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  1. I have struggled with loneliness for about two years now. I am now studying in a new city in Norway(oslo). Firstly I don’t have any friends I talk to regurally(I have had friends during this two years, but for 5 or 6 months now I haven’t talked to them really at all). The loneliness got deeper when I got interested in this kind of philosophical and spiritual work, when all my interest became different from everyone around me. Now I feel alienated, depressed and extremely lonely. If someone that is reading this also is from Norway, Oslo (or is atleast studying there) that is struggling with the same problem as me, can you please message me, so we maybe can get to know eachother a bit and maybe become friends. If not, then can I ask for any advices from someone that knows my situation, and have overcome loneliness in the past, for any advice for how to solve the problem. I am just in the beginning of my self actualization work, and need more practical advices, than the kind of advice you would give a developed and actualized person.