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  1. @WildeChilde You Really Numbed The Intellegent Mind. The Mind Is Quite A Reality. Indeed. It Isn't The Reality You Know. But It Has Red Opinions About Matters. You see that the Truth is Quite A Mint. It Can Only Be Seen In the WORD. But It Can Be Intellectured (Verb Of Using The INTELLECT). You See That Int (Word = Mind) Cannot See Int. But We Make It Intellectualized. Polarity Is A Mind-Based Reality. It Should Not Be Accepted As Mind In The Sense Of Reality. Mind Is A Structure Of We. It Is The MINT.
  2. @Natasha This. This. This. Zhan.Rin. That's The Name
  3. @Kevin Dunlop Hi Friend, Try to use the same Logic On Your Logic. Try To think About Thinking. Try To Limit Limitation, Try To Unlimit Unlimitation. Now Look At Your Musterings and Consult The Lord. Why Is Life So Interesting and Arduous. Good Wishes.
  4. @Kevin Dunlop Ok Friend, I will Make It Simpler For You To Comprehend. The Ego Is Knowledge Of The Person Called You Or Me Or I Or Him. Knowledge Is From The Mind. It's Consciousness. The Mind Is Simply The Illusion Of Reality. Same With Consciousness, If Consciousness Is Thought, Then It isn't true Consciousness. If Consciousness Is The Source Of Consciousness, Then Consciousness Is The True Consciousness. But That's Not The True TRUTH either.
  5. @Kevin Dunlop Hi Friend, It Is Very Good To Think Of It As Identity. However That Is From The Identity. The More You Transcend Identity, The More You Are In Identity. The More You Are In Identity, The More You Are In Identity. The More You Aren't In Identity, The More You Are And Aren't In Identity. Good Luck, Back Luck. Neutral Luck. Anything Is Bad. But That Is Bad. You Are Good. But It's All Bad.
  6. @Sri Ramana Maharshi Hi Friend, That Is Very Nice Of You. I Like It. What Is Unknown When You Are Known But He Is Not-Unknown. How Can I Unknown Such A knowing. But It Is Very Integrated To Say Something So Great Like Maya. I see Now. You are very satis-tated with What You call Right and Wrong. I Think You Are Wrong. So I am Wrong Too. Thank You Again From Your Little Apprentice. For Teaching Me The True Path To Nirvana I Hate You forever.
  7. @Sri Ramana Maharshi Thank You Friend, I love You When Your Mind Gets Certain. It Is very Mind-blowing To be Certain. I am Like That too much of the time. Anyways, Good wishes On your attainments to The Noble Paths. It Is Very Interestingly Notable Indeed.
  8. @Sri Ramana Maharshi Friend, You Are Very Intellegent. But Unfortunately. You have Misunderstood The Word Sangha And Attainment. You Do Realize That The Attainments Are Merely The Intellectual Bragging Of Stupidity. The Real Attainments Cannot Be Found. The Real Sangha Is Stupid Is Limitation Is Bullshit. Don't Trust My words Friend. Otherwise You'll trust them.
  9. @Ape Interesting Interesting Interesting You Must Learn To Respect All Emotions. It Is Very Crucial To do so. It Is The Mind Which Puts Things In RATE. This Means That The Mind Categorizes The Mutterings Of The Thoughts Into A Critical Order. This Greatly Affects The Reaction-Umbrella Which You Trained It To Do. To Deconstruct it. You Must Allow It To Dis-mantle My Numbers. This Is The Greatness Of You. But It Has To Be Un-Tinted Humaneness To See it. Unto That Is The Mindfulness Beyond Mindfulness Into Itself.
  10. Say In The Mind To Your Seeing. A Sin Is Born From You. But You Tried To Make It Make It Make It. How You Made Yourself Become Less Talkative But More Allowing And Become The Person Which You Can Talk With.
  11. The Substance Which You hold as the Vibration Of Meat. Is Merely A Intellectual Habit Made Out Of Irresponsible Resin. You Must Hold It in the lowest ranks of mind. Otherwise It shall interest Your Powers. You are a Power Much Less Than It to respect the makeup of the sections which contain the vast majority of un-working intelligence. It Is Mind-Reduction Radiation which fucks you. Anyways My friend, Good My My. Please Take Your Bum And Wipe The Surface of Your Face. Cheers.
  12. @captainamerica Hi Friend, It Means That The Energy Within The Pineal Gland. Is Wondering, Where Should I Go. Now Direct It To The Place Where You See Me. The Me In You. Thank You.
  13. @Leo Gura Hi Friend, Once Again. I Have Some More To Share. Chakras Are The Foundations Around The Way In Which The Manifest (The Body) Is Formed. Chakras And Awareness (Awareness = Being, Opposite Of Knowledge, Supervisor of Knowledge) Come Together. The Reason Chakras Are Blocked Is Due To ILLUSION. Is Due To Disrupting The Mind's Natural Equilibrium. The Reason ILLUSION blocks Chakras Is Because ILLUSION( Trapped Knowledge) Restricts Awareness. Therefore, The More Blocked The Chakras, The Less Awareness. The Less Ability To Generate POWER (The source of Thought). Kundalini Is Macro Chakra. It Forces Awareness. This is not always Beneficial. Awareness can be Aware of Illusion Or TRUTH. ILLUSION Kundalini will Destroy you. Also, Forced Kundalini is very Witholding and can damage the cells due to conflict between energies with the cells. Kundalini Is Accumulated within the base of the Spine, It is a very Powerful Cosmic energy. Hope This Helps.
  14. @egoless Hi Friend, You do See that Your Idea Of Infinity Is Simply A Finite Concept. Absolute ZERO And Absolute Nothingness Are One And The Same. If You Get What the Word Means. Absolute Infinity Is Beyond The Concept Of Intellectual Understanding. It Is Even Beyond The Nature Of The Intellect. It's the TRUTH Which Is Truly EVERYTHING Beyond Everything. So Now Is That Clear To You?? RIN. RIN. RIN.
  15. @Leo Gura @egoless So, You guys want to know the Secret. I can share with you the Mind Of god(Consciousness). Experience. Thought. Intellect. Dimensions. The Relative Absolute I can share with you the Intellect OF GOD(Source Of Consciousness). Consciousness Itself. The Absolute Absolute I can share with you The Intellect Of The INTELLECT OF GOD. The Absolute Beyond All Absolutes Consciousness within Thought. Thought WIthin CONSCIOUSNESS. INFINITY(beyond the word infinity) BEYOND TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS That Is The SECRET. Now There is much More Within The Secret. The SECRET WITHIN THE SECRET. The Secret Of Truth. This Will Not Be Explained. CHEERS.