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  1. People who want to live forever need to come to terms with death and understand the beauty in it. We need death to progress our society. I would like to live a long and prosperous life but living beyond 90+ is where I would like to go. My great-grandpa lived to be 102 so maybe I could make it to that but to live several hundred years or forever and get to choose when I want to die does not interest me.
  2. Not to mention tongue posture and nose breathing has a huge impact on our facial structures. I'm not sure how long it would take to fix those issues but incels have a lot of time on their hands.
  3. You seem to be an expert on this matter. I was wondering if you knew of a natural alternative to roundup that would protect my plants against insects? I've recently began growing some vegetables (peas, carrots, lettuce, broccoli) and I have notice that some of my leaves have holes in them that I assume are from insects eating them.
  4. Being skeptical of new technology that the government tells is safe does not make someone gullible. Look at all the other things that are considered safe that are pushed and used daily in our lives...
  5. I have never heard of that until now. Seems like an interesting concept. I might have to look into getting one of them.
  6. I think it is clear that the fighting won't stop until both sides come to an agreement on how to live peacefully together. But they have been fighting for this long and haven't progressed past stage red/blue so I think it will be a long time before anything changes unless something extremely deadly happens.
  7. I’ve only listened to the beginning of the episode but now I have to figure out a way to measure my taint I’m still a bit unclear if I should move my balls when measuring.
  8. MLK also brought upon positive change in a peaceful way. Rioting is not the only way to spread your message or achieve your societal goals.
  9. Toledo was with a 21 year old who had just shot at a car moments for the police altercation.
  10. Of course there is a deeper problem... Lack of education, family structure, oppodtunies, etc. in these communities. Tasers aren't an end all be all. Plus this kid had a gun in his possession. If the cop tazes him the kid could easily get a shot off. This kid was seen with someone shooting at cars right before this chase so he was clearly capable of using the gun. The officer had no other choice. It's easily to hyperanalize events like this after the fact. I would like to see you in this situation with your life on the line with a split second to decide what to do and see the decision you make.
  11. Lil Nas is a very edgy and knew how conservatives would react to this. I don't see him actually being a devil worshiper and not that it matters either way. He's been planning the release of this song for months and knows how to use internet memes to spread his songs. We all know what the devil is, but conservatives are of the mindset that the devil is an actual entity that can infect people like a virus and not just the absence of God.
  12. He is just trying to engage with a younger audience.
  13. I could not disagree more. Cancel culture doesn't allow for people to acknowledge their mistakes and grow from them. In order to get someone to change, you must educate them about what they've done wrong and why it's not the right way to act. Canceling them does nothing to correct their actions and just completely removes them from the equation altogether. Then from that point on they will be wearing a scarlet letter that they can never escape from. There should be very few actions that should follow someone forever if they have acknowledged their wrongdoing and have course-corrected.
  14. I agree that might be the intended point of talking to white people about racism, but oftentimes the people doing the talking are not effective at communicating this information.
  15. But I think you're missing the point. That is what makes people like Putin and Trump such great public speakers. They are speaking to the average man at a level that they will understand which is what makes their speeches so successful. You don't need to use big words to have an eloquent speech. A speech can be eloquent by how persuasive and effective it is and Trump and Putin both do that every time they speak.