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  1. @Spiral Either, Closing on a cold approach.
  2. Hi, Long story short, I started learning pickup at 19 because I was lonely and wanted a girlfriend, had low self esteem etc. (you know the story) At 25 I now have relatively healthy self esteem, I like the way I look and am having consistantly positive interactions with women. I still live with my parents and am wondering how to close, noticing when to close and what location. Ashwell as whether I should aim for monogamy after or to keep chasing tail.
  3. I'm not sure if anyone will read this but any advice is welcome. I'm 25 and currently working an entry level SEO Assistant role at a well known brand, the last few years have been dedicated to personal development/learning, health and pickup. I picked up SEO because its something I could do that I dont mind doing. I am wondering where I can move my career going forward so that I am earning more money, whilst being qualified to do the job and the steps to get there. Examples I have already thought off: SEO Analyst, Project/Product manager etc. Thanks (I am also making a post on pickup in the other category to explain my situation there)
  4. Women are attracted to nice guys, just not overly nice guys who suppress their own opinions and are fake.
  5. @Leo Gura This rule can be broken though, I've talked about science/philosophy to a 19 year old hottie for 10 mins till she reached sexual hook point.
  6. I dislike the term Incel, it's loaded with negativity. Many people who are in that group really just have mental health and self esteem issues to deal with and society shouldn't box them in and make them outsiders. When I'm struggling with women I go straight for the solutions, I never wanna be sucked into that black hole which is why I don't touch that forum.
  7. @Leo Gura Hey Leo, Do you have a list of inner game beliefs that you had when you went into the field doing pickup that you rewired your brain with? I know that it takes a huge change in mindset to approach girls and become more comfortable with yourself doing so. Thanks
  8. @Leo Gura I heard you previously mention that depersonalization disorder could be overcome? Do you have any sources or advice for someone with it?
  9. @Leo Gura Owen's ego has grown with his beard. I still like Jeffy, I bought him a beer when he was in London haha Derek is interesting. I strongly dislike Julien lol As an Asperger's case I came into the community to get a girlfriend so I found Tyler relatable but not nowadays
  10. @JohnnyBravo @Leo Gura @Carlos A lot of the new RSD content is quite negative and can make you feel quite bad if you don't have your life in order. Which no one does. I've taken the trial and error method of learning the social skills with women from RSD and left them with the anti self esteem marketing stuff they are now trying to push.
  11. Enter her mind and make her feel as though she's flying a multi-coloured unicorn shooting moonbeams
  12. I love the detail that goes into cartoons once you understand human psychology in greater depth. I feel that the only thing that prevents a girl from having sex with you right away are social, emotional and cultural norms.
  13. @Leo Gura You might like this
  14. @Leo Gura Thanks for the advice, ill try switching brands