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  1. this is true but It wont always be and it is in the process of changing right now but it will probably play out very very slowly. I like the example Leo used in spiral dynamics about your societies development level being as the center of gravity or mass. In America, being centermass orange, if you are under the development of orange you will effortlessly find yourself sucked up the spiral to orange level. But if your trying go multiple stages past orange to reach turquoise(non dual consciousness) its going to be like trying to trying to get a rocket to leave earth, your going to have to overcome tremendous gravitational pressure and need some powerful rocket fuel. So yes under these conditions only a small percentage of the most single minded and motivated seekers manage blessed with enough "rocket fuel" break the orbit right now. But think of them as road builders as every seeker that breaks through lays a few bricks that aid those who follow, wither that looks like making few small key societal changes, teaching fellow seekers a effective path in turn creating new teachers, or simply the 100th monkey effect( fascinating study to look into if you havent yet), but every generation the gravity is a little weaker and less rocket fuel is required to break orbit. With that in mind looking for turquoise professionals is going to extremely rare even among the rare but honestly thats overkill we just need advanced professionals. Just individuals who in whatever field they find themselves take time to grow their consciousness a little bit and improve lives in whatever way announces itself to them, This is a much healthier and achievable goal and the difference from dealing with orange level business to green/yellow level business will still be so much more harmonious it will blow your socks off
  2. @EternalForest sounds like you have some concentration but it slips towards dullness. If you enjoy meditation as a major feature of your path check out the book: The Mind Illuminated. It's like a meditation bible with 12 stages and clear steps for what to do at each stage. You sounds like your stage 3 maybe 4 by the books measurements.
  3. @ScholarThis weight is a projection, it only exists for the actualizion prosess. those with light just illuminate because that is the nature of light, it does not try to fill a dark room it just does. Besides powers won't convince people to become conscious nessicarily, it will more likely convince them to seek powers thus why most masters with them don't always broadcast them. Just take those areas you naturally have passion for and continuously open space for more consciousness and divinity and they will be as powerful for raising consciousness as jesus if it's done with the same level of undivided devotion and unconditional love as him.
  4. Why not do it yourself? If your really passionate you'll grow quite quickly, if I'm not wrong Matt has only been at it a few years. Grow with your passion and it will explosive and quite fun and engaging besides and you will either realize your goal of influencing the path of others or better yet realize the futility of it and be able to relax into the intuition that the divine has things right on track and enjoy your part in the dance
  5. Very possible, as long as you drink water with salt in it you can easily go very long without food, if your healthy. Many people have broken jesus''s record. One guy went over a 100 days (he was massively obese though) and going 40 has been done many times safetly as long as you have at least some fat stores, but it is very dangerous if you are already lean (don't know this guy's condition) . I've gone 14 days myself and It has massive health and spirtual benifits, once you push past 6-7 days and combine with other spirtual practice its starts becoming similar to psychedelic's but sustained and more in the background with brutal in your face peaks and peaceful peaks , your ego becomes much thiner and spirtual progress is much quicker. But unlike psycdelics it's less wildly discombobulated amd more solid so any deep work is integrated much better.
  6. @Dwarniel no problem, just getting to interact with other people through this forum who genuinely care about this stuff is the reward on its own
  7. I feel for your situation. Don't get me wrong I think most people are great especially when you manage to be truly present with them, but I feel like if I connected to even just one other person who's conscious growth and evolution was their guinuine priority it would make this whole thing less frustrating and more fun. My only advise is only use this or any of the above advice to guage your own intuitive reactions, because theirs no right answer. I've tried a little of every flavour with total immersion each time. I've done the hedonistic thing, the ascetic thing, the psychedelic thing, the information amassing thing, the achievement thing, the I'm special and the I'm humble thing. Try so hard you feel like your gonna explode and no effort at all thing. None of them are right or wrong although the more balanced it is the more sustainable and less likely to devolp major blind spots. The main thing I learned is to follow your passion, doing that guinuinely seems to flow much more effortlessly, if the passion is gone one day then follow where it leads next and I believe if you do that geniunely and honestly that is the fastest path to growth. But whatever do it with full involvment as counsciouly as you can and try to have as much fun regardless of what it is, anything can be enjoyable if you do it with full involvement. But be honest about where your at on that, the main difference between a meditater that effortlessly puts in long frequent sits and quickly grows and the one sits the same amount but struggles and strains for long years but barely progress 's is that one guinuinely is passionate and enjoys it the other doesn't but forces out of intellectual egoic idefication with a idea. Anyway I wish you effortless flow and growth, good luck Edit: I'm reading a book right now that NAILS it when it comes to practices that maximize effortless growth that combine with literally anything especially normal lay person life called desire: the tantric path to awakening, that someone recommended to me from this forum If your interested.
  8. @Matt8800 I absolutely believe she only has my best interest at heart but she is not the gentle sort haha very loving but in a ferocious manner. But I feel like she is perfect for me there no chance of being disconnected and hiding behind cleverness she demands passion because surrender is not optional as she may devour you at any moment and recreate you the next, the ego has no safety around a presence like that. All her demands are to live in passion and from your highest potential its a very intense almost primal dance but I want more, while that seems more forceful she knew we were a good match before she came knocking I feel.
  9. Why not both lol. The truth makes sex better when sex is just a stage for the truth to play on. Sex however does not make truth better so there is definitely a hierarchy
  10. @Matt8800 Ill have to try working in the banishing ritual and see if it adds anything, although its hard to imagine a ill meaning entity to having the stones to get near anything to do with Kali, she is rather ferocious and wild as well as loving. Probably wont have time to explore evocation rituals until after next week as I'll be out of town with family but that sounds exciting albeit a little intimidating, definitely will want proper space for that if it turns out anything like last weekend, as being in contact with that energy soaks you in it for a while , I'm still more wild and voracious then usual. It already feels like the volume of life is turned way up in just normal day to day and I'm just having a blast seeing where this goes. Thanks for helping me find all this information Ill have to check out Jason millers stuff to after I'm through what I have.
  11. you sound like you might mesh well with Advaita Vedanta, IMO Hindu non dual advaita is best but in the west neo advaita is more common I tend to find them less genuine however. If you just want to delve into the philosophy of I recommend watching videos of Swami Sarvapriyananda. Vedanta is popular enough depending if you live in a pretty populated area there a decent chance to be a regular group that some kind that meets
  12. @Matt8800 Have you heard of anyone working with the hindu goddess kali? I got those books you suggested( only halfway through magnus opus and desire so far) added alot of the energy exercises to my yoga/meditation pratices, also started adding in things from the desire trantra book which has really been resonating with me so far, as well as sprinkling in some psychedelics/canabis. Life started getting interesting pretty quick. I have always loved hindu philosphy/yoga and such but I dont know thing about their whole pantheon of gods, the only two whose names I could've recalled was ganesh and shiva. I decieded to smoke some strong canabis and then try some energy work after I was feeling pretty comfortable with it but I went into a energy overlord that was vastly more then I was able to store fast enough and totally overwhelmed me somewhere between obliteration and bliss it wasnt just my energy it felt infused with a some other element and I started mentally hearing Kali ma totally out of the blue and I had no clue what the hell it meant but it was a pretty personal and powerful, even afterwards scouring my mind the closest thing I could think of about kali was rembering it chanted by a cult in a Indiana Jones film as a kid didnt know it was a hindu goddess until I googled it. Was fascinated but didnt think to much about it for a few days but I kept getting flood of little synchronicities. On the weekend I decided to take some acid up camping in nature on a gorgeous day and shit got crazy. Im not even going to try to talk about that experience except that I came out the other end very devoted to a hindu goddess I barely knew jack anything about. And Ive been fairly obsessed with her since then but life is crackling alive and getting fairly psychedelic just as a baseline with constant synchronicity so Im not going to question it really. Have you come across anything about her in your research or anyone who works with her? The information from the more mainstream sources is pretty all over the place. Also curious if you have other good resources along the line of that tantra book you mentioned, I really resonate with that style. But damn you weren't joking about life getting strange, I'm shell shocked still tbh haha
  13. @Justincredible76 I think it only truly works if it grows naturally, so just plant the seed and nurture it over time just like your instinct says. Just start with whats enjoyable, dont force it, try out a few different forms of meditation and yoga etc to see what fits to you, either synchronizes with your strengths that you enjoy and bring you closer to the divine and or that bolster the areas you want to improve, but once you find a few practices stick with them for awhile. Its like digging wells, you get to water with a few deep holes not a dozen shallow ones. But its important to not force it and try to bring a spirit of devotion and passion to everything you engage in but especially your spiritual pratice/sadhana. So its best to let it grow naturally start with what is enjoyable if thats 5 miniutes of breath watching meditation then great, any amount of time is infinitely more then zero and gets the seed planted. Also dont separate your "mundane" desire from spirituality, desire can be embraced and offered to the divine because there is nothing other then it. So when your hanging out with friends, playing video games, or whatever you are drawn to try to bring the light of consciousness to it, drink it up fully, it too is a dance with the divine, notice how it makes you feel, why you enjoy it, every little detail, and relish it or it if no longer has any passion then follow the passion elsewhere. As you bring the light of consciousness to anything and offer it to the goddess/god/divine it will transform on its own over time when done genuinely, even simple things like breathing or things you generally dislike like pain. Just try it with breath, notice and enjoy how it feels moving through your nose, filling your lungs moving your diaphragm and stomach, but outside of your practice its important be spontaneous and not force it, focusing on enjoying awareness of the process will cause your desire to naturally lead the frequency to increase.
  14. @Justincredible76 Wonderful! If your thoughts and undercurrent of desire has begun to obsess with the divine then its basically all ready game over execpt for the time it takes to play out, however its not going to feel like that of course . But if what you say is true then between the madness and ecstasy of desire for the divine, and the pain of awareness of your ignorance, your already helplessly enslaved to this process as it intensifies. How can you know for sure? Because you will jump and nothing will stop you. Nothing I or anyone else says will really matter it would only add or subtract a little time. Once this process has begun it is inevitable you yourself cant even stop yourself, just try. The pain of ignorance cannot be unseen and if you were to even resist the suffering would grow and grow until you become wild with desire and come right back, If you were really stubborn you can even maybe holdout a lifetime or two. But once you have tasted the divine and it you, it is only a matter of time and how much youd like to resist and suffer, but the goddess will have you and you it at the end of the day. But if you focus on surrender then this is a glorious dance with the eternal goddess and you will relish being consumed piece by piece, this dance is the very apex of existence. In fact your experience reminds me alot of my own my first taste of a aspect of the divine was unconditional love, also on LSD. But also from experience you will probably get what you seek from the psychedelic path but that wont be the end only the start, It is like a window it will show you what is possible but it wont let you live there. Making it a living breathing reality will be your next task, and for that the psychedelic path will be insufficient alone you will probably need to supplement by taking up some kind daily sadhana and id also suggest a strong devotional practice because it makes the dance much sweeter
  15. let me recontextualize what your asking and it may answer itself. Your asking me if your ready to die. Take that pretty seriously if your going to take high doses with the intent for truth, you will probably get it, this mean your going to come face to face with your end. How to know if your ready? How strong is your desire for truth or god, how much are you willing to surrender everything, seriously ponder, If god offered you the truth in person but demanded you surrender your life and sanity completely into gods hands could you let it go? If you take a breakthrough dose, with strong intent you will receive what your asking for but after you take the dose thats that no turning back, the ultimatium will come and you will be asked to surrender everything and if you refuse and try to hold on then you will probably take a trip to hell and back. But also nobody is ever ready to do it and you will never know how to navigate it with surety, the real question is if your ready to make to leap of faith and surrender completely