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  1. There is no smaller or bigger in the Absolute. Zooming out from your ego has a lot of benefits,you conquerer the fear of death in the first place.
  2. @Leo Gura I doubt it will. You're just forcing love on people. Do you think that a traumatized ego will accept love? It will backfire into hate and self loathing. Do you think that an addict needs love? no.Love is useless. I'm an addict and I can confirm that it's useless, everytime when I tried to love myself I became complacent and relapse+further binged for months. What helps more is self hate and , you hate the addict you and you become something else, something better. If you love it, you won't change it, why would you? At the end of the day hate is a form of love too, at least from God's point of view I bet it is.
  3. @Loving Radiance so therefore it should include the content too.
  4. I didn't said bring the whole omniscience down to Earth,just some tiny aspects that would help humanity. okay fine I'll take the red pill (5-MEO-DMT) and wake the fuck up because I'm really tired of not understanding anything that you're talking about. You could explain in 1000 pages and still it would't make any sense. So I'll stop from asking this kind of questions and go for an ego death. @Leo Gura
  5. @Carl-Richard why? Also I'm not ask questions for survival. I don't have cancer and don't know anyone with it and don't really give a fuck if they find a cure or not. I was just asking this for the sake of Leo's far-fetched experiences with 5-MEO-DMT. Is really dissapointing to see that he claims he reached omniscience yet he doesn't say absolutely anything new besides bullshit like Love yourself more and Love cannot be forced on people. (so Love yourself is useless for me because I hate myself too much to love myself and can't do much about it because if I try to love myself more it will backfire into more hate).And this shit applies to everyone in my position so his advice is absolutely useless. Also all the secrets of the universe are still hidden although some people here reached omniscience..yet nobody talks about these secrets. this is my point.
  6. I didn't ask people do prove to me stuff. You're the people who claim to be able to access omniscience.
  7. @Rilles but that is what it means. "the state of knowing everything." If he meant something else he had to clarify it. Omniscience=knowing everything, period.
  8. What is the cure for cancer? Leo,I can hear you saying: "Love yourself even more !!!!!!!!!!!". But this won't cure the cancer. Just give us the cure,how to produce the pills/substance to cure it. You said omnisciene right? so tell us. otherwise don't bother to make such outlandish claims. ------------------------- -I am omniscient -Leo,how to do *thing that humanity didn't figured out yet"* ? - " ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ love yourself more xd" What? I am not enlighted yet and I cannot understand these things? Why does this matter at the moment? You said that you are omniscient,therefore you must know all the secrets of the universe/ you can access them. so do say please
  9. I have it for over 5 years. The most severe hellish form of it. There is no official cure. Check the subreddit r/Derealisation,it might help you.
  10. I mean it doesn't make much logical sense period. it contradicts the logic.
  11. Is using something like this safe? Also how do you 'consume' DMT anally as Leo said? Can you share some videous please? Do I need any tools or do I just put it there after I measured it?
  12. @Leo Gura Hi! You said in the second last video you said that we,humans are limited and this is why we don't have 'superpowers',we cannot change the physical reality. In order to do that we need to change our form,because this form implies limitations. Also,you said,a few videous before,that you could have destroyed the whole universe as God. Not only your Universe,as your death alone and we would still keep living. No,as everything and everyone and every single atom. So which is it? Are you limited in your Leo form or not? 99% of humans are not enlighted and a big part of them suffer a lot. This is a fact. Why is that when you on 5MeoDMT this changes to love? How can physical and emotional pain be love? I simply don't get it. Maybe is love only from God pov but from our pov it is simply not. So does God just ignores our pov? Also does praying works? Does the Godhead listens to our prayers? (I'm not a religious person,just asking).
  13. maybe he deleted it? He contradicts a lot of the things that he said in the past. And doesn't bother to clarify,he just comes with new insights. Imo he should take a break , contemplate and write some books
  14. you posted it 2 times