against thinking in terms of integrating both polarities. But I think it's important not to mistake the label for the raw expression of "energy". This points exactly to what I mean: it's a cultural association. As much as I try, I can't find the objectivity in those words if I inspect my direct experience. I can only find different ways of expressing myself and natural tendencies that I can call masculine/feminine, yin/yang, active/passive but it doesn't mean there is something that is objectively masculine or feminine IMO.