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  1. The question(s) of "How do I do pickup in a non-manipulative way?", "How can I be authentic while doing pickup?", "What's the Stage Green/Yellow way of doing pickup?" are possibly some of the most frequently asked questions on this subforum and with good reason... You don't usually see interactions with women on the street coming from a less-manipulative, healthier, Greener way, however the following video (in my opinion) proves, that it's possible! I absolutely love it, just listen to every single word he says... If you're doing pickup and you sometimes feel guilty of being manipulative, you can just gradually try and embody his attitude and counterintuitively, your results are going to be possibly greater!
  2. Can anyone recommend me some videos on YouTube/albums that you guys are listening to while meditating? I've just started listening to these today and I'm trying to figure out which ones are worth listening to.
  3. Okay, so it's been 3 days this has been going on and as soon as I want to meditate and deliberately focus on the present moment my body just goes crazy. I know that obviously the best way to deal with this would be to surrender to it, however it twists my neck and spins my head around to the point that I'm physically in pain and have to attempt to stop it and gain control of it. How could this stop? Should I just suck it up and somehow try and surrender regardless the physical pain or do I take some time off from meditation and trust that it'll leave my body eventually? Any alternatives maybe? Also I'm hoping there's some huge growth happening on the other side, because this is the type of shit you see people doing on holotropic breathwork retreats and psychedelic retreats. Luckily this doesn't happen during daily life activities, but only during meditation so that's good at least.
  4. Yeah it was, but I eventually built up to an hour. I'm planning to write a "year after" report next April as I'm pretty much doing it on a daily basis these days and it's beyond belief how effective this technique is. Also I still haven't defeated this sucker, I'll have another go tonight and surrender to it fully whatever happens.
  5. It's okay, it passed! I surrendered like a champ. Man, that was the toughest spiritual experience I've ever had. It kept going on for nearly 4 hours and I could've easily vomited every second.
  6. Lately I've been bumping up my meditation/shamanic breathing practices to more intense durations and yesterday evening just as I was about to finish my 60 minute session I lost control of my body and it started behaving on it's own term much like what you see during holotropic breathwork retreats. This morning I laid down to do a shamanic breathing session of 60 minutes and the same shit started happening to me. As the session finished I kind of got back to normal. Then a few hours later I sat down to do my 60 minute meditation practice and immediately my body was doing the same stuff. I do have very mild ADHD, I was one of those kids who couldn't sit still, however it's not nearly as worse as it could be. I'm wondering if that's the demon wanting to leave my body. Anyway, do I surrender to this sucker and let it leave my body or is there any further action that needs to be taken? Also, I'd appreciate if @Leo Gura gave some insight into this as well, since this is no ordinary stuff.
  7. Unfortunately I've been dealing with huge jealousy issues during the past 6 years. I've been consistently doing Shamanic Breathing ever since Leo put up the video in order to cure those, my self-esteem issues and some bullying related shit as well. While I'm definitely noticing improvements, especially these days, those jealousy issues have increased a lot during the past week and they're coming back big time to the point that just when I think I'm over them, I realise that they're coming along for the ride making sure we don't part ways and I'm depressed as fuck because I'm not sure whether I'm going through an ego backlash or I'm wasting my time using a technique that was not intended to target what I want to demolish. I don't know whether anything has actually improved and if I should use a different technique for dealing with them. Also regarding Shamanic Breathing, I'm not just doing it in a fluffy way, I'm actually going at it on a 4-5-time-a-week basis doing one hour sessions each occasion, yet I'm feeling like my results in general haven't been as great as I hoped. What's the verdict in general, when it comes to jealousy issues? Is it great that I'm using Shamanic Breathing in hopes to nuke all that shit, and I'm just overreacting due to the ego backlash or should I rather take the contemplative route when it comes to stuff like that? As always, thanks for the replies in advance!
  8. The episode where @Leo Gura mentions the marathon monks recently came into my mind and I started wondering whether some of these high-intensity cardiovascular exercises, such as running have any spiritual purification/consciousness raising attributes to them. I have a long-distance running practice that serves as a way of maintaining my fitness level that I do 3-4 times a week, however I can't help but notice the after effects of arriving home from a run. I would often times sit down to listen to some music straight after finishing my session and notice that my skin feels very alive/fresh and also that my body is free of any toxic/pent up emotions for roughly 1 to 3 hours. Obviously, we all know this phenomenon very well as the "runner's high". My experiences after a high intensity long distance running session are very similar to how I feel after finishing my meditation practice, however I'm back into full ego-mode much earlier than with running. Out of the non-psychedelic consciousness raising techniques I'm practicing at the moment only shamanic breathing comes close to this feeling of completeness in my body after finishing the session itself, which is a very powerful tool in itself that I owe a lot to. Also, it's interesting to note that running itself was one of the core principles of the marathon monks' method of raising their level of consciousness/attaining enlightenment alongside meditation, which leads me to believe that there's probably some validity to think that it's definitely a highly beneficial technique. While I'm aware that running (or any high-intensity cardiovascular training exercise as a matter of fact) are mainly beneficial and related to the domain of fitness and shouldn't be used as a crutch in hopes of achieving higher levels of consciousness, I can't help but wonder if there's some overlapping with spirituality as well. Also, are there any consciousness raising/emotional healing practices/exercises that are related to fitness as well from a Yellow or Turquoise perspective? I'm aware that we have Hatha Yoga as an answer to that question, which is mainly a Green exercise, however as I understand, it's not very effective for the outcomes/results we are striving for here. There are quote a few known techniques mentioned here and in Leo's videos, which are obviously life transforming, however I wonder why none of them are physical.
  9. Also if you decide not to record or upload anything that happens during these meetings onto your main channel, I can definitely understand that, however if possible, I personally (and hope many other people as well) would appreciate if you at least uploaded one or two vlogs onto the blog similarly to when you documented your Hawaii retreats and stuff like that. Just so that people can have a bit of an understanding regarding what's happening, so that in the future people who were first hesitant to attend can this way clearly decide whether they want to come or not. I'm guessing this will also be able to be judged by the reviews people are going to write here, however still, a vlog or two wouldn't hurt and I'm pretty sure the people who attend wouldn't mind, however for that I think you'd have to make a poll to see whether your attendees are comfortable enough to be part of a vlog like that. I know this is a bit further away and not your first concern yet considering you haven't even begun yet, but as someone, who's from Europe and can't attend and travel to any of the locations during these three phases, it would be cool to have at least some insight into what to expect.
  10. Hi there. Yes, I did two more retreats after the one I posted my insights about, however since the post wasn't too popular I didn't really bother sharing them. My stance hasn't changed on the technique, it's fantastic! I put the technique on hold for a while, because during the end of my last retreat I wasn't experiencing anything serious happening and also in a sense I'm having an ego backlash right about now. It's safe to say that these sessions and retreats have produced enough growth that many of the emotional and psyhological issues I had (and still have in a sense), while they haven't fully been worked through I definitely feel authenticity being unleashed and also the deeper issues which while as I said before, didn't get fully resolved are definitely much easier to resolve right now and I'm much more comfortable with them, I'm not too resistant towards them. In a sense I guess you could say that the wall has been demolished and now the work can begin. Also I'm experiencing great shifts in my consciousness to the point where I'm facing a similar decision in my life which Leo describes the following video: I can also see flaws in the way I was thinking just a year before, which is another sign of real growth happening for me. Also my meditatioon after the retreat has deepened a lot as well, I even had a mini enlightenment experience after waking up one morning for a mere 5 seconds, where I realized I was everything, however my ego kicked back in pretty shortly. All in all the technique is pretty amazing, I'm looking forward to getting back to it in a few weeks time, I'm taking a little break from it for a while.
  11. Does Bruce Lee exhibit some Blue qualities among his Purple peers?
  12. Actually swallow the saliva, it's fine! I've done several retreats using solely this technique and swallowing is actually OK, contrary to what Leo or anyone says on the forum. It's not like if you swallow, all your progress up to that point will be lost, everything continues. Also, when you feel like your throat is getting dry, swallow as much saliva as you can and continue with the practice afterwards. This obviously, shouldn't take more than 5 seconds. Use your nostrils to breathe in and out while you're swallowing and everything will be fine, that is what I do every single time. I also used to be so frustrated by this, but eventually realised there's no reason. Another thing Leo recommends is building up to 90 minutes which in my opinion (at least in my experience) is useless. The peak usually kicks in at around 35-40 minutes and settles down around the 55 minute mark, therefore I find that 60 minutes is usually enough for me. I've done several 90 minute sessions and honestly no matter how hard I tried to get to the peak during those 30-35 minutes it never happened. Also, of course after your timer is up, you want to lie on the floor for another 20-30 minutes to let the emotions purge.
  13. Thanks for the help, I'll definitely take what you said into consideration!
  14. Hi there, About one and a half years ago I found out my life purpose, the most meaningful way in which I can have impact on the world. This actually happened without taking the Life Purpose Course from Leo, however I fell into the trap of setting myself wrong, improper and highly unrealistic expectations. My life purpose involves practicing an instrument in a specific genre of music that I have been interested in ever since I was a child and I went into this whole practice thing with a huge ego thinking that I'm going to be able to make drastic changes in the first year and practicing 8 hours a day easily. I guess you could say I'm the "obsessive" if we take George Leonard's Mastery as an example. Of course, I couldn't win the battle, my practice sessions became a living hell for me and I'm one and a half year into practicing my life purpose and I achieved much less than I would have if I didn't get into this with such a terrible plan. At one point I even thought I was probably pursuing the wrong life purpose, which lead me to take Leo's course, however I once again came to the realisation that I'm meant to do what I initially thought I was meant to do. However something got me thinking. I spend a lot of time listening to interviews from people whom I'm inspired by in this field and they usually say they love practicing for 8 hours a day and say if you have to push yourself to start practicing, you're in the wrong field. Ever since they fell in love with this instrument, they have been HOOKED as a teenager playing video games. This really hit home, because during the last year and a half I've been practicing, I never ONCE had a session, where I didn't have to push myself to start practicing. It would always be "Oh, man I have to practice today as well, just like every other day..." instead of "Fuck yes, can't wait to practice!" Leo always says that your life purpose needs to be something that makes you be excited to wake up in the morning to do, however in my case nothing could be further away from the truth. Once, however I get myself to practice and I'm into it, often times, when I'm not on the plateau and I feel like I'm advancing, improving, obviously I'm feeling great and I'm motivated, however even then I have resistance towards practicing the very next day. The resistance is so deeply wired that I just can't seem to be able to let go of it and it comes back to bite me in the ass every single time. Also, just last week I went to a place where I saw people doing what I'm practicing very close, live in front of me and that got me motivated more than ever to practice. It's as though there was a spiritual connection between what was happening and myself. I felt like that kid again, who got so interested in this specific genre of music back in the days. The next day I would wake up, and would still be motivated, I did start practicing, because the resistance was somewhat minimal at this point, but as days went by, it decreased again to the point where yesterday I couldn't get myself to practice for example, and I'm back in the spiral, I'm just slacking off and I'm feeling very relieved that I don't have to push myself again to start doing the whole nine yards. Now, I know that in the Life Purpose Course Leo says that great art takes huge amounts of work and dealing with resistance and all that, however there's probably a fine line between pushing yourself through the resistance to practice while you're making your life a living suffering and being motivated to practice every single day for endless hours, like the master does and enjoying every single second of the plateau. It's just too fucking fatiguing to ALWAYS have to push myself through this fucking unbelievable amounts of resistance to practice, I cannot imagine that these people, who's interviews I'm listening to always have to deal with this on a daily basis. I would be HAPPY to have a legitimate excuse not to practice during certain days, because of various reasons, however it should be the other way around. These people can't wait to spend X hours of their days doing what they do. It's psychologically impossible that these people are masters at their craft by having these kinds of thoughts and emotions in their bodies every single time when they want to start practicing. So then the question(s) finally arise: How do I remove these improper expectations that I set for myself, and more importantly how do I let go of the resistance that came with them? Have I fucked up my expectations so much that at this point it's impossible to let go of them, so I better find a new Life Purpose? I was thinking of perhaps going cold turkey on practicing for a whole of two months, maybe that would help reconnecting with my initial passion. Would that work? TL;DR: I set improper expectations regarding my life purpose and now I'm suffering for it. How do I reverse engineer it all and make my motives authentic again?