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  1. @axiom Thank you for your kind reply and your contribution. I resonate with text, it's well written and insightful
  2. Hello, I used to be more active on the forum, but a time came some years ago that I started to shift away from trying to make things happen and started to relax more into what's actually happening. That led me to become less active on the forum. What I've been learning and having got insight in since that time, are often of topics that touch my heart and because this forum appears to me as coming more from the mind, trying to make it happen, I feel to share this as for my sense there may be/is a lot of struggle and suffering among this audience because of the approach of trying to make it all happen, figuring it all out, even though not everyone may like to admit to that. When I was trying harder, reading this, reading that, trying this practice, trying that, taking some shrooms here, contemplating some topic over there, I may have said when someone would have asked me 'the stuff your doing/learning/discovering, you feel all that is really valuable?' I may have said that it really was very valuable. That would not have been very honest, maybe a much more honest answer would have been 'If I'm really honest with myself, I'm actually not sure'. I don't wish to debate some minor technicalities (of what the most accurate language is for describing certain things) of what I'd like to say here, but when thinking about it, I come up with something like this: When you're acting from your mind, trying to make it happen, you're not being yourself. Everything you're then doing is in the end then not really you, and thus not really that relevant for you/your life. When after some point you let go more, being more of yourself, when looking back you see the 'offness' about all the stuff you busied yourself with, and know it's not really relevant for you, that also goes for all the insights you got that seem very deep to you and may really impress some other minds. Perhaps you could say that when you let go more, relaxing more into the flow of what's happening, allowing yourself to be what life has caused you to be, the topics in life that come up that bring up resistance in you, are not experienced the same way. The struggle becomes more about you, you feel better what's under the struggles. Instead of seeing certain life events as obstacles to where you want to be, you feel more what it brings up in you. You're more present with what's going on with you, and less with being focused outside. Perhaps also how you respond to life becomes more important. The things (you may learn/have insight in) that feel valuable or dear to you, is when there is a resolve of what you had previous resistance about. You're starting to learn, how to live in a way that is in alignment with what you are. I know that in my experience, I started seeing life events more as blessings of divine healing. As an example, in a situation I'm partaking in, that may feel to exhaust me after a certain period, I don't longer see the situation as troublesome. In allowing myself to be more what I am, I feel the exhaustion better, and better what was driving me to do the behavior that was exhausting, and learn a valuable lesson. In my experience, a lot of what I've been learning, could be said to be how to be more loving towards myself, or perhaps, how to be more whole. I had a feeling to share this on the forum and I could write more about it, but my gas for it feels up now so I'll leave it there.
  3. For me, Abraham Hicks' suggestions about this resonate the most. Just look for thoughts that feel better. Sometimes I would implement this method, and moved myself from states of quite some fear to being filled with the energy of like a throbbing excatasy or excitement within 10-20min. Looking for better feeling thoughts, that move you back into allignment, is one of the best discoveries I've made in this life.
  4. Thank you for the link. I don't often watch these things anymore, but this is enjoyable for me:-)
  5. Be more gentle and loving with yourself, would be one way:-)
  6. IMO better to not focus on trying to get rid of anything, but focus on what you do want/makes you feel better.
  7. Well, maybe it's cool when it starts happening, but after a while you may be like 'ya, ya, so what'. I don't think it's very beneficial to focus on these things. And when you stop focusing on it, you may see the numbers less. Better to focus on something you do prefer, and then watch what synchronicities come up about that :-)
  8. The way I understand and see things, it's very obvious for me that you're trying too hard, and thinking that you should try hard and could listen much better to your own system. How about less trying to make life happen, and more doing whatever makes you feel better, more following your own guiding system?
  9. I don't see a problem :-). You're not interested in a relationship.. so what? Maybe more than anything you're feeling a bit like this is a bad thing because you've taken on other people's judgement that a good or proper person is social and outgoing, lively, always doing interesting stuff, etc. I live in a Yoga center and for the last months I've been pretty much sitting alone here, while there is a lot of oppurtunity for me to join people. I simply feel to sit alone a lot, which is very fine. Maybe later I feel to be more social, but now I'm fine
  10. @Razard86 Thank you for that reply :-) Ohh how many times I've reminded myself to let go of all the control and to follow the flow/just being yourself/following the guidance of your higher mind. Such a simple thing, but completely overlooked by the world, even mostly in spiritual circles
  11. My thought is to not try to change or have an impact on others or the world. Which is probably coming from your mind. Instead, how about letting go of all the trying and controlling and just following the trail of well-being, excitement and joy
  12. Perhaps simply just love the one who has all these troubles ♥
  13. Abraham Hicks says a belief is a thought you keep thinking. I think that indeed might be more true than saying a belief is something you hold true.
  14. How about being more loving with yourself, perhaps see if you can get in the perspective that all you really need to feel well-being is to choose to love the one that feels bad/afraid/struggling
  15. Who cares.. just let go and relax :-)
  16. When feeling lonely, there is probably a sort of assumption that you feel that way because of who is or isn't with you. What I've found is that feeling lonely is caused by thinking thoughts that are out of whack.. A efficient way to turn things around it just to reach for better feeling thoughts about the situation. If you do, you may notice the energy within yourself shifting and feeling release when you start to find better feeling thoughts
  17. Bashar main teachings is to always follow your bliss/joy/excitement, and that it's not so much about the idea that it's about following the in general most exciting zou can come up with, but what right now, this moment, is the thing that is most exciting. Maybe it's just taking a walk, having a talk, reading a book in bed.. So if web development is something enjoyable you can do now, that is very fine. I think you´re trying harder than you need to. How about being more gentle with yourself instead of trying to make life happen. Do what makes you feel well. Don´t try to steer the boat to where you think it needs to go, let go of the oars instead and see if you can feel things clicking into place more, the more you let go and relax more
  18. @RickyFitts enjoyed that one, thank you:-) Don't have a favorite, but have come to know quite some songs that have touched my heart, here one of them: Okay, one more, both oldies they are Okay, had to put another one in that's a bit newer. All albums of Jonsi & Alex, make me drift to beautiful and deeply peaceful places. I was absolutely awestruck when I listened to the album for the first time, I came to a state of consciousness that may have even brought up some fear iirc
  19. I think you're trying harder than you need to ? How about being more gentle for yourself and relaxing more. Do things that make you feel good, do what attracts you/feels best to do in the moment, not trying to make it all happen.. I can relate to lowering the contact with technology. For me staring at a screen gives a sort of restless energy in my head, it's nice to lower the exposure to it, or to take more breaks in my case at times
  20. If you're interested in these things, perhaps check out Human Design. You can look online for a free human design chart, some websites give a free pdf with the discription of your type. I met someone some while back who introduced me to this system, and I've been quite blown away by the accuracy. I'm quite skeptical about such things, but if I'm not completely tripping it up, I would say this system has seemed to decribe my (and the design of people I know) design very well. This system or this knowledge came to the founder, Ra, in a certain week in which he heard the 'devine program' expounding all the knowledge of this system. The system outlays your personal design in great depth and you need your birthtime/birthdate to get the results. It's incredibly deep of a system, but the free accessible stuff may be enough for you.
  21. It's not so much about some specific thing being good or bad, but perhaps rather how you do it. I think if you give a sincere compliment to someone, it's often fine. I'm doing it more often to people, as a male I'm doing it to other males too (not to everyone, but those I feel appreciate it), and it's great to do. People are sensitive, if you say something kind that comes from your heart, and not from an energy that seeks approval, they may appreciate that a lot. It's an easy way to make some people feel better in their days. It makes me feel great to do it, and I pretty much only do it when I feel it's appreciated. I think, one loving and conscious way to see relationships is not as an oppurtunity to get love or fulfillment so much, but more as an oppurtunity to redefine who are you are and wish to be
  22. Just do what attracts you the most in the moment buddy, then you'll live in/from the present, otherwise you're just training tension and living from the very limited intelligence of your mind
  23. I sometimes feel loneliness too. I once heard Abraham Hicks say that feelings such as loneliness aren't caused by who is or isn't around you, but are all about you thinking thoughts that are out of allignment with your natural vibration. I couldn't hear it at that time too well, but a little later I found I could move myself from rather deep feeling of loneliness to bliss in a minute of 5/10, and such experiences changed how I relate to feelings such as loneliness. Whenever I feel lonely now, I remember to relax and know that the only thing I really got to do, is to guide myself to well-being again with my thought or awareness, or however I feel to do it. Of course, that doesn't diminish the satisfaction we can get from deeper relationships, but if you don't currently have them, perhaps the best thing is to know that guiding yourself to well-being/allignment, is what the work is all about, and perhaps all we really need to do. At the other hand, maybe some sense of (human) connection is necessary, but I doubt that's the problem here.
  24. Your life purpose is not about what you do, rather about what you choose to think/do/become as a response of what happens around you.