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  1. The absolute reality manifested itself first as Spirit( consciousness ) matter ( substance ) and life ( fohat/divine love). From spirit comes benevolence and matter malevolence. What do you choose to go toward?
  2. As from Manu (Hinduism) to Jesus (Christianity), they did explain (or at least tried) universal values that are not bound only to the earth but are part of laws in this manifested universe at this Kalpa. Loving others and forgiving them is not just Christian values but are universal. These figures (manu and Jesus) reminded and alive in us of universal values that were stagnant in our being that was forgotten. That's why they became popular, they were just reminding us of the things we already knew.
  3. Being is Maya, non-being is the reality. Still, the manifested subject and the objective are aspects of absolute reality that are affected by its motion. An incarnate being in physicality can ascend mentally into the astral and a spirit being can descend into the astral and become anthropomorphized in the perception of the physical being so it can communicate with it. That is, of course, rare, as the majority of western spirituality is in reality just psychicism, not spirituality, so not so many do see a spirit being but their own mind reflection. So there is a good point you made. However, that should not stop other beings to pursue seership but atleast not get deluded by psychic phenomena that are emanated from matter into their perception.
  4. I have read a lot of talk about this Ascension thing that will occur sooner or later. Think that the central teaching of the law of one. It says that there will be a massive "harvest" of third-density souls into the fourth density of love and understanding. Maybe that's why Leo is so eager to remind us listeners about love. Kinda feels the energy of Christ-consciousness more and more for each day as its reaching earth? As Carl Jung felt that ww1 was coming "in the air" a few years before it started. Just a hypothesis.
  5. @en-el hak that video made me laugh, thanks for it.
  6. @Schahin It was loving, actually don't have any words to explain it.
  7. Had also a experience, although I was sober. One day in winter 2015 I had my first couscious experience with my shadow/unconscious pain. It just rose up from within and instantly I knew how deep and massive it was and at that i knew how much suffering and hardship I would need to go through to transcend it. Instead of keeping calm and accepting fate, I just took a rope and went toward a specific place in the forest to hang myself. Somehow i got a vision of jesus being flogged with a whip (as if he was experiencing my suffering in a tactile way) and a female figure that looked more animated stood besides him crying and pleading for the flogging to stop. They were both chained in the vision. Don't know what it was about on a mental level but when I had the vision I understood it, stopped and went back home.
  8. The idea of hell is just a fear inducing thought that was invented and meant to control populations and have them submit to a religious authority in the middle ages. In the original Christian teaching the spirit is the opposite matter. You can't measure or find the spirit, neither with a telescope or microscope etc. It cannot be burned or touched by anything material. So the idea of hell in a afterlife is inconsistent with the original teachings, as you leave everything physical behind that can be burned or hurt. The only place where real hell is described is on earth. Only here can you be burnt alive or tortured. Better description of hell is the comments above than any religion can describe.
  9. OK, understand somewhat your perspective. I confused a different Buddhist version of the afterlife. I somewhat understand the kamaloka/dewachen idea from Tibet, had glimpse experience of both states and it's simple and reasonable theory. Heard even channelers and other littarature talk about similar things as in those states. The bardo thing seems confusing. Read that they try to avoid karmic activity they created in those states or something. Also read that the nyingma had some negative sorcerers(dugpas) that changed the teaching for their own benefit. I haven't dived deep into it, so I won't praise/criticise it.
  10. Bardo means transition from one life to next. I do agree that we have a transition phase between lifes. After my awakening i had a glimpse of "bodies" lying everywhere when I was camping in the woods. They were somewhat in a passive surrendered state (unconscious maybe even) . They had some sparks coming from their head, it was thoughts I think. The closest I found explaining the "bodies" everywhere phenomena is the kama-loka a psychic plane above the physical (mostly as the theosophists explain). Read about the bardo but don't know how the "by the old Tibetan Monks" is described?
  11. Thats what the reincarnating part or mind is about, it stores the thoughts and experiences from every lifetime. Spiritual work is a good long term investment
  12. Should this be a motivation video on the health, fitness, nutrition forum? Be water my friend.
  13. I remember reading that enlightened masters don't answer all the questions of their disciples. They allow them to make misstakes and have nature to teach them. As nature has infinite wisdom compared to them. Maybe you should go out and find out for yourself?
  14. Always wanted to know what the flower of life is, have tried to figure it out but any article would just pass me by, can you @remember write about it shortly as a comment?