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  1. @IJB063 Including dwarfs, homeless men, balding men, men with no money etc. I'm not a person who believes in status or hierarchy but just to prove a point.
  2. @Mystica45 As long as the old women stays below the belt it's on.
  3. @Etherial Cat If you can't get the daughter, you go for the mum
  4. @Mystica45 Well I'm autistic/retarded but I use it to my advantage by running straight into the girl dick first
  5. Could a 60 year old guy lay 18-24 year old girls with regularity. My vote says yes.
  6. RSD can get into girls pants and into your wallet.
  7. I <3 the amazing athiest
  8. People being obsessed with Indian culture and it becoming mainstream is absurd to me. My mum was deeply reglious and we had gurus enter our house occasionally and try to talk to us about these topics and as an atheist growing up in Western society I ended up resenting religion and spirituality.
  9. I've met Derek a few times and talked to him in person. I told him the Julien (RSD) has 'educated himself past his level of intelligence' about spirituality. Navals podcast on getting rich is great, listened to it twice.
  10. Is there a system to meet guys as platonic friends in the same way that I do pickup, approaching them? When I leave this lockdown I want to go out and increase my social circle of guys and girls that are platonic and are useful for opportunites/business etc. And do pickup at the same time to rapidly improve my dating life. Could I do the same thing for meeting guys as well for long term friendships and useful acquaintances or is it weird to get approached. BTW: Im not gay if this sounded gay.
  11. Thanks for the advice!
  12. @Sahil Pandit Yes, I do the Do Nothing meditation.
  13. Hey guys and girls, I have a bit of a IDGAF personality and it's really interfering with my ability to concentrate at work. I work and then I am constantly distracted by jokes in my head and thinking about vagina. How do I keep a clear mind at work, consistently so that I'm not distracted.
  14. I'm currently following a career in SEO at the moment, but emotionally I'm slightly sad about my life at the moment, its probably best not going to bring that up in an interview. This is same with girls, when I go and talk to girls I'm the most positive happy person in the world at that moment, I don't reveal my problems and insecurities to them.