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  1. @Matt23 Thank you, for the suggestion I did get his works but ended up not reading to much of it since my timemanagement was rather lacking. ^^'
  2. @Lauro Chapa Hey there, I was realy busy writing, so I didn't have the brainspace for a lot of discussing. I handed it in last minute a few days ago. I had a couple of hardships, since a lot of his claims weren't all that scientific but I think in the end it was an acceptable 40 pages. If you are still interested in discussing the topic I'd be happy to ^^ And sorry for not answering sooner
  3. @TheGreekSeeker Thank you for the tip ^^
  4. @Carl-Richard Now I can even thank you a second time ^^ Oh and while we're at it, I wish you a wonderfull start into the new year tomorrow
  5. @Carl-Richard :') I realize my mistake in how I interpreted that Thanks a lot, I will most definetly do that ^^
  6. @Leo Gura Thank you, I thought so from what I have read so far. What would you say are the works/models that correlate the most with Spiral Dynamics and have the best hard scientific basis? (only if there's something that comes to mind of course)
  7. @Carl-Richard I think you don't quite understand ChatGPT ? That AI only works on master thesis and I am writing my Bachelor's. ;p
  8. @hamedsf I like that viewpoint. Thank you for sharing ^^
  9. @Moreira I am unsure if I believe things like that are happening in the upper brackets of my country, though I am sure that there is countries in which this is happening. I defined do agree with the conclusion of not focusing on things you can't change, but instead focus on the things you are able to change, expanding your field of influence in the process. Have a nice das and all the best ^^
  10. @Amandine Thank you so much for your kindhearted message. I didn't have notifications on, so I only now read your answer. I feel really grateful for you taking the time, and sorry for not having answered sooner. A quick update: - I since stopped actively searching for videos of cruelty since I now know of it and don't feel it will improve either my life or the lives of those suffering - I am currently vegan (though I am unsure whether I already was vegan when I made this post) - Though I am still struggling in regard to motivating myself, I feel like I am making little steps towards increase the positive effects I have on my surroundings I will definitely revisit your post a couple more times, check out all the links you mentioned and look up my country's policy on charity in the hopes of being able to grow myself and the positive impact I have on the world even more. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and your holidays will be just as magnificent as the rest of your life ^^ Again, thank you very much
  11. Hey there everyone. I am currently in the midst of writing my bachelor thesis on Spiral Dynamics, with my main reference being the book on it that Leo highly recommend from K. W. (Writing it like that to not name a book on Leos paywalled book list). The main objective of the thesis will be to explore his theory, scientifically bolster it claims whenever possible, and point out wherever it drifts off into speculation. My question being: Do you maybe have any good references, related works, reviews or generally things you think might be useful in my writing of this thesis? (I am already aware of the Mega-Threads with examples I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are having a magnificent day ^^
  12. Hey there everyone, I was wondering how you all count your pranayamas (108 long breaths where you chant ohm between the eyebrows). My problem is, that I can't keep my focus on the point between my eyebrows whilest counting (even with a mala chain or finger counting). Is there maybe a way or some advice for counting to 108 whilest fully concentrating on the ohms and your breath (= whilest moving neighter body or mind) Even some kind of gadget, necklace or wristband that automatically counts your breaths and beeps at a certain number would be great. Have a nice day everyone
  13. @Parththakkar12 Maybe check out "parler" already a twitterlike app that is pretty free speech