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  1. You seem a bit lost. JP is blue pilled. What you preach IS red pill. The problem is most people who call themselves redpill is actually MGTOW. And most people who call themselves MGTOW are incells. Feminists don't want men to work on themselves. Feminists have a variation of ideas on what men should do which stretches from genocide to all men moving to another continent. None of them have anything to do with men working on themselves. They don't want men in their lives. They don't want men in the world. Hence they push ideas like "Strong independent women don't need no man" and "Single mothers ftw!"
  2. I agree. I went from being beta male to red pilled male and my self-worth increased tenfold. I still don't experience good relationships, with anyone actually, as my autism stops me, however I learned to focus on my own self development and developed self-agency (which is really what the red pill is) and now I don't need women to feel good. I can go hike a mountain, suffer the mind telling me to turn round, that I'm not capable of summiting that mountain... I know to ignore it... I am a strong MAN I can conquer that mountain...and so I do and the endorphin rush is amazing, mind blowing, far better than sex, and no risk of losing 50% of my networth when the mountain decides to cheat on me. Yet personally I don't try and red pill people anymore. I believe in free will. If people ask, I will educate, but I won't proactively do it. And neither do a lot of red pill people. Unlike feminist BS like the original post being shoved in our faces with demands. This self agency is what makes women hate the red pill so much. When you no longer need a woman in your life to feel happy, this makes you a threat. Feminists won't be able to get away with opressing people if half the population no longer requires them. Women want men to be weak, to need them. They promote "equality" and "empowerment" but they feel threatened when man is empowered. Meanwhile when they look for a guy to have sex with, they actively seek out the "toxic" men they claim to detest. The nice, beta, men like the OP don't even get a second look until the women turn 30-40 and start looking for financial security.
  3. It's interesting how people label red pill and incel as the same thing given they are practically binary polar opposites. Then go on to judge both of them from a percieved higher status. @Shiva's signature perfectly expresses the truth if you replace the word weak with incel and the word strong with red pilled. Unfortunatly Leo if you don't listen to the likes of the OP you will start getting external pressure, so time to make this a female only forum, eh?
  4. Honestly my idea of living life to the fullest is living in some cabin in the middle of nowhere where I have to work to survive - growing crops, hunting meat if required, chopping firewood, etc. Ie no electricity and total isolation. But this is hardly practical.
  5. I'm thinking of leaving the forum too. I have been deleting my presence from everywhere lately, reddit, quora, etc. I still have Facebook but zero friends and just use it for groups but have left all of the spiritual ones too. I am thinking along the lines that spiritual discussion just leads to procrastination and confusion. That time could be better spent meditating or doing something constructive. I will be doing shrooms in Q3 of this year and I don't even think it is logical to share the psychedelic experience, because people will interpret it differently and people tend to preach what experiences mean which may or may not be accurate at all. The only thing that slightly concerns me with my further dropping out from communicating with others is that I already have zero friends, zero social activity (out of choice, in fact yesturday whilst buying food I realized how much I feel uncomfortable around humans) and by dropping out online as well is that actually healthy?
  6. I have a small set of health problem symptoms at the moment that seem to resemble a damaged vagus nerve... the nerve that goes from the head all the way through the body... I am wondering if anyone else here damaged theirs and what did you do to fix it? I'm pretty sure I damaged it doing "thoth third eye opening meditation" which is where you hum "thooooooooooooooooooooooooooth" when exhaling. Thanks
  7. I can't really explain how I turn them off or back on to a 6 year old. But basically you force yourself to either remember yourself during trauma or remember yourself from the best time of your life, and sort of allow that person to step into your life. That's the best way I can explain it. I guess it's some form of self dissasociation.
  8. Sometimes I think I am deluded so I just chill out for a bit. But I always come back to the path. I am also somewhat comforted from Oneness experiences that lead me to believe that it ultimately doesn't matter what I do or don't do. Energy never dies, it just changes.
  9. I think I have learn't most "spiritual" things from people or situations who have nothing to do with spirituality. Sometimes (like now) I just "quit" meditation and all things spiritual completely. Go completely left hand path. Materialism etc. And doing so ALWAYS seems to push me over the problematic edge I have been standing on trying to do right hand path. I think it's yin/ gotta spend as much time doing X as you do Y. If you do Y all the time you get stuck. There's a reason that in the tree of life you start in the bottom middle and the end goal is also in upper middle.... That's my experience of life anyway. I like to go on reddit tbh, make a new account and troll people, or abuse people in /r/roastme. I like to turn all my empathy for people off. Being autistic this is like an on/off switch for me. Why would I have this gift if it was not meant to be used? Then when I am ready to get back on the right hand path, I delete the account.
  10. Yeap it matches the jumper
  11. I used to do athletics (forced to) at school and after about 30 meters I would get severe lactic attack. I would love to take up running when I weigh a lot less (I would murder my ankles right now) but I am not sure I will be able to due to the lactic acid buildup. Wierdly though I can swing kettlebells for ages which is one of the hardest going exercises out there and I don't get the lactic acid thing... I noticed a severe improvement very quickly doing kettlebell swings in relation to walking. Having quit smoking (a decade of 20 a day) I could barely walk a mile when I started, just 3 weeks of daily KB swings (and not many because it is REALLY hard cardio) I was walking 3 miles, then 6, then 9... so on. If you aren't doing KB swings I really recommend you look into them especially if you enjoy running. They are cardio but also like doing weights too especially if you swing a heavier bell, as you use your hip flexors and core to do it, not your arms. Then there's snatches, turkish getups, heavier bells, etc...amazing cheatcode.
  12. Not out of stock on the UK site. It all comes from their distribution centre in the Netherlands, so just give them a call... Edit: the best forum I have found for sourcing high quality supplements as well as debating the science behind it is "longecity" they are a community with a focus on "immortality", lol.
  13. Very nice inspiration. I weigh 325lb and I am trying to get to 225lb by next July. But I am 6'8. 225lb is just my guess as to what I need to be with sub 10% bodyfat because I look good at 260lb tbh. I hate how I currently look even though I know it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things.
  14. I would only buy it from Oriveda. Which is where I buy all my mushroom from.