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  1. Yesterday, right before going to bed I had a epiphany. I’d just finished reading by book on Aura, and ended my day watching Ted talk videos. I went to bed, reflecting. Shut mt eyes. I suddenly pay attention to this weird sensation travelling up my body. I noticed this electrical sensation all over my spine, feet and hands. It wasn’t very intense, but felt like something was crawling up my body. Uncomfortable. However the feeling in my hand was kinda intense, my thumb kept twitching uncontrollably. I reassured myself with good thoughts. I think the exercises to see auras have really required a lot of my energy. So I assumed I was just feeling excess energy from those exercises. As I was going to bed, I had a sudden thought of something. And before I knew it, my entire scalp and the area right behind my forhead, was burning. I mean, a itense painful burn! It lasted for a good while, and electricity kept running down my spine. I felt too scared to sleep, and was trying to resist whatever was happenig. I did some research once I realized this sensation wasn’t going away. And apperantly this could be my Crown Chakra activating. ? I’m also more sensitive to sounds and lights, suddenly. Like I’m not sure if I’m going crazy or if my hearing ability has just increased. So intensly. I also see geometrical patterns and a red color whenever I close my eyes. I don’t see black anymore. My dreams are vivid, weird, random and I remember them. And I have floaters all over my vision as well. All of this is happening to me, so spontaneously. I’m curious, is this a sign of awakening? Or should I seek medical help? .. potentially a mental institution? Has anyone else experienced this? I had no intentions in activating my Crown chakra. I dived deeper than I intended. And now I’m stuck with this intense burning scalp, electrical sensation through my body, sensitivity to hearing, light and smelling. Not to mention my light bulb in my room keeps flickering everytime I feel electrical shock, or my mind is being electrically stimulated. One of the bulbs doesn’t work anymore. I’ve also seen synchronicity as of lately. Especially 3:32 and 11:11. This is currently the only thing giving me comfort, as I know my guardian angels are with me. ? I was supposed to go outside today, but decided to stay indoors due to this. I honestly feel like a freak. Is this what being concious feels like? Help.
  2. It depends on what topic you are interested in. I’m currently reading “Aura Advantage” by Cynthia Sue Larson, and altering between reading this book and listening to the audio of “How To Clairvoyant Aura Read” by James David Rockefeller. I’m reading this book so I can activate my synesthetic abilities. If you’re on a similar mission, I would advice looking into it! ✨ I’m fairly new in understanding this whole concept of synesthesia and visualizing the colors of the auras. I can feel auras, but I sadly can’t see them. I started reading a while ago, and I read for around 1hr a day. It also gives you great exercises you can do to activate your ability. ?
  3. I really think you are one. Hopefully you’ll make great use of it. And I very much advice you to ditch your medication, unless it is for some other reasons as well. You are this way for a reason, and I hope you find what that reason is! Good luck ✨
  4. Yeah, I’m aware of that. Thanks for pointing it out. I try to not label myself as such, but I also want to bring some sort of an awarness. It can be used for good in this world, and I truly believe that to be the sole purpose of this ‘ability’. I think it’s more of a gift than it is a curse. However, being sensitive is considered a rather negative trait in our society. So much so people might try to medicate and change you for it. Which is the unfortunate case in his situation. What he choose to do with this possible ‘realization’ is really and truly up to him. I hope he finds solice in it. And I also hope he embrace it, and ditch the medication. Even tho I am aware (deep down) that you’ll probably never be a 100% comfortable with having this quality about yourself. You just gotta make the best of it, and ask the universe for guidance.
  5. I’m glad to have contributed to something. You’re strong and beautiful, and I’m hopeful you can overcome your social anxiety one day. It took me a long time to realize what the cause and the root of my anxiety was. It’s not something you can do overnight, unfortunately. And it requires honesty, time and a humble mind. I definitely would advice looking into being an empath, and if it resonates with you, you can uncover a lot about yourself. ✨ Wishing you the best of luck. Stay strong ??
  6. I can only speak for myself. Being an empath to me, means you feel emotions on a deeper level. More than your own emotions, you feel the emotions of others. This usually transcend humans, and will include animals & every living thing. Your entire life revolves around and is heavily dependent on others well-being. Since you’re not only sensitive but you also have strong intuition. You can walk into any public space, and you feel everyones emotions. For others, everybody seems to be fine and everything is seemingly ‘normal’/‘great’. But you sense how most are stressed, not happy and some even depressed. You take it all on, as if it’s your own emotions you are experiencing. You also notice the small shifts in emotions around you, and because peoples emotions are constantly shifting, so is your mood when around people. It can be very exhausting to be honest. You devolpe social anxiety as a result of this. You also need to constantly take a break from social situations, and just recharge. If not, you’ll never really know your own emotions as you’re carrying fragments of different peoples aura around you constantly. You’re also gonna have some form of a emotional breakdown if you don’t recharge. So it’s essential for every empath to recharge every so often. You’re also more likely to attract narcissists and other negative people in your life (as people consciously or subconsciously can sense other peoples aura). So the forces of darkness in this world might find themselves attracted to you and your light. Most empaths experience a lot of darkness in their lives, especially growing up. There is more to being an empath than I can cover. Hope this gave you some clearity! ?
  7. Hi , fellow empath! ?? I’m so happy for this realization of yours! I’m a empath myself, and I was on the verge of being prescribed medications as well. I don’t think this world fully gets how we function. There is nothing wrong with having heightened sensitivity. In fact it makes us closer to the spiritual realm. Being an empath is however extremely difficult, and I’m still uncovering and learning how to deal with it. For one, you absorb everyones emotional energy/aura. Social anxiety and mood swings will probably be a natural result of this. It can also make socialization difficult, because you have strong intuition and can usually tell what people are feeling or thinking, without them expressing it. Not to mention you attract a lot of narcissists and emotionally detatched people in your life. You also become subjected to horrible treatment in life, as forces of darkness will try to steal your light, constantly. Not to mention, you never really fit the mold. However, there are wonderful aspects to being an empath: 1. Most empaths are said to have a greater life mission on earth. One of them include being a so-called “lightworker”. You can use your empathic and intuitive abilities to shed light on a rather dark world. You’re also a natural born healer. You can help others, and teach the way of love by example. If you learn how to controll your social anxiety and sensitivity, you can honestly make such a great impact on this world! 2. There are also many ways you can deal with your social anxiety, and there’s plenty of videos available. Biggest lesson being “knowing when to withdraw from social settings and to recharge”. You should say farewell to your medications, and start embracing being a empath! Honestly, this world would be such a ugly place without you and the light you bring. I hope you take advantage of you’re gift. And know that you are indeed awsome! Good luck ?
  8. Why can’t you channel this suffering through emotions? Is it due to fear of being vulnerable? You have to keep in mind that lonliness is a illusion. It’s a hard concept for us to grasp. In reality, we are all connected and not being able to feel this connectedness is what gives rise to feeling seperate and lonley. Maybe it’s something within you that is missing? I would advice meditation. Once you feel at ease with yourself, everything will align itself in life. Going to strip clubs sounds like a form of escapism. Try to figure out what it is you’re escaping. I think it could be fear of vulnerability and emotional transparency. Just my two cents. Good luck! ?
  9. I’m the complete opposite of you, haha. I’ve always had rather tomboyish tendencies growing, but was constantly told to be more like mother and my sisters. Over time I noticed myself becoming more and more feminine. I’m by far the most feminine (in terms of how I act) out of all my friends. However, it’s all surface level. It doesn’t go beyond how I talk, walk and look. In fact I have the least amount of feminine interests and traits out of all my friends, and I’m always learning new things by conversing and observing them. Most of my interests are rather on the masculine side. And I uncovered through astrology that I have a ratio of 6/4 in terms of masculine/feminine traits. I don’t mind that my masculinity isn’t as visible. It usually takes people by surprise, and it adds more depth to my persona. I don’t think you always have to convey how you feel outwardly either. Yes, sometimes it can be good to appear to others in a manner that is consistent with your personality. It may also reduce disappointments later on in life. But it’s also great to be unpredictable and complex. Be proud of your many layers. If you want to increase your feminine energy, I would recommend watching videos addressing ‘Devine feminine energy’. My favorite youtubers in this field is by far Candice Oneida and Isabel Palacios. I recommend checking out their content. Grant it, most of these focus on inward feminine energy rather than outward feminity. Feminine energy is also highly linked to creativity. So try to be more creative in life. This may also include how you express yourself outwardly. Owning your sexuality is also a big key to unlocking your true femininity. Let go of all shame and guilt, and just free yourself. Unlocking your 2, 4 and 6 chakra can also increase your feminine energy. Good luck! ?
  10. No problem dear! ✨
  11. Much of it is already mentioned, but forgiveness and gratitude is the answer! Forgive yourself and others. With every hardships, there are valuable lessons to learn. So try to find gratitude instead of bitterness. ? Forgive yourself. You made no mistake, because at that moment you took the best desicion you could make, considering your current state of mind. Reflecting upon it later, you may feel like it wasn’t the best decision, which shows personal growth. Learning from your actions is always a blessing, and growing is what we came here on earth to do. So forgive yourself, cus you didn’t know any better. And be grateful, because now you do. Through this experience, you accumulated some new knowledge. ? Forgive others. Harnessing negative emotions such as bitterness, will ultimately harm no one else but you. Your emotions have a significant effect on your body, psyche and overall well-being. It also has a tremendous effect on the world you live in, as you are transmitting low frequency energy out into the universe. As a result, you might attract negative things, or low frequency people in your life. Forgive others, as it will only hurt you in the long run. Be grateful because you have due to this incident, ended a toxic friendship that was never benefiting/serving you. Which in return gives you more room and time to heal, and create new connections with other people. This ‘mistake’ might also turn out not to be a mistake afterall. You’d be surprised where the universe can take you when you least expect it. As long as your mind and heart is open, anything is still possible and can be manifested. Good luck.
  12. Hi, pretty girl! Reading that made me feel a sense of sadness, but also comfort , as it’s extremly helpful to know that we are not alone in this struggle. I command you for your bravery, as your vulnerability can help others in the same situation as you. ?? I’m also struggling with social anxiety, and I really feel for you and everyone else struggling. Mine was caused by a combination of being insecure, needing validation and being highly sensitive/strong emotional intuition. I’d say that in the last two years I have slowly been able to increase my confidence and become less insecure. Leaving my small town that was limiting me, and embarking on a new journey was definitely the key factor for me. It showed me how much bigger the world is, and that my past doesn’t have to define me. I’ve also learned to love and embrace my quirkiness. I’d go as far as to say it’s my favorite part about me. I think many of the things I struggled with was linked to my childhood and being bullied as a kid (both in school by a bunch of meangirls, and at home by my narcissistic father). However, I still have my days as a adult female, and it’s a continuous battle I have to fight. The one aspect that I found the hardest to overcome, was my sensitivy. And I’ve just recently been able to slowly overcome it (these past two weeks). I’m a empath. And as a result I’m a highly sensitive person, especially towards other peoples emotional energy. I can absorb and soak everyones emotions, whenever I enter a public place. Even without paying attention to them. In most instances this leads to social anxiety, because most people are in a constant negative state of mind. It also makes you feel weird and out of place. Like I can totally be at peace within the comfort of my own home, and once I step outside I absorb everyones stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, etc. It can be overwhelming, and as a result I need to recharge and just avoid human interraction for a while. I’m therefor a natural homebody. You may be able to relate, as many people who are empaths deal with social anxiety. Many don’t even realize that they are indeed empaths, and this third dimentional matrix can be very overwhelming for us. What I found to be helpful, was spirtuality! I realized I have a gift to sense peoples emotions, and that I shouldn’t fear it. I’m learning how to live through my heart, as this is a state of being that is full of abundance and is not limited by fear. I’m currently learning different ways to : unlock my 4th chakra, how to constantly be intune with my heart, and how to send strong vibrations through my heart. (Our heart sends out the biggest energy frequency out of all our organs, and can send frequency 1000x stronger than that of the brain. Learning how to activate your heart chakra can really help a emphat fulfill their life mission on earth!) So now when I enter a public place, I try to actively change the emotion in the room by sending vibrations of love. And it has helped tremendously. Althought emotions are unsteady and fluctuate, I manage to usually be able to cotroll the emotions in the room through my heart. And my vibration can be felt through long distances, as the hearts frequency can be felt from afar. I’ve noticed that my well being and happiness is highly linked to others well being and happiness. It’s the gift and the curse of a empath. I’m just now learning how to unlock it’s secret. ? I hope this is any ways helpful, and I wish you all the best in your journey! Don’t allow your mind to restrict you and cause you a life of fear. This world is honestly too beautiful for us to be living in a state of limitation, fear and untrust. Astrology, Spirtuality, and Neuroscience honestly helped me look at this world in a much clearer sense. To know what your life purpose is (your karmic lesson), can help you let go some of that social anxiety. Sending lots of love, and may this 2019 be the year to unlock your true potential! ??✨
  13. I’m not sure about «traits», but in terms of energy we have «masculine energy» and «feminine energy» in this world. It’s what energy is divided into, and works like the ying and yang balance of this planet. Considering we are all energetic beings; we all have feminine & masculine energy. These are concepts that describe us as humans, and perhaps this is what people allude to when they say “feminine“ and “masculine” traits? Some have a heavier dose of masculine energy, and some feminine energy. In our current society, most of us (men and women) have more masculine energy, due to our material world being masculine. Masculine energy is outward energy, and is heavily linked to ‘taking action’. It is associated with the odd chakras: 1,3 and 5 chakra. It’s goal oriented, structural, and logical. It is connected to the idea of building, creating and even hunting. It’s also very individual , and works alone. It’s goal is to reach a level of material success and to build. It’s also giving, which is the opposite of feminine energy, which is receptive. Most of us are very well aware of our masculine energy, because we use it in our day to day life in order to survive this matrix. The material world we live in is built on masculine energy, and you need to be in your masculine energy to reach it’s highest potential. We have been exposed to our masculine energy since primary school. And our whole education system and worklife revolves around it. ~ Feminine energy is rarely spoken of, and is usually ignored in our material world. This has to do with the fact that it’s inward, and therefor doesn’t yield results that is considered useful for a material world. It is however, heavily linked to spirtualism. Feminine energy is inward (notice the way these energy work, and how it connects to the each genders genitalia). Feminine energy is linked to the even chakras: 2, 4 and 6. This energy is about your inward body, and what it can do, rather than the outward body and what it can do. It is connected to your emotions. It is intuitive, emotional, nurturing, authentic, loving, receptive, emphatic, pleasure seeking, creative and sharing. It is guided by the heart, the womb and the genitalia. It’s lead by love, and is not bound by fear. This energy is all about being able to go with the flow, and does not follow structure. This energy can be used when doing anything from creating a piece of artwork, to decorating your house. It’s highly creative, whereas masculine energy is logical. It is also linked to intimacy, and feminine energy is full of sexual vitality. It’s receptive and selfless. It’s the part of us we usually neglect, as it’s considered insignificant in our material world. You might even get punished for it some parts of society. Like how showing your emotions in school can lead to suspention or being considered “weak”. Feminine energy doesn’t work in a individual way either, but rather in a collective way. It reaches it’s ultimate potential through collective efforts. Meanwhile masculine energy is about individual tasks, where success is rewarded individually for everyones individual efforts. Hence why masculine energy is also very competitive, meanwhile feminine energy is about everyone working as one to reach higher potential. Think about nature (nature is feminine.) How all the trees and the entire ecosystem works together in unity. It’s also where the idea of humans being ‘connected’ and ‘one’, in terms of spirtuality, comes from. It’s our feminine energy that is connected, and our feminine energy is our spirtual energy. Our planet is also feminine. Which is why this overload of masculine energy that we have in this world can be dangerous for our enviroment. Because masculine energy is self-oriented, it only serves us. The rest of our ecosystem couldn’t care less about our technological advancements. Being spirtual awake activates our feminine energy, and can help us be energetically balanced. Since both energy is good and useful. Most men and women in todays society have more more masculine energy, because this is what our material world revolves around..?
  14. Lack of shallowness. I’ve noticed that what keeps many spirtual people stuck in this matrix is their lack of being able to let go of shallowness. Someones flesh is the least significant part of their being.