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  1. There is a video by Sadhguru in "Sadhguru Exclusive" platform where he dives deeper into if Animals are capable of getting Enlightened and how Ramana Maharshi once enlightened a cow. He talks about it in the videos below but doesnt go as deep as in the video mentioned above Short answer to if Animals are Enlightened is No. Enlightenment is the peak of human evolution. An animal can only get enlightened if they were a human being in a past life. If that is the case, it is possible to regress that animal's being back into his human form and enlighten him/her in that form. That is apparently how Ramana Maharshi did it to the cow called Lakshmi that used to hang around his ashram for decades. So that cow was a human in a past life and Ramana recognized that and did the necessary energetic process to enlighten the cow. This is just me paraphrasing what was mentioned by Sadhguru
  2. Sadhguru dives deep into Karma in this book. It might help to add to your current understanding about Karma Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your Destiny by Sadhguru
  3. Ramakrishna had to consciously create the karma of excessive desire for food in order to stay attached to the body after his enlightenment, otherwise his soul would just exit the body anytime (mahasamadhi). Maybe desiring excessively for "luxury" was Osho's way of staying attached to the body. Sadhguru explains it well in this video actually
  4. Gotcha! Applied via DM
  5. Will it strictly only include clipping of your old videos and no other video editing? For example, adding intros/outros..?
  6. Apparently Bhakti is the quickest (or easiest) way to Liberation according to Sadhguru
  7. I know you are not much of a stock guy but have you looked into buying Psychedelic-Stocks like PSYK?
  8. If you really want to see something like that first hand, I would recommend you to visit his ashram where he has created a very strong energy form called the Dhyanalinga. Most people instantly feel its energy and go into deep meditative states simply by sitting around it. I don't think an average joe can conjure up an intense form of energy out of thin air like that
  9. From what he has said before, he indeed had a Guru who helped him to attain. His name was Palani Swami. However, that was 3 lifetimes ago. He had to take birth and come back 2 more times after that, in order to fulfill a mission that his Guru entrusted upon him. It is quite a long story but he explains it in this video. He mentions his Guru around 11:00 in the video. If you want to dive deeper into his stories of his past 3 lifetimes and his whole backstory, I recommend his book ''More than a Life''
  10. I really resonate with this. Yeah, that is pretty much what I said too, I didn't say that Psychedelics don't have any cons to it at all. They definitely do. Well said
  11. In the 8 day silence program, you learn a certain technique called "Samyama". Samyama literally means the combination of 3 things. Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi. So yes, if you master that technique, you can be in Samadhi at will. As for controlling your energies, the technique he provides is called "Shakti Chalana Kriya" which is part of the Shoonya program. For me personally, I can see immediate effects from Shakti Chalana Kriya in terms of energy flow in the body, an instant balance at the Psychological level and so many other subtle benefits. I also started off with the Kriya Yoga book from Lahiri Mahasaya that Leo recommended but I personally don't do them anymore eventhough they definitely are quite potent. I just wanted to be on the safe side, although I feel like that particular book is quite safe for use. Finally, yeah Psychedelics definitely isn't his cup of tea, but I think there have been plenty of threads about it on this forum He talks about it openly in closed groups. For example in his Mystics Musings book, he says that Psychedelics under the presence of a Guru can lead to quick progress. He just chooses his words carefully when talking to large audiences because as we all know so many people misuse them.
  12. I stayed at Sadhguru's ashram for 6 months and was in close physical proximity to him countless times but I didn't have any verbal conversation. During these 6 months, I did all his programs and completed the 8-day silence program called Samyama, which is the culmination of all the programs he offers to the general public. Before going there, I was heavily influenced by Leo and his teachings which really amplified after my experience with Psychedelics (before going to the ashram). I even met 4 different guys who came there because of Leo and we instantly clicked. Two of them are on this forum. When he says he can explode people with energy if you sit with him, it has been very true in my experience. I have had several very intimate moments with him during the monthly Satsangs but the strongest one was during the 8-day silence program where he personally conducts it. I don't want to go into too much detail about my experience because it is so subtle and nuanced, putting it into words wouldn't do it justice. However, if I put it very bluntly, one time my eyes locked with his during a Satsang and I felt a huge burst of energy within me and everything just ceased to exist in that short amount of time. Another time I had a near-death experience during the silence program(Samyama). It might not have looked like that for someone looking from outside but in a very short span of time (5 mins), I went through mountains of suffering and I came out of it feeling like a clean slate. I sweated as I have never before in my life with my t-shirt drenched, without making any physical movements. Just staying still. I was very skeptical before going to the ashram and also I made a post about it on the forum before going. From my experience, it is really difficult to dismiss what I experienced. At the end of the day, this is still some random person saying something on the internet, please don't take my word for it. Do your own research and make your best judgments. I have also met people who have felt nothing.
  13. @AdeptusPsychonautica Idk if you would even reply to this but do you not believe that someone can get "Enlightened" (with or without Psychedelics). ?? PS:- He DM'ed me in order to not de-rail this thread
  14. Now, these are ''arguments'' that I would love to see all over the world. Conversations trying to point out nuances of the awakening process itself. I am cool with this compared to arguments trying to demonize everything and prove that a certain belief is correct. But hopefully, the day comes when we will have to even drop these high-level spiritual ''arguments''