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  1. @electroBeam Who hurt you? So sounds like you've found his aspects useful thank you.
  2. Anyone read "Eidomorphism: The Philosophy of Ontological Mathematics" by Neven Knezevic? It seems interesting but, from the excerpts I've read, it almost sounds like he misunderstands Gödel. Wittgenstein misunderstanding him also for that matter.. is there insight here in understanding Gödel? I'll definitely draw my own conclusions once I read, but curious if people here have any familiarity with it.
  3. Recognize the multi dimensional aptitudes. Your hunch is correct in the value of Being and Becoming. Becoming happens to be the hurdle of our time. Becoming hinders Being in ways that Being does not. Because Being is prior to Becoming, Being creates Becoming in ways that Becoming does not create Being. Being is more fundamental and Becoming is more significant however, Becoming must be significant TO Being because it's prior. Being offers you direct experience to Nothing with a capital N, and becoming is not conscious of it. Being ultimately rules out the need for Becoming beyond survival.
  4. Wooo! happy I saw this recommended already, but WAKING LIFE by Richard Linklater. This movie will focus soley on your mindfuck rather than a storyline. It's about lucid dreams and dialogues of philosophical concepts. Rotoscoped beautifully/trippy.
  5. How would you explain how Leo and Putnam's argument compare? Does Putnam's Semantic Externalism grasp the role of consciousness enough in this scenerio?
  6. @oMarcos survival/ego dynamics are typically inseparable with everything. ego death can be experienced from being-cognition for example, as a glimpse relative to the survival you come right back to. These states have significance to us but they are not at odds with survival, moreso it finds synthesis. partnership is survival, the "worldview" or values here is compatible with a relationship that fosters the flowering of being alongside a healthy ego. Having a partner in ways would hinder a mystic pursuit, but can also benefit ones being. It's really a trade off but surely you could have mystical insights. Unless you spend the majority of your life meditating or other radical means of attainment it shouldn't be a huge hindrance. Accounting for another person to the degree relationships call for can support non dual aspects in all relationships. one
  7. Leo would make a good video explaining where they are at. I was wondering if anyone has something good to read or watch that analyzes, compares, and finds synthesis of different great philosophers. Perhaps both purely rational and stepping into trans rational contributions as well as where someone starts to take on some negative shape.
  8. @Surfingthewave Thanks I think it was first brought up to me by Alan Watts you can probably find by searching choice/choicelessness.
  9. @Raptorsin7 cease the circular speculation around the backslides. Be skeptical sure but establish when you will and when you won't do something. don't beat yourself up if you do backslide and understand why you chose to. accept the backslides, but if your trying to stop the habit it is best not to be displaced by simultaneously continuing the habit and being against it. Take your values more seriously if that's what you want and set limits that are practical for you. But yeah, the surrendering has alot to do with beating yourself up over falling back. You need confidence to act optimally. You can take it as acceptance too. Watch the video for inversion ritual questions, but what comes up must come down, the cyclical impermanent nature of reality, work with it!
  10. Inversion rituals are seen across cultures throughout time, from carnivals to Halloween. People need a pressure release valve like the concept you see in the Purge. Logic needs to go upside down before it returns in it's cycle. Necessary, yes until you use this to justify wrongdoing. So in other words in order to maintain your efforts you need to orient yourself with your opposites in order to know your own orientation. Further, calling certain things bad is what makes them all the more desirable. If you have to avoid something, it means you still want it. If your avoiding something you are implying that it has a place in happening. If you ground your decisions with certainty and own your choices your desires will actualize. If you surrender and allow yourself to junk food who knows, maybe you'll realize it really isn't what you want. After all, the surrendering to the junk food happened before you decided that it isn't what you want in the first place. Allow your desires to enter the freedom of authentic choicelessness.
  11. Also don't compromise your sleep or health for anything. Can't expect anything without your foundations in line. And again, taking breaks can reduce fatigue.
  12. I think selfishness can spoil desire, so if you want it for prestige or personal gain it could cloud your judgement. It's not inherently bad to do this but you just might smother the fire trying to feed it. Notice the defensiveness arising saying that it's not bad to desire this. It's not, but you need a degree of letting it go. My most concrete advice would be just look at what this is doing to your confidence. Keep just enough desire to continue the activity, and let go of this aching clinginess for progress. Imagine going the whole day without the faintest improvement and not caring. That's what you need, the endurance to fail. If you didn't care about failing you wouldn't have asked the question because it would be answered. Asking for advice is looking for a shortcut and sure, we want to find the best ways to do things but the problem of what you are looking for lies in your looking. If you are willing to put in the hard work there would be no need to look for shortcuts. The answers are always here, just do the hard work. So yeah, the problem is in the question. Don't worry about observing growth.
  13. A critique of rationalism is a pretty good starter to accept nuance
  14. You could get much higher quality advice if you share what it is you are practicing. if there's something in your mindset or in your procedure we won't be able to help you identify it. People perform best with their authentic desires. You want the results to the core of your bones, not to perform it. I understand many things require a level of rigor that isn't as immediately enjoyable as people say it should be for it to be authentic but don't blet that discourage you. You sound purpose driven, which is okay but check with yourself if you actually like something or if you just like the idea of it. 10 hours a day sounds like you've surrendered to an extent. Are you practicing optimally? As counterintuitive as it sounds try doing it for 5 hours
  15. Pretty crazy how identical they are, or interdependent. qualitative love is just goodness. Infinite love is what makes goodness absolute. To become directly conscious of Absolute Good one must become directly conscious of infinite love. Infinite love allows for you to see Good and visa versa. so Absolute Good and Absolute Love, different? Well not in the absolute sense. an absolute good awareness leaves you open to Absolute Love. once you have become aware of the infinitude of love coupled with an experience of the Absolute, you are open to Absolute Love. Am I butchering this?
  16. I'd like to do more thinking on this, but here's a take. The infinite is referring to the continuity of something whereas the absolute is without opposite. I would say the infinite is still within the relative and the absolute houses the relative. Something can be infinite but still limited in other ways. This is why there are levels of infinity. In the article "Absolute and relative infinity" by Henry Carlson, he writes "a line is said to be infinite in length, but it is bound by by the plane in which it exists. That plane, itself, is infinite, but it is two-dimensional and would find itself bound by an infinite three-dimensional space. Being bound is being limited, though within that limit, there remains something which is infinite." Spitballing I'd say they're facets of Absolute Love or Love. I think Love is prior to Goodness. I think they can both be seen independently in an absolute sense, but Love is more encompassing and Goodness is within the faculties of Love despite that they do not need each other. I want to think more to put this into words, but perhaps love is powerful enough for the relative sense and with Goodness in an absolute grounding these are the two feet that absolute love stand on. Contemplating on these distinctions are actually fascinating, mental gymnastics or not. I encourage others with the interest!
  17. I like alot of smaller channels. Johnathan Pageau is awesome. He gives insight on symbolism and talks about mythological structures encompassing reality. also insights from a Christian lense. Integral life/integral live of course, with Ken Wilber, Jeff Salzman, Corey Devo's, Keith Witt etc great personalities within the integral community. I AM - David Long an integral philosopher as well, gives interesting critiques of Ken Wilber and has a pretty unbiased synthesis minus a little materialism. Matt D'Avella A blogger that does self help 30 day challenges and stuff, pretty fun. Charisma on command is nice, talks about basic social skills, understanding body language etc that is pretty accurate. The Nemeton talks about alchemy/hermeticism and the occult, pretty good writer.
  18. @ The new video on Authority
  19. @Serotoninluv thank you
  20. @Keyhole Thank you! wonder how he'd say it a second time.
  21. dare you make another? 💙
  22. I'm curious to hear others articulate how constructing requires deconstruction. I feel like deconstruction is a facet in the very nature of thought structures. We act as so rarity creates value (desire aside) and in this way marginalized aspects of thought have always been valued. Discovering basic logic structures requires a certain turning over for testing. I mean really, anything we want to construct comes from a feeling of something being left out or something more to be. When we give advice, we think of what's being neglected. Or we think "what of this understanding are we leaving out?"
  23. My questions don't get responseeeeeeessss
  24. Then what is outside of mind and language and why aren't you doubting your doubt? Very simply, in all good and bad, call suffering all the bad. Can any good exist without the bad? Can we even experience love without hate? That's existing. Suffering is existing. Avoiding suffering fails, like hedonism. Ending suffering is not avoiding it. Awareness is language. Awareness is limitation. Awareness is suffering. We are the language that is suffering and it's a damn good thing, its confusing because we need to help others from a lower conscious suffering to a more conscious suffering