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  1. Hello, I've been practicing Kriya Yoga for only a few weeks. However, I've noticed some noticeable benefits, I noticed I don't want to consume porn or masturbate nearly as much as I use to. Did anyone else go through this, is it temporary or does it last? I'm not complaining at all, was just curious if anyone else went through this as well. Thanks, Sukh
  2. I like both theories, second one feels like a big possibility. Thanks for your input, its nice to come to the forum and hear out more experienced people speak on the topic!
  3. Severe anger issues Manipulative Judging Gossip Trying to push other people to grow in a toxic way, ignoring my own journey many more that don’t come to mind right now
  4. I found mine through volunteering, try finding an area you may be interested in then volunteer in it. Most convenient way of finding which work place you want to spend your life in.
  5. For me personally, I volunteered in multiple places. The places I enjoyed volunteering the most, I of course was also successful at them. Then I reflected, how was I successful in those experiences? I observed what came up. For example, I volunteered as a teaching assistant. Through that, I found I am very skilled with children, communication, assisting others, expression, leading by example, etc. Try it out! Good luck, its a process.
  6. One tip; never ask questions that can be answered with a yes or no. Always ask open ended questions, and try to relate to them.
  7. Thank you everyone for your input, it is greatly appreciated. I stopped doing kriya yoga 3 days ago hopefully I get better. @korbes I am currently on vacation in India, I’ll go back home to Canada later this week and I’ll double check the book and let you know which exercises I am doing.
  8. I’ve been doing Kriya Yoga for 3 months every morning and it was nice at the beginning but now it’s getting scary. At first, I started having out of body experiences, I was having mystical experiences basically everyday for a few weeks. But then everything fell apart. Lately I’ve been having extreme suicidal thoughts, hyper horniness, hyper anger, and just dark thoughts. Has anyone else here experienced anything like this? I’m thinking of taking a break because this is too much.
  9. @Salvijus Well whatever it is, it is driving me crazy literally. I’m scared I’m gonna be like this forever
  10. @nistake possibly, I feel the dark side of meditation video applies moreso. If I keep doing Kriya Yoga I feel almost sure that I will harm myself. Maybe as an ego I am way too immature at the moment to take on Kriya Yoga
  11. @nistake I’ve had issues with depression but nothing like this. I’ve lost all meaning in life it kinda feels like dark night of the soul in a sense. Everything feels like it has no meaning and therefor I feel like its just never ending suffering, I’ve even had very strange day dreaming which I could never had imagined
  12. @Salvijus thanks, I too think I’m not ready. @OmniYoga Just the first 4-5 exercises they teach and Kriya Pranama, my practice is around 13 minutes. My life is just getting out of hand, I can’t make sense of a lot of things anymore. Its becoming hard to even function without losing my mind. I think I bite off more than I can chew.
  13. Hey guys, I'm curious to know how you guys deal with your deepest egoic drives. For me, my biggest egoic drive is power over women through relationships and social status. I'm keen on seeing how people deal with their egoic drives so I can deal with mine as well in a more healthy manner.
  14. @DrewNows For me, I noticed I've always chased relationships. I always made sure the girl was super attractive so I could have other people envy me. This gave me a sense of power and status. Similar to how rich people show off their wealth through cars and houses, I showed my status off through my girlfriend. I also would manipulate the girl I was dating so I could have power over her. I loved having power over my partners, and when I got bored of it, I'd dump the girlfriend and go chase another one to repeat the cycle.
  15. Peter Ralston goes in depth on this topic in his book, great read.
  16. goodluck bro, always loved your advice
  17. @Peo Also worth noting, the book used for Kriya Yoga is found on Leo's personal book list.
  18. @Dan Arnautu This. We live in fantasies that are very unrealistic.
  19. I experienced this directly in my last relationship. It is just you being insecure about yourself. I hated that my ex girlfriend had an ex boyfriend and it was an issue for some months. Just remember, whatever girl you meet, she had a life before she met you. She wasn't stored away in some facility abstaining from sexual acts just to save herself for you.
  20. @Leo Gura would focusing on your hand as you spoke about, count as a concentration practice?
  21. Hi guys, I noticed that some Yogis even though some that are enlightened, preach religion. For example, this Yogi I went to talks about everything Leo talks about, no self, enlightenment, unconditional love, etc. But he also told me that I should be repeating religious mantras, regardless of which religion it is. He believes that religion is essential for spiritual development. Anyone care to comment on this?
  22. @ground Yeah thats true, mantras can have a positive effect
  23. @Leo Gura That makes a whole lot more sense now. It's pretty interesting that someone can be stage turquoise spiritually, but stage blue cognitivley. @ground He never once said he was enlightened, I spent a few days with him and he reminded me a lot of other enlightened teachers. He also possesses mystic abilities, he was able to pin point important life events of mine which in no way he could have had knowledge about. He also did the same for other people who attended his meditation session which he did for free.