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  1. I believe that minimalism can be a great thing and as I age and live on my own I hope to live a more minimal lifestyle. I always think of minimalism in relationship to modern kitchens. If you were to look in any kitchen you could probably find 5 duplicates of everything in one's kitchen. I like the idea of having a set of dishes that stack and store well. I want to apply the same principle to my wardrobe and have a limited but versatile set of clothes that all work well together. But where I think minimalism goes amuck is when you start doing things like getting rid of furniture. Furniture has existed for thousands of years and is not some unnecessary product of the industrial revolution that serves little purpose. Furniture in a living room allows for communal space and for memories and connections to be made.
  2. I think that American often gets scapegoated in threads like these. American is not the only country guilty of these things. Every major country is built on money, celebrity worship, power, comsumption, etc.
  3. You reverse climate change by holding corporations responsible for their impacts on the climate. Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions. Now of course consumers are buying these products from these corporations so there is a relationship there. We must also hold our governments accountable for their lack of effort to solve climate change. Instead of real solutions, we get cutesy solutions like banning plastic straws. Climate change is solved at a collective level by finding alternatives to the world's biggest pollutants. Fossil fuel emissions, plastic in oceans, etc.
  4. In the eyes of many Americans, Biden's handling of Afghanistan is a major screw-up. Especially after the attacks today on the airport. I'm not saying that Biden did the wrong thing in pulling troops from the region. I believe that the Taliban would have taken over regardless of if we left 10 years ago or 10 years from now. But nearly all Americans don't understand the societal changes that Afghanistan needs to go through before they can adopt a Democratic system of governing, give women equal rights, etc.
  5. i have dabbled in German in the past, although not as much recently. I did use YouTube for learning grammar, sentence structure, etc. There are some quality German learning channels on YouTube. I also used Duolingo which always made learning fun. Another thing you can do is watch a German show with English subtitles or vice versa.
  6. How much fat should I be consuming a day and what kind? I've been tracking my calories recently and I never know which fat I should be getting and how much.
  7. But is the world overpopulated? By what metric do you conclude this? The world population will peak around 9 billion and then stabilize after that as more 3rd more countries continue to develop and grow. 1st world countries have much fewer children and 3rd world countires.
  8. That is somewhat concerning. I just started taking Kratom to see what I thought of it, but I might have to reconsider. If the study isn’t brand new I would imagine someone else in the Kratom subreddit or on a website dedicated to it has commented on the study. I’ll look to see what I can find
  9. This is what I was thinking of as well. People have heard the stories of the experiments our government has done on people (Tuskegee Study, CIA and LSD, etc.) and also what corporations are willing to do to make a buck. Anti-vaxxers are very untrustworthy of the powers that be.
  10. Another low effort post on this sub forum. This is an old meme. Clearly birds are real. The guys behind Birds Aren’t Real just came up with a clever joke.
  11. People have been saying this for years… There isn’t going to be a civil war. Americans do not want to give up their cushy lives for one second. People promoting this crap are just fear-mongering. Also this post is garbage and I’m tired of seeing low effort bait posts on this fortum.
  12. You’re goofy for that. Gang violence ≠ skilled marksmen. I’m sorry but I would put my money on the back hills red necks…
  13. Us acknowledging that countries don't exist in actuality doesn't change the fact that they exist to the rest of the world. What good would this do when discussing the Israel Palestine conflict? We have to work within the framework that we have when discussing things.
  14. Beautifully said. They were a stage ahead of everyone else at the time.