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  1. From the absolutes (or infinite/limitless) perspective. Matter is the same as spirit it is our perspective that creates the difference. They are both eternal and are the absolute. The absolute is not somewhere in a higher dimension or close to the central sun, it is the pen.
  2. OK, understand somewhat your perspective. I confused a different Buddhist version of the afterlife. I somewhat understand the kamaloka/dewachen idea from Tibet, had glimpse experience of both states and it's simple and reasonable theory. Heard even channelers and other littarature talk about similar things as in those states. The bardo thing seems confusing. Read that they try to avoid karmic activity they created in those states or something. Also read that the nyingma had some negative sorcerers(dugpas) that changed the teaching for their own benefit. I haven't dived deep into it, so I won't praise/criticise it.
  3. Bardo means transition from one life to next. I do agree that we have a transition phase between lifes. After my awakening i had a glimpse of "bodies" lying everywhere when I was camping in the woods. They were somewhat in a passive surrendered state (unconscious maybe even) . They had some sparks coming from their head, it was thoughts I think. The closest I found explaining the "bodies" everywhere phenomena is the kama-loka a psychic plane above the physical (mostly as the theosophists explain). Read about the bardo but don't know how the "by the old Tibetan Monks" is described?
  4. Thats what the reincarnating part or mind is about, it stores the thoughts and experiences from every lifetime. Spiritual work is a good long term investment
  5. Well said, thank you for that.
  6. My mind has made Leo to a authority figure and that's because i need to learn some wisdom from him.
  7. I know, I just play along
  8. Should this be a motivation video on the health, fitness, nutrition forum? Be water my friend.
  9. Thank you for this, it uplifted my day
  10. Hmm.. Something ain't right. The woman in the intro seems benevolent, angelic and service to other oriented. Doesn't seem to be the case for the latest video on the channel. As if it is another woman. Just a hunch. This reminds of Michelle wallings work. Here is her blog titled "How to exit the matrix" : http://howtoexitthematrix.com/2015/02/24/why-i-am-no-longer-a-lightworker/ Ok, I understand that no one has a spiritual patent on "how to exit the matrix". And I think this matrix teaching should be taught to people. Hope everything is OK with her.
  11. I remember reading that enlightened masters don't answer all the questions of their disciples. They allow them to make misstakes and have nature to teach them. As nature has infinite wisdom compared to them. Maybe you should go out and find out for yourself?
  12. Always wanted to know what the flower of life is, have tried to figure it out but any article would just pass me by, can you @remember write about it shortly as a comment?
  13. Have you tried concentrating on the heart? It's the gateway to the higher self. Like concentrating on the breath it renders the mind blank and gets you on different stages of cousciousness. The difference is that you can retain knowledge from the higher self while concentrating on the heart, that can be difficult but possible as long as the power of concentration is developed.
  14. In other news: the third eye was a actual eye behind the skull, so we could see what is happening behind us. It went inside the skull and atrophied into the pineal gland throughout evolution. That's a theory atleast. Hence the name third eye.
  15. I had her book The completion process, good book on shadow and inner child work, a bit lengthy with the 20-steps. Never felt being that emotionally whole and being in pain while doing it first time. Still it was quite difficult for me to go through it. Here is a video about how the process goes.