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  1. @Salvijus Lol, yes. Some delicious things in there for me. "So you get these calls. She says: I am washing the floor, I think I'm doing it alright. But there is this guy standing in the kitchen, he's got 8 arms, can I ask him to help me? Or would that be an insult?"
  2. Thank you for the share, am enjoying it right now
  3. Ugh, that's very comforting and nice. Thank you @Raptorsin7 :-)
  4. Ugh, I feel with you. At the moment I'm living or with my mother, or together with my father and brother. My family doesn't judge or tell me what to do that much, but to some degree. I decided to move to an ashram/center and I'll go there in approximately 1-2 weeks. A little volunteering work I then need to do, but I don't need to cook there and it allows me to relax more and have more of the sense that I'm living my own life. Just sharing that as something you could consider too if you like. if you do decide to stay with her, well, then what advice could someone give, as you probably can know better than anyone else what the path of least resistance is there. For example, just going out of the house or being in your own room more if you feel like it or such.
  5. Thank you for the beautiful read:-)
  6. character issues:D It will probably be fine
  7. I think if it feels good for you to share and help, then why not? If you're excited/happy about something that you developed, then why wouldn't there be people that can benefit from your knowledge and experience. You probably have explored and experienced quite a bit to assist people that are less advanced than you in what you like to help others with. You don't need to be all perfect of course. I started helping people on another forum to get certain insights perhaps 6 years ago, I found that very rewarding. I definitely wasn't all that mature at that point and still very much finding my way. Nevertheless, I was able to help people and that was probably good for me as well
  8. Can't relate that well to your story. From your message, I see you're comparing yourself with others, and that you might think you're not good enough when you're being in what you call rock bottom. Then if you get out of the rut, you're 'good enough'. Then you might be living from a motivation trying to become a more respectable person, and have how you feel be conditioned on how well you think of yourself and others think of you. However, what if you were to turn that around. What if you were to go through your life with the intention to give yourself all the love, understanding and acceptance that you crave? Just loving and accepting yourself more and more and to keep making more and more choices that feel good to you? Anyway, wishing you well:-)
  9. Well, some take the stance that you're not the body and mind, but the awareness/spirit/whatever. I think however a better way to see it is that you're the body, mind and spirit. Little more holistic. Although there isn't a object called body, you don't really have a physical body, as there really isn't anything physical. Just some appearances which you might create a concept of a body from. Nothing in your experience that isn't you
  10. It's not the response you've asked for, but thought to share anyway: I've got into the thought of being appreciative when coming across something that gives rise to resistance in me, because that means there is something I can heal/let go there. Not thanking the negativity itself, but the situation/opportunity.
  11. If forgiving him/them is something you tried, and it didn't work, maybe you tried the forgiveness 'out of your center'. Perhaps you tried forgiving with the intent to get your emotion away. Perhaps try to be loving and understanding with yourself (first) for what you've been through and loving the you that may still feel the pain or resentment that you may still carry. Not with the intention of getting rid of anything, but choosing to do it for giving your ego/yourself the gift of the love you crave in that area.
  12. I somewhat agree. I think meditation is great for if you feel your mind is a bit running, worrying, restless or such. You meditate and you become clearer again. Then you can go about your day. But as a transformational tool, not enough at all if it's the only thing. Perhaps that is because it's not effective at changing the way you relate to things/changing your beliefs. For that, something like living with the intention to love yourself is far far more transformative in my experience, they don't even compare.
  13. @Hello world I'm very sorry to hear that man. This physical life on earth can be hard on lots of us and very hard on some.. The whole world is a very messy place right now, lots of people who end up in very bad feeling places at this point. I know you must be feeling deep pain. I don't know what to tell you except to express that I know there is nothing wrong with you and that I feel love for you, whatever you decide to do ❤️
  14. Oh, I like that one, trying to find different character rotations/trials. Isn't that true! Sometimes you may see someone you haven't seen for a while, and notice they are trying out a different identity. It can even be a little uncomfortable like 'oh yea, you know I wasn't like this before, and you may know that I really do this in order to find fulfillment'. You can always give your own ego the love, understanding and acknowledgement it so longs for, then we may accept other egos better too
  15. Perhaps you can allow yourself to know, that everyone in this world craves to feel good, feel love. And that because they don't feel that, and don't know how to find that, they look for it in all sorts of ways. When you see someone playing a what you call a drama queen for example, you might see that they really they just long to feel good and that their behavior is a way to try to make themselves feel better. That is all the more reasons to be loving
  16. You could just make it your only intention of your life to love yourself. That's pretty much my 'approach' and I would say it's quite the same idea as following your passion, but just another way of looking at it. You know, you feel, the love that you crave for, so you can just feel what makes you feel good, that's love. For example if you feel like you're looking for confirmation or attention, you can give that to yourself. Give yourself the love, the nourishment that you are seeking/wanting to get from outside you, and give yourself the gift of your own support, your attention, your love. Self-love isn't something to force on yourself. What I like doing is I just find loving thoughts about myself when I feel some disturbance. For example, if you feel insecurity around woman, something that could work for me is perhaps putting a hand at my heart and say something like 'I know I have some insecurity in relation to speaking with woman. I've felt that way for quite some time now and it's been quite a burden to feel this way for this long. I don't exactly know why, maybe I just didn't grow up around people that really felt the love they crave, and didn't relate to me in the loving way I craved. I know though, that in order to feel well in life, I only have to love myself, and I can give that to myself. I can always choose to be loving with myself, no matter what. And I know that if I can love myself, I can be an example for others too, so this world will be healed from the old energies of anxiety and that a new energy of love can begin'. That sentence begins purposely with acknowledging and affirming how you feel in an accepting way, then gives the assurance and a sense of self-love that you might feel you crave and then even builds the energy a bit higher at the end into a bigger sense of love. Of course, you would benefit from making it your own, and finding thoughts that feel good to you. I used this method for example yesterday night when laying in bed, and I can build really great feelings of love with this method, and dissolved a lots of resistance like shame and fear. It's really powerful when done well. You can give the acceptance and nourishment you crave, to yourself as a loving gift.
  17. @zazen Yes, my thoughts also. Frankly, I've so very little contact since quite some years with people that have a more average worldview, that I have at times really wondered how people in my country think and live
  18. Well, you can always see the situation as an opportunity to release all your concerns about what everyone thinks of you. Something valuable I once heard is that when you remain in a positive state, you can get always get a/the benefit from a situation you don't prefer. If you stay in a negative state, you might only be able to perceive a negative impact from it. So why not choose to use it for your benefit. Changing/transforming how you relate to something often gives you a much better change in the quality of your life than getting what you think you want. If you want love, become love. Love yourself more for the parts of you that so yearn it. Be kind with yourself. Find better feeling thoughts than the ones you currently hold. Release the fears behind the statements you gave. You can come to experience life so much more precious than anything the world could possibly ever give you. You can start choosing to care less for the situation you're in, and more for the way you're choosing to experience the situations. The key in life is not in what you can get, but in what you can become. Choose and express thoughts that feel better, even if only a little better. Come into alignment with what resonates with you. I'd say you can turn yourself into a well of love and joy. Just takes practice.
  19. Devaluing a girl because she has sex with you on the 1st, 2nd, whatever date is very silly to me. Some silly societal thoughts there imo. If there is chemistry and you feel like it, then it seems to me great to go with that. I resonate more with the idea that neither of the parties has to fake anything or play any games. If a girl thinks or likes the idea that I have to work for something like that, I'd be very much put off. I don't want to persuade her, to 'win' her, I want it only if we both want it and that we treat each other like equals there. But who knows, maybe the guy you're dating thinks different.
  20. @Late Boomer Had to google that word. According to google: Anima 1. PSYCHOANALYSIS (in Jungian psychology) the feminine part of a man's personality. Yep, makes sense. Thanks
  21. Ah yes, that all resonates. However, I wasn't talking about the body/gender, but meant that sensitivity is more of a feminine energy. In the way that every person has both masculine and feminine energies. Like, perhaps, you could say that achieving is more of a masculine energy and receptivity and sensitivity more of a feminine one.
  22. Sure, I'm a male that's more sensitive than usual. Sensitivity can perhaps be likened to be a more feminine quality. I sometimes think of it that it may be accurate to say that someone who is highly sensitive is in general a more developed soul, at least in the feminine aspect. This world is obviously quite unhealthy bend towards masculinity, quite dense/steeped in physicality, and of course when you're more sensitive that doesn't resonate much with you. Spirituality is just a softer thing -much softer than trying to achieve success (as a materialist defines success) or such and that environment will make you suffer more- which is more in alignment with the gentler/softer nature of someone more sensitive. Those are my thoughts anyway
  23. @tolo I see, thank you for your response:-)