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  1. I'm not sure synchronicities exist. It could be confirmation bias. For instance, let's say you really want a specific car. You start to see it more often. Is it appearing more often because you want it, or were you just not noticing it before because you weren't thinking about it? How often do you think of someone and they don't call you? That's probably the norm. But when it happens, we tend to assume that we somehow "attracted" that call, when it was probably just a coincidence. Do the math and you will probably find out that things like these happen very rarely and that the most common scenario is that you think of someone and they don't call you. It's impossible to affirm that there isn't something more "paranormal" going on and I have personally experienced some pretty wild coincidences, but the easiest explanation is usually the most accurate one.
  2. @Ajax I would say my nervous system over-reacted to something I picked up in them. I don't think they put those feelings in me since I am the one experiencing them. It's just an automatic thing that happens, like a button that gets pushed and initiates a cascade of unpleasant sensations and thoughts. It's not something I chose to experience. Today the opposite happened. I was nervous at a doctor's appointment and the doctor's gentle/warm energy helped me settle down very quickly. She didn't "put" the calmness in me, but a rude/cold doctor would have probably made it very difficult for me to relax.
  3. @Yimpa Thank you, that's very helpful and it's kind of what I have been doing intuitively lately and you're right it's very healing
  4. Oh that's definitely possible. When I'm calm I tend to notice more positive emotions in others and when I'm distressed it's the other way around. Is that what you mean? Not so sure about my own feelings though. When I'm overwhelmed or anxious, I can clearly feel it. Could you expand on how my perception of my own feelings could be inaccurate?
  5. I had to laugh imagining myself saying it out loud when I'm with people I think that could help, but sometimes reading their emotional state is automatic. What I can do is affirm what you said so that I don't hyperfixate on how they are feeling. Noticing but not focusing too much on it. Thanks for sharing that. I do notice I'm more grounded when I live a clean life as well
  6. Hi! No, I don't really believe in these things, but maybe I can visualize some kind of comforting "energy" instead. How did you gain control over it? Yes, sometimes, but to a lesser degree and I can handle it a lot better. When I'm around other people it sometimes feels like over-stimulation, where their distress triggers my distress and it's hard for me to feel grounded. Around other people there's also the added stress of not wanting other people to notice that I'm struggling.
  7. I think you're trying to find a way to not have to deal with your unpleasant feelings. "If I know how to perfectly respond in such a situation, I won't have to feel like I want to punch a wall". Yes, it's good to work on your assertiveness to better handle tense social situations, but that's not what you're saying that you want to develop. What you're describing will only get you in more trouble. Respect people and most people will respect you. Negative emotions spread very easily. I think learning how to handle your negative emotions instead of dumping them on other people is a better approach.
  8. That has to be MDMA have yet to try some of the other classic ones though.
  9. Do you think learning to tolerate the unpleasant bodyload is part of the process or is it better to use another psychedelic? I ask this because shrooms always make me feel a bit sick/nauseous and some people say this is also something to embrace and not resist.
  10. I think it's impossible to not show any interest when you like a girl. What's important is to work on your neediness because it repels women but also people in general. If she senses that you need her a little bit too much she won't be attracted to you. In my experience, the more you have going on for yourself the less desperate you are because you're already reasonably fulfilled and you don't depend on a girl wanting to be with you to feel good. Also, don't bother with inmature girls who aren't into you and who play games. Yes, some level of games is always present when you're flirting but some people just want to use you and you don't want a relationship with them anyways.
  11. Thank you! I think this is the key, although it's really hard to do sometimes because my nervous system often reacts very strongly and automatically when I notice the distress in someone else. I think I need to keep working on relaxing/allowing it when this happens instead of trying to control it because that only makes me more anxious.
  12. Hi! When I'm around people I tend to automatically read their emotional state and it often throws me out of balance. Often, if I sense that someone is uncomfortable I start to feel very uncomfortable and ungrounded. Then, the more ungrounded I become, the more I start to focus on subtle signs of distress in other people and it becomes a vicious cycle. This doesn't always happen but sometimes it's so intense that I'm completely drained afterwards and need a lot of alone time to recharge. If anyone else experiences this, how do you manage it? Thank you!
  13. Yes you're right. When I don't overthink things I can be quite charismatic naturally and the more I practice the better it gets. I agree, but it has to be calibrated or you may end up looking like a psychopath lol Strong but playful eye contact works best IMO
  14. Maybe, although I have gotten laid being extremely nervous so that's not really true in my experience. But it definitely makes things flow less smoothly. So how can you have this awareness (of the law of state transference) and not let it make you more anxious?