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  1. Hey ! If i'm dreming my reality right now and i m with a friend. how come we are both god? how come we dreamed the same thing? why do we see white color the same? that we fell pain the same? are we bubbles in bubbles in bubbles and when we get close to each other we share our bubble of energy and we both dream the same thing? if the majority of the planet wanted utopia, does that mean that we would dream of it? sometimes I have lucid moments when I understand these things more deeply. Thank you !
  2. 1- The 12th Planet - 1976 2- The Stairway to Heaven - 1980 3- The Wars of Gods and Men - 1985 4- The Lost Realms - 1990 5- Genesis Revisited - 1990 6- When Time Began - 1993 7- Divine Encounters - 1995 8- The Cosmic Code - 1998 - Genesis Revisited - Journeys to the Mythical Past - The Lost Book of Enki, - There Were Giants Upon the Earth do you think this author is good. shoud i go and read ?
  3. David Hawkins is spiritual teacher that leo is promoting in his BOOKLIST so you can trust this information.
  4. Is it true ? The things that that guy is doing ?