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  1. Only Nevada is left for Biden to win. I am from Hungary, here we have illiberal anti-democracy state, we don't even have a chance to change it in the upcoming 15-20 years. Most people here are massively stage blue and lack common sense... Even having republicans here would be a massive step ahead for this country. So I am really praying for you to have a more conscious government in the USA, at least you have a chance to make it happen...
  2. Why do girls get into relationships with guys like this? Filter out the needy ones
  3. I love how some people in this thread think they are experts in this topic just because they are self-actualizing. Be more empathic and do your research...
  4. Spank her, choke her, fuck her properly, insert your finger into her ass while in doggy. Be super dominant and unapologetic. You are being too soft probably. See how it goes. Give her multiple orgasms through her clit and fingering first. Do some random crazy shit. Bring that masculine dominant energy. Not just into the bed. Sorry for the language. Being an asshole doesnt equal being dominant. When she says STOP, you stop. But only when she really means it... Good luck buddy
  5. I hope Bernie wins in the USA. Seems to be the most conscious one out there.
  6. Okay, thanks for the reply. I am a total unconscious noob as I never did psychedelics so I'm not biased. I watch both of you and I was just curious based on what you think he is flawed
  7. How do you know he doesn't understand?
  8. https://youtu.be/tXlXZ_zSCT4 Starting from 4:00 mark. Yeah it's funny but see the actual wisdom presented.
  9. How our mind vs our body relates / reacts to fear? Is fear created & stored in the mind and forwards it to the body, so then our body reacts and we feel it? Why do we fear unneccessarily? Are we not evolved enough to fear only in real life-death situations?
  10. 14637.2642 Hz. Calculated by scientists. Moo
  11. "Truly love" - the odds are: that's not true. Don't be needy, let her miss you so she can come back. Learn about red pill, it has a lot of truth about women and their nature. But dont make it your ideology please...
  12. Omg thank you!!