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  1. @Chi_ Do you still do chit shakti meditations fromn IE Online? Any benefits, inner transformations from them?
  2. Please try it at least once Very effective in my humble opinion
  3. Wanting, chasing better life or material things to make you happy will only bring dispappoinment. Just stop Controling life like its a game, by letting go of every thought there is some huge relaxation and peace.
  4. Guys nothing from this materialistic world can give me satisfaction. Only surrender and dhikr (Sufi rememberance of God meditation) that drops me in to state of no mind amd thats it but part of me is still afraid what will be with my job, friends etc Is that sick, running away from life or what?
  5. If you cant do yoga, meditation doesnt work just surrender dont start any thought dont react to life Now is all that there is. Enjoy this video
  6. @Applegarden I have the same "problem" it looks insane sometimes and scary but fck it
  7. First do Kriys yogs or any other meditation then Self Inquiry will do You
  8. @Peo I didnt die from 6 pills so its not that bad ?
  9. @MrDmitriiV Niceee my favorite ? but effects of love or clarity never stay in my case
  11. Guided meditations from rupert Spira or Fred Davis mix that with Kriya yoga
  12. I am going to try almost 24 h Bhakti devotional meditation but sufi way because i am from that culture. I think Bhakti yoga or surrendering, thinking about God always can be super beneficial on this path. What do you guys think?