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  1. No, it's too dysfunctional to not get mad at. Posting weeb stuff should be prohibited on this forum and I have no idea why it isn't.
  2. I'm still waiting for him to explain his recent madness as he promised. I watched the whole video and there was no explanation of his ridiculous Instagram photos at all. Going through an awakening is fine and sane, that doesn't really require much explanation, what requires explanation is the photos. Cause what the fuck happened? It still seems like he just went full crazy for a day and thought to himself "yeah, I'll just randomly proceed to publicly make a clown from myself for no reason at all". And then he claimed that "there is a reason behind the madness". But that's nothing new to me, random and crazy things are happening to me all the time and there is NEVER a reason behind madness, or at least I never get to know it. C'mon, I feel like I'm the only sane person left, I was really hoping for an explanation.
  3. There's your problem. Your level of masculinity is nearly at zero. If you were masculine, you wouldn't be watching anime at all and you would never have a random stupid intention to have sex with a random stupid girl. I have no idea what's wrong with you but you're seriously dysfunctional.
  4. Also, stop caring about Leo giving you all the answers. If you are really serious about getting the answer to the question of solipsism, you can get it yourself, you just need to want it more than anything else.
  5. Lol, that was quick. Good that I have watched it in time. I'm mature enough though so I have watched it without any negative emotions at all. Guys, don't worry that you have given no chance to watch it. That episode was trash and I'm very happy that it is deleted because I don't think Leo would be proud of it in a couple of years given his best intentions of actually acquiring truth. However it was not wasted time because this video served me as a great background for my own contemplations.
  6. @Leo Gura Please elaborate if you can, because this explains nothing. It is essentially a simple yes or no type question: Do eternal relationships such as soul mates and/or twin flames exist - yes/no And yet I have never stumbled upon a more difficult question in my entire life. I've been contemplating it on a regular basis for 3 years now and still have no idea what the answer might be.
  7. What was the reason behind the breakup with your girlfriend? How did you feel about it? Do you have a new girlfriend now? How many gf's have you had in your life? What is your opinion on twin flames (by which I mean the eternal connection between two "souls")? Is this all just New Age crap or is there a layer of truth to it? What's the least amount of money that could you be earning monthly to satisfy both your needs and wants? Does the money from meet this requierment? Is your only source of income?