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  1. Playfulness or sexual, both are entirely conceivable and no one should pretend to be certain. I'm guessing both contributed to his actions. The certainty in it being just playfulness is a bit more wild though. To those of this opinion, I hope you can see that even if it were a joke it is still inappropriate. Y'all come off as a cross between getting lost in cultural relativism & run-of-the-mill religious apologism for your pet theories and attachments. I just see smug amorality kidding itself as having a detachment that surpasses common social rules. To whom it may apply to, try a little harder to be more receptive towards what many people would think about this. Don't just write people off as being lost in moral outrage. Let your amorality go full-circle and think for yourself, rather than the emotional against the grain way of thinking that comforts you in believing you're above the bullshit. Like yes, we get it, this forum is aware that this sort of thing is the easiest thing for a human to write off as evil. Both perspectives here are in need of some nuance, though not only does one side come off incredibly more weird its also pretending to red pill social packaging while giving thought terminating responses that don't actually contend with the moralistic reactions.
  2. Lol, Leo is right. The guy only showed me his notes, which seemed to exclusively focus on the intros doubts of academia and particularly of rationalism. Things any one of us could poke holes in They seem to be the predictable run of the mill hang-ups. He did clarify that he doesn't think the mathematical discoveries extend to reality/consciousness/the universe. I thought I read quotes from Gödel in the past where he himself found many philosophical implications. As a side note I read today that one of Douglas Hofstadter's books was the first book ever sold on Amazon. I found that cool and interesting
  3. I found someone sharing Leo's video on Gödel in Vaush's discord and I messaged him to discuss his criticisms. Imagine a classroom sitting around critiquing it from an academic perspective.. That's so amusing to me lmao! Anyone have any questions they want me to ask regarding it?
  4. said%2C affiliate marketing is,is no network recruiting involved. I'll try to respond to more later, but it seems like HU falls under multi-level marketing rather than affiliate marketing. And that would make it a pyramid scheme. If you look at the MLM Monat for makeup, or herbal-life, they are cult-like in their entrepreneur enthusiasm. I have no doubt it can Instill confidence but at the end of the day 98% of recruited sellers actually lose money in MLM's. To take from Ken Wilber no one is smart enough to be wrong 100% of the time. Have you seen the criminal lawyer reacts videos on him? Tate's largely indefensible even if a broken clock is right twice a day
  5. Yup perfectly said. Conservatives do get more progressive it's just much slower. But in a way yes just not in a practical sense. John Adams quote: "I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain." People get 'softer', more caring etc in a more sheltered world and men play a more dominant role in traditionalism, but for the most part older people are more masculine in a symbolic sense than in an actual practical one. Or at least they are broad aspects like respecting authority etc. Coming from a time with less women influencing society could be a factor. Having less resources for handling emotions and coming from a time where they are talked about less etc. Looking at it through a gendered lens just doesn't seem super meaningful to me but it can have some use in seeing how the world is shaped
  6. The left is happy lol that's not having panties in a bunch.. That video wasn't toxic.. a bit much harping populism and cenks inflation comment shows he doesn't understand quantitative easing. But anyways, I can't really think of a leftist more toxic than Andrew Tate. Bingo
  7. There's practical concerns, but on a deeper level I'd refer to Leo's vid "Why Reality CANNOT Be A Simulation". Consciousness is always greater than whatever system it encapsulates.
  8. @Majed Flexing what? Their wealth? People don't lose money from that and neither did they. Abrasive public figures do depending on where they get their money. Doing business with someone who says the Holocaust didn't happen is a really bad look. There's more money to be made in the mainstream, but once you leave that market you can find a new one like in the Alex Jones-type realm. Like, Adidas doesn't want that soundbyte that they do business with Nazis, and it's hard to fight against because shareholders will quickly respond and lower the value of a company when they realize something is not marketable and affects their money. Btw, Tates arrest is a legal matter. He was doing well for himself in the counter-culture market but luckily there's still legal limitations that finally caught up to a rich person who usually can easily avoid accountability with their freedom coupons (money)
  9. The April investigation was sparked by two woman who said they were being held against their will. With someone like him who quite literally sees woman as property, my guess is that he doesn't even realize it's sex trafficking. When his greatest successes have come from backlash and being rewarded for avoiding accountability, I'd guess he felt a little untouchable. He thinks the attention benefits him, which it does in a twisted way.
  10. Hmm I certainly found him insensitive in this one, my thing is to my understanding the Yugoslav intervention seemed pretty justified tho NATO should have gone through the UN. I don't really think it was an imperialist endeavor. Vaush should certainly tone down the 'its ok to dehumanize people with bad ideas'
  11. @Aaron p Have you watched Leo's video 'Is gender a social construct?' This might help answer some of your questions. To address some; the 'mental illness' you are referring to is gender dysphoria, which by no means do all trans people experience. There's complete medical consensus on transitioning being the best treatment for it. That's really easy to find. Being trans alone is about as 'mentally ill' as a feminine man or masculine woman is. What Matt or Ben don't want you to know is that, for example, a trans woman knows she is a biological male. That's the whole point of being 'trans'; going from one thing to another. Gender is social. This effectively means people like Matt and Ben are merely upset about a biological male in a dress and fulfilling the social roles and identities of a biological woman. People's brains are breaking over the gender/sex distinction. It's not about thinking you are something that you are not. People have a very deep sense in "what a real man is". "Real men provide for their family" "real men are protectors" These roles and identities are associated but not limited to biology. A trans woman is a type of woman that is not a biological one. Most gender dysphoria is experienced around 7 years old. Puberty also greatly exaserbates the dysphoria. Children are very carefully vetted in assuring the feelings they experience are their own. Children don't have as much logical baggage and unlearning to do. Explaining trans existence is as simple as "born a boy but living a girl" etc. It's like the people who act like gay people are confusing to kids. Like uh, "they have two dad's/moms." Quite simple explanation. Parents don't say "oh you might be a boy/girl". They'll say "I'll love you no matter who you are" and gender confusion would be something the kid is already experiencing and expressing. I don't think it's common for these conversations to be done irresponsiblely but sure it's possible. Keep in mind hormone blockers have been prescribed for hormonal imbalances since the 70s and are reversible. It's not legal for children to undergo irreversible treatments like bottom surgery.
  12. I love that meme too lmao and yup, Marxism-Leninism was developed by Stalin, it easily coincides with Stalinism in my book. Some of Lenin's early writing contributed to communist thought at best. Yeah, it's all fine and well until people become arbitrarily anti-establishment. And like, ACAB can be too abrasive while also has it's place when accompanied with a cogent argument. The meme for the far-left is "US bad" but to the point of anti-US imperialism at all costs. Even the milquetoast version is "a declining power tries to stop rising powers (China, Russia)" and proceeds to undermine valid criticisms of these states. They'll also be very uncritical of state media like Venezuela's by just taking their word on everything. Wolff's anti-vaccine mandates with Dore was pretty disappointing also. & you know it's bad when liberals are making better anti-imperialist arguments..
  13. Saw this on Facebook and came to share also. A collaboration must come of this! Lol ;p