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  1. @mandyjw I appreciate your input. I will check out the book.
  2. @modmyth @bejapuskas I appreciate all your input guys. You have given me a basis to work on.
  3. @soos_mite_ah Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I believe the people in this forum will have a version of how they integrate SD into the education of their own children. It`s just that we are a small number compare to the blue and orange parents out there who send their kids to school so that they can go to work. My questions fall along the lines of helping other people`s kids, who I believe have hints of green and yellow in them (I remember crying when I was around 5 seeing a beggar in the street) but did not have the opportunity to actualize those stages. Maybe their parents or schools tell them to study hard so they can go to college so they don`t end up in the streets when they`re older. What can teachers, educators or legislators do to help shift schools from orange/blue to green and above so those kids don`t get left behind? Another aspect is that kids are social creatures and very malleable so they are gonna learn from peers at school and risk falling down the spiral if not enough kids are in the same stage. I suppose they need long-lasting "allies" from a very young age, comrades to ward off the devilry of the lower stages so they don`t have to wait till college to start something significant. It`s a tough ask so I don`t expect straight forward answers.
  4. @bejapuskas Kids are hyperactive so it`s really hard to force them to sit still and contemplate for long periods of time, we can`t even do it ourselves. I think one of the ways to integrate meditation into the curriculum is after a play session when kids have exerted some of their energy. Small kids can just start for 5 minutes in silence and think about whatever. As the years progress longer durations with intended purposes can be introduced.
  5. @Amit He did have a video about raising kids, totally forgot that.
  6. Lockdown hair
  7. @Leo Gura Why is there so much talk about attracting women and sexuality lately when we can`t go outside and practice it due to Covid Restrictions? For me personally I`ll wait till there`s a vaccine before feeling comfortable meeting a stranger. Anything between now and then is just mental masturbation besides the actual masturbation
  8. @bejapuskas I believe Vietnam has moved away from communism with little violence albeit the regime is still branded communism. I mean people are free to do pretty much what ever they want except from having political debates. So there will be no uprising to overthrow the government anytime soon. Hence change will have to come from educating our young, so that the conscious few being taught today can affect change should they somehow become government officials in the future. We need a few Bernie Sanders in Vietnam.
  9. @Max_V Were you in solid green all the way into adulthood or do you sometimes fall back into orange and lower? How much do you think schooling contributes to you being at your current stage?
  10. @bejapuskas I don`t remember much the particulars of the subjects but still remember the political indoctrination. Like the pledge of allegiance American kids have to make every once in a while, We had to sing the national anthem and pledge our allegiance to the Communist Party and Great Uncle Ho`s vision every Monday. I believed all that until and I came to Australia at 16 and was exposed Western to capitalism and democracy. Funny enough I attended a class that tried to indoctrinate me the other way around by teachers who were boat people fleeing from Vietnam after the war. It`s like a fundamentalist Christian learning that Jesus was a rapist. Since the Communist Party in Vietnam is doing an amazing job in containing Covid 19, nationalism is gaining traction in Vietnam again, people like me who are struggling to consolidate orange in first world countries are ridiculed for turning out backs on the motherland. If my indoctrination was a little stronger, I might pack up stuff and go back to Vietnam, residing to the comfort of blue/orange while missing the opportunity to move up the spiral.
  11. @Parththakkar12 When I was a child, I sometimes had this sensations of stepping outside my ego. Asking myself questions like why I am I this person? Why is it only "me" that I`m perceiving? Those were fleeting moments before I was caught up with maya again. I wish little me had actualized.org back then to explore these concepts.
  12. Pretty sure that`s the only way we learn though. I believe you`re talking about dysfunctional methods for today`s standards like physical violence. There`s a saying in my country that goes like "If you love your kids, you give them beatings; if hate them, you give affections"
  13. @bejapuskas It`s really inspiring to see schools like these around the world. But the minimum age requirement is 16 so basically pre-college. I wonder if there`s a system that starts with grades school? Or maybe the founders already figured out that you are only ready for green and above after a certain age.
  14. @Max_V What aspects of liberal schooling were being taught in your school? LGBT awareness, racial awareness, environmental awareness? Were these in conflicts with say your family`s values? The reason I`m asking is because kids can come home and tell their conservative parents about these things and then the curriculum may be reversed back to orange or blue. @Leo Gura I was taught sex-ed around 5th grade too and I mostly received blue education. What sorts of sex-ed are we talking about? Not pumping out babies in your teens because it will ruin your life or it`s ok to make love as long as we`re doing it responsibly. Do you guys think people have to live through the struggle of tier 1 first then develop big picture understanding of tier 2? Can tier 2 be facilitated in children so they can be spared from having to deprogram from the devilry of tier 1?