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  1. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj The real stuff is much different from the not real stuff. To do it correctly one must find a zen master. Zen masters are in Japan mostly, and truly. That would be living the real thing. Most things short of that won't get the job done and are just fucking around. Yogis are mostly in India of course, some never known to large populations. A few true ones here and there. Please study under one who is serious and has already been there and done that. Many teachers can help. The book Saints and Psychopaths is a good read on that issue. Do make sure homework is done and a good understanding of what it is you want is clarified within yourself. Hope this helps someone, myself include
  2. @Barna did you get the joke though:)? Fear is a great thing we find out. It HAS to be harnessed!
  3. @Barna Wow, this whole time I thought he was the dude that got it under the bodhi tree. . . : D
  4. I hope Martin comments here! It'd be hilarious.
  5. @Joshuar Truth seems so go well with honesty. Excellent plan! It'll keep ya busy doing awesome stuff.
  6. @100rockets I'm dead serious about liberation and all but have never given serious thought to salvia. It is helpful, but it's lowest on the scale. Leo has put it on his wish list, but as a very low priority. I'm probably never going to take it. I think body work will do someone better. This is all my opinion, and may not be based in reality.
  7. Salvia is the entheogen with the lowest infinity scale. It works on the ego, but not near as much as 5meo. I have no idea what im talking about though...this is only from reading. Books are important.
  8. @Azrael Wasn't talking about mixing, but as an effective system. Zen has you cease conscious thought for the release of DMT. "Think no thought." - Dogen Zenji. The dharma gate of joyful ease.
  9. Have you read Being Human by Martin? Seems like vibrating with ayahuasca or nn DMT is necessary, but dunno. Buddha, or rather Siddhartha, supposedly had a full endogenous release of DMT which was the catalyst for his enlightenment, like the man below as well. With a full endogenous release, no other entheogens are of use. The endogenous is 5meo and ayahuasca on steroids. This is what all legit buddhist traditions chase after. So when people say, "Chasing after enlightenment" like its a joke, it's actually factual, and is what the buddhist directly go after! I want to be in a position to where I have 5meo and ayahuasca on speed dial for the whole process, while doing hours of meditation going after the real thing, while doing some ancient hatha and raja yoga. What a combination. Have you tried any other forms of vibration, or ayahuasca/DMT along with 5meo? Do you have a method for getting into the nitty gritty?
  10. @Leo Gura What do the Buddhist have that the Yogis don't have? An endogenous DMT release that destroys all sense of self and belief structures? Dogen and Suzuki say the point of zen is to cease all conscious thought, and that's how my, our friend Sean Webb thinks it happens. Endogenous is supposed to be stronger, as per accounts, so let us imagine what Siddhartha experienced at the moment of his awakening. An entire flush of EVERYTHING. Then he started teaching how to do it. Therevada came about, and different schools spread eastward. Is there an account of this happening is yogic practices? I don't know. Do yogis do it without a flush, with practices just silencing the noise in the head, cleaning the body, and meditation through tons of age old techniques? Possibly. I'm just trying to get a perspective, and a look at the mechanics behind the two traditions for an attempt at dislodging inevitable fantasies. Buddhism is soooo tied in to ethics practice that it kills it for me sometimes. That's why I went straight to zen. Zen is pretty tough for the western mind. I feel westerners would be better off with Theravada type, unless actually at a zen training ground, not just pussy footing around at a get together group.
  11. @Leo Gura Does true Yoga encompass all other disciplines ya think? Seems to all point back to the Yogis.