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  1. @Alex bliss Pure empty awarness just thoughts.... Who you are is beyong descriptions Dont just ask questions like parrot turn your attention to unchanging sense of being, that witch knows all bur cant be knowm and contemplate dont answer if you answet it or thought comes just see that ot is appearning to something In something And that something is always Now that something is all and nothing You cant see it you are it!
  2. @jj40 First find out Who you are, then nothing will bother you
  3. Yes but You are awarness its not your awarness, focus on "I" and try to pin point it... if you can ask yourself am I aware of that if you think you are body, thoughts, emotions and loook its all in the now. Truth is very Direct no Mind, thinking other teachers can transfer truth to "you".
  4. Enlighment is not some out of this world expirience it is "your" true nature and suffering is there because of wrong identificaton. Just ask yourself can the preciver be precived? Can i stop Being ? Am i Aware ? Can my hands, emotions or thoughts be aware or there is something more Intelligent ? Tnx to Mooji, Leo, Rupert Spira i found what was always there pure empty space of blissfull awarness it took me only 1 year you can all do it!
  5. Who else practices Kriya Yoga without Kundalini stuff, visualisations etc and if you do is it enough to be effective?
  6. @Guru Fat Bastard Ok but this is visualisation like loa
  7. Meditations from IE online so you can rewatch them when you wannt IE online is something like law of attraction + Sadhgurus explanations of karma, life etc.
  8. Guys meditations from IE online are just postive thinking, law of attraction like its much more beneficial to lear isha kriya wich is free
  9. Thanks i watched 2 videos its like Law of attraction meditations or am i wrong
  10. Listen to this daily
  11. @ardacigin What do you think about being aware of the breath even when talking with someone or working daily jobs
  12. @PenguinPablo seems like you'r consciousness is rising just bring more and more awarness to your thoughts dont juge just be one with that awarness in wich feelings, thoughts come and go just stay detached
  13. @zeroISinfinity Self inqury is much more effective than meditation
  14. @Leo Gura Whats your view on law of attraction right now?
  15. @GreenWoods yeah supreme fire and spinal Breathing Pranayama Religious people call that demonic or that it leads to possesion but its beutifull divine energy
  16. Guys why do i feel cold sensations on my crown-third eye after mini kundalini awakeing. When i did Spinal Breathing it was beutifull, blissfull. Is that feeling on my forehead bad? I just did it for 5 min first time in my life nothing hardcore.
  17. @MAYA EL Spinal Breathing is not new age bullshit breathwork thing, its very serous and delicate technique.
  18. Hi guys do you feel your kundalini after kriya yoga, I just had mini awakening from Spinal Breathing Kriya its so estatic, blissfull but i am afriad that I can overdo it and that this kind of rising energy can be too much form my system. Any thoughts?
  19. @AleksM Tnx great post, being aware of breath is great but there is also self inquir neti neti, being aware of awarness, kriya yoga etc
  20. something like this, this guy reads / knows a lot of Nisargadatta a
  21. @krockerman like @Mikael89 said its not personal you dont have awarness it not a thing you awarness see body mind, thoughts feelings Can the seer be seen contemplate that every answer that come from mind ia wrong remember Pshycadelics can help, guided meditations can to some point