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  1. Hey!! I had to come and wish you a Happy New Year of your life! Hope it will be a good, productive, amazingly insightful one! Thanks for everything !! xx
  2. @Leo Gura Astral ape? I find that SO cute!!!
  3. Just about as long as you can hold a pitbull. The emphasis here is not on the mind but, as always, on the holder. A construct holding another construct. it can be done, of course, through sheer determination. and for a limited amount of time. The KEY though, is the understanding that there is no holding possible. Who would hold what? Which is what?
  4. @Leo Gura I have..... I hear what you are saying. Yes, everyone is where they are supposed to be. But wouldn't it be nice to find a way to clearly show people when they are being trapped into yet another type of addiction? Surely, a more elevated and meaningful type, but still, just a way of escapism from what is there already. I see spirituality becoming the next big pharma, a sort of a monster with a nasty case of self-righteous case of mental diarrhea... oops!!
  5. @Seeker_of_truth Yes, I know Sadhguru's technique...
  6. More or less You are already embracing that mind. That's why it is yours. It is not different than your hand. Or your tongue. And it is as much yours as those are. And it understands exactly as much as your arm or leg do... So yes, truth cannot be comprehended.
  7. This sounds like an addiction to me... which can be a kind of a thirst for... something. I see some traps in your rant. Here's one: low consciousness? Lower than what? What is your reference point? If you are interested in philosophy, study it until it consumes you. If you are interested in true spirituality, take one phrase from a video and see it play out in your life until you are done. Or undone. Depends on where you want to look at stuff. Here is another: how can you live two lives? one that is day-to-day and one that is spiritual? The answer is INSIDE !!!
  8. @Leo Gura I'd really like to see a video about spiritual bypassing. There's a load of it everywhere. Talk and talk and talk and spiritual teachers and videos and this and that... People thinking they can think their way through/out of their own thinking or the thinking they resonate with... doing all kinds of physical or mental gymnastics to deepen into the shit even further... ugggg!!
  9. I would replace logic with maturity. Logic can be so dependent on intellect level, etc.. You can also use self-honesty as a better concept. Maturity, responsability and clarity are the only ways one can see truth from shit. Now it remains to be seen how much self-honesty goes around its tail like this... Your mind will never be able to discern truth, but somehow You will know truth once you are being VERY VERY honest with yourself
  10. Here is some clarity for you Feminine energy bonds when it receives, male energy bonds when it gives. In human relationships, it is for the male energy to go forth. So first lesson: if you ask someone out and she says NO, she is not ready, able or willing to receive. Move on. She would not care less if you ask other women out. I saw your other post about dating older women. Older women are more comfortable with their feminine side and that attracts you. Try!! The worst that could happen is.... ?!?! Most women in our society don't have a clue about what it means to be feminine. They think that a shorter skirt or more make up would make them more so. False! Society has pushed women to be equal to men so they HAD TO take on a male role. So it is understandable that you dont wanna live with a dude. I am talking here SPECIFICALLY about romantic relationships. Not professional ones. Just one point: be sure you like the girl you want to approach. Good feminine energy feels when it's just about fooling around. Also, you might want to wait for a sign that a woman likes you. Good feminine energy knows how to show that.
  11. @crazycrazycrazy Nobody just gets thrown like that anywhere But to answer your question, from my own experience, I can tell you that it feels like endlessly peeling at a fruit. you come back deeper and deeper into points you thought you were over and done with. Addictions, relationships, jobs... You either know them well from working with them before, or there is still stuff to work out there. If and when they are back, it is incredibly easy to say: Nope, thanks! if they are healed. If not, they will pull you back in the exact measure your internal - lets say - magnet is. So taking your example, you would see the beauty in that life you once lived, you would let it go past you with love, or you would engage because something still pulls at you. Two more points to consider: God is a point. Like the very tip of a needle. everything else is story in layers. This work is made to be very unicorny like that, but it is, in fact, a very serious path towards maturity, responsibility, and clarity.
  12. @Loreena,. The quickest way out of depression is creativity. Make an omelet. Make it the cutest one ever, or the ugliest one. put a smiley on it with olives and a carrot slice. Look at it. You have made that thing out of nothing. If it wasn't for you, it would never be there. Grab a pencil and doodle with it. See what comes up. Color the damn thing. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Notice your internal dialogue. What is it? Notice what your body does and think of same reactions in opposite situations. For example, you also lose your voice in a surprise situation or when extremely happy. Don't fight. Embrace. You are depressed. Okay. There is where you are right now. What is the next step you can take right this moment? Is it to lay down and cry? Cool. Do that. What next? The secret is to go off the automatic loop. Just see what it is that you are doing. Creativity is incompatible with depression. If you can create something, anything, it's like a rocket lifting you up. Just try it.
  13. Look outside your window. Is there wind? Do leaves move? Can you see birds flying? - that is mindfulness. Now stop the wind and make the birds go back or change direction or drop dead. That is trying to calm life down.
  14. How about: I accept that this test is going to have the results it's going to have and I just have to focus on doing my best... ?
  15. @Loreena Correct if you mean what we call human love. Here, for your delight