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  1. Because that would mean that there is a will to act
  2. If you look at the name of his song Infinite and listen to the lyrics you can clearly hear that he is describing enlightment, there are countless examples of that with other artists as well
  3. It can show you that reality is not real
  4. There are many fascinating insights that you can gain from weed, what are your thoughts about it
  5. This is interesting now, will the videos be released once in a couple of weeks, or once in a week
  6. There is always something, you think that when you solve some problem you are done with them, but the the mind will find another one, and then the another one
  7. It's time for Leo to be on Joe Rogan Podcast
  8. That would be pretty interesting
  9. Infinite shapeshifter, Infinity has everything and is everything
  10. It is Infinite anyway, despite the fact if you can grasp it or not, it's also beyond words, which doesn't mean that you can't try to put it into them, it's better than no trying