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  1. @Matt23 Thank you, for the suggestion I did get his works but ended up not reading to much of it since my timemanagement was rather lacking. ^^'
  2. Hey there everyone. I am currently in the midst of writing my bachelor thesis on Spiral Dynamics, with my main reference being the book on it that Leo highly recommend from K. W. (Writing it like that to not name a book on Leos paywalled book list). The main objective of the thesis will be to explore his theory, scientifically bolster it claims whenever possible, and point out wherever it drifts off into speculation. My question being: Do you maybe have any good references, related works, reviews or generally things you think might be useful in my writing of this thesis? (I am already aware of the Mega-Threads with examples I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are having a magnificent day ^^
  3. @Lauro Chapa Hey there, I was realy busy writing, so I didn't have the brainspace for a lot of discussing. I handed it in last minute a few days ago. I had a couple of hardships, since a lot of his claims weren't all that scientific but I think in the end it was an acceptable 40 pages. If you are still interested in discussing the topic I'd be happy to ^^ And sorry for not answering sooner
  4. @TheGreekSeeker Thank you for the tip ^^
  5. Hello everyone, this might become quite the long post but I just feel the need to sort my thoughts in a post like this. Please excuse my spelling, I am typing this on my phone and am not a native speaker (also it is pretty late here). For a long time now I have been wondering what the biggest hardships are that the beeings of this time are facing. And there were quite a few possible answers: Depression Child abuse Animal cruelty Torture (state/individual) Discrimination against men (in developed countries) Discrimination against women (in development countries) The division of people (as a cause for nearly all problems or a obstacle to their solution) My view on all (in the sense that I would just have to recognize that everything is perfect just the way it is) World hunger/thirst Diseases/Viruses etc. Environmental disasters going hand in hand with those created or made worse by humans (pollution, earth quakes, climate change etc.) Diets (developed world) Marketing (addiction to consumerism) . . . There is so... SO much shit going on. And you can see it. Dogs as well as humans getting skinned as well as burned alive Humans just plain torturing each other I saw someone putting a cat in a washin all it could do was lie on the ground with bloodshot eyes, twitching from time to time with his tong out And that are just the instances that got filmed and then shared publicly... what goes on behind closed doors is bound to be even worse... I want to make a change, but damn do I feel helpless. How could I not! There are so much people needing help and I cant help them all. I thought about creating a platform to bring people together and help others help others, to make the biggest change possible. Here I am however, talking big but all I actually do is distract myself from reality through porn and games. I live a cushy life, wanting to give all I have away to the best cause there is on the one hand while not wanting to give away any (I do a little more each day to be fair to myself.... But it feels kinda laughable) And in that situation, torn between the two extremes, I can pat myself on the back cause I want to and hate myself for not doing it while at the same time keeping my cushy lifestyle. ... I don't even know if I really want to change the world or if I really just don't care about anything than wanting to see me/others to see me as someone who does. I don't know if I don't act because I think it is futile or to risky to maybe be wrong or simply fear of the work that would entail or something else entirely. ... I feel like I want to understand people and bring them together on a big scale, so that real change is possible (after all I think it is our division that makes us weak) in all the main areas as well as those one might not even be conscious of. I want for everyone to see that we are a lot more similar than we're different ant that they can change the world in a big way if they act on the parts that we all (mostly) agree on and create a space where it is possible to explore different opinions in a openminden manner. ... However, I am not confident at all, that my current Ideas for that are totally practical since people seem to have a lot more fun watching/supporting conflict, than "boring" solutions What do you think is the biggest problem we are facing today? What is the best thing that one could do in this day and age to change the world for the better? How can I get myself to simply click and motivate myself without it beeing something artificial that I force myself to do or trick myself into doing/liking? I did Leo's course doing all the exercises, but at some point that just got how it felt or maybe I just got lost on the way (more than halve way trough) If anyone feels like this course really would make that change for me pls. also tell me that. I will restart it a 3rd time anyways. Not sure if I should follow it even more or way less strictly so as to not stop halveway again Thank you if you've read this far, I hope it was interesting ^^
  6. @Carl-Richard Now I can even thank you a second time ^^ Oh and while we're at it, I wish you a wonderfull start into the new year tomorrow
  7. @Carl-Richard :') I realize my mistake in how I interpreted that Thanks a lot, I will most definetly do that ^^
  8. @Leo Gura Thank you, I thought so from what I have read so far. What would you say are the works/models that correlate the most with Spiral Dynamics and have the best hard scientific basis? (only if there's something that comes to mind of course)
  9. @Carl-Richard I think you don't quite understand ChatGPT ? That AI only works on master thesis and I am writing my Bachelor's. ;p
  10. @hamedsf I like that viewpoint. Thank you for sharing ^^
  11. I couldn't help my mum when she was sad (she didn't let me) I couldn't do what she wanted me to and even if I could it was just what was expected of me. I feel useless and helpless without any sort of power that is good and has it's source within me. The one thing that comes closest is the love I have for myself simply because I am conscious and therefore want just the best for this consciousness to be conscious off. How can I get this fire back that makes me feel like it is worth it to (makes me want to) act on that love for "my own" consciousness. That makes me feel so lonely and sad
  12. @Moreira I am unsure if I believe things like that are happening in the upper brackets of my country, though I am sure that there is countries in which this is happening. I defined do agree with the conclusion of not focusing on things you can't change, but instead focus on the things you are able to change, expanding your field of influence in the process. Have a nice das and all the best ^^
  13. @Amandine Thank you so much for your kindhearted message. I didn't have notifications on, so I only now read your answer. I feel really grateful for you taking the time, and sorry for not having answered sooner. A quick update: - I since stopped actively searching for videos of cruelty since I now know of it and don't feel it will improve either my life or the lives of those suffering - I am currently vegan (though I am unsure whether I already was vegan when I made this post) - Though I am still struggling in regard to motivating myself, I feel like I am making little steps towards increase the positive effects I have on my surroundings I will definitely revisit your post a couple more times, check out all the links you mentioned and look up my country's policy on charity in the hopes of being able to grow myself and the positive impact I have on the world even more. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and your holidays will be just as magnificent as the rest of your life ^^ Again, thank you very much
  14. Hey there everyone, I was wondering how you all count your pranayamas (108 long breaths where you chant ohm between the eyebrows). My problem is, that I can't keep my focus on the point between my eyebrows whilest counting (even with a mala chain or finger counting). Is there maybe a way or some advice for counting to 108 whilest fully concentrating on the ohms and your breath (= whilest moving neighter body or mind) Even some kind of gadget, necklace or wristband that automatically counts your breaths and beeps at a certain number would be great. Have a nice day everyone
  15. @Parththakkar12 Maybe check out "parler" already a twitterlike app that is pretty free speech
  16. I just wanted to thank everyone that has taken the time to respond so kindly even though none of you will most likely see this. None of your responses went unread or even unnoticed and I appreciated reading each and every one of them <3 Thank you
  17. Hello everyone, hope you are all doing mighty fine today. I was wondering if any of you might know of a course/product that costs 2000$ upward, which you find is more than worth its price? The reason being is that I learned a skill of consulting people that are interested in a certain high value product over the phone, but haven't found a product I can truly support jet. (not saying I mastered it by any means) Most products and courses I came across seemed like scams to me and the products that provide a lot of value in my eyes are all to "cheap" as for me to be of any real use. I would love to find a product or service where I can try to make the prospect realize the value of said product/service and do good by leading him to buy it with truth on my side and without having to rely on cheap tricks and lies to steal my paycheck from others. This is one of my first posts so I hope I didn't commit any deadly sins. Have a beautiful day and thank you all for taking the time
  18. Integration is key and you have given us more than enough practices for spiritual growth & Self Actualization. A problem I see myself faced with however is which practices I should focus on getting started and which ones could get interesting as I go through this journey. So I thought that you could maybe make a video explaining the progress, of which practices you would recommend in which order and why. An overview to get a holistic grasp of the ones you think are the most game-changing with links to your videos where you talk about these practices more in-depth. Example: Firstly I would start a meditation habit if you haven't already done that together with some old school kriya Yoga. In the weekends I would do a shamanic breathing session. Cut out or minimize your refined sugar and soda intake. At the start of each month, I would take use one day to spend fasting and in total silence. . . . Of course, this is not the right thing for everybody, but it is a starting point. Just see what fits and optimize it so it becomes yours.
  19. @Leo Gura I never know if what I do will have the results I want it to, If it does after 1 hour it might cause a massacre in 500 Jears and save 1 Billion lives in a thousand. I feel like I'm lost in this meaningless lie already and I was since a young age, even though it was somewhat different back then. I consumed porn and masturbated in excess for the last ten years and am planning to at least stop with the porn, and probably the masturbation as well, for the next half year. I am going somewhere but I feel so uncertain and lost while at the same time feeling like I have a clearer sight of "what is" and how to live than most others. But then again I don't seem to have nearly enough trust in that. I want to clearly see this all as a meaningless lie, have trust in that, learn to love it and stand firm in nothingness. Maybe I should try and sort myself out, let life & myself catch up to the believes I have at the moment before I take any psychedelics at all. But then again It is said that psychedelics can "clear" your mind / show you how things really are and if that's how it is, shouldn't now be the perfect time for me to check if they can support what I believe with an experience. If the experience is different from what I expect though it might just set my believes further apart from what I am doing / reality as I act it out. Or it might help me to come up with an even clearer vision on how to live. AHHHH this is just so intertwined @.@ <3 It always is Thank you so much for being part of why I thought about it in this way, it was very interesting and I feel like it might have cleared things up for me to some extent.
  20. I think this Ryan Cropper guy might be a turquoise (his main focus is Astral Projection/Travel) Do any of you know him? If yes, what do you think of him? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaC3wrQpIfsn4G8stxQEbDQ
  21. A beautiful day to all of you ^^ This is my first post on this forum so please feel free to tell me if there is something I am doing wrong. I am at spiral dynamics stage yellow (I think) and 20 years old. Most likely going to start studying philosophy in 2 months. My life seems really strange and mysteriouse while at the same time being soulless and dry (most likely because I am afraid to trust in it being as "beautiful" as I think it might be). I already tried mushrooms which gave me some insights, but not the motivation/certainty to get me moving at the paste I would like to (I can see that I "could"). My hope would be that 5-MeO-DMT can make me switch into a mode where I can strive towards something with energy, motivation, and certainty. I know this isn't a wonder pill that solves all problems but I hope it can push me a little more into the right direction give me something to aim for I "know" I can reach (even though I think that ultimately I "shouldn't" need that). Now here is where I would like to ask you for advice or sources you know that might be able to help me. What would be the best plant to extract 5-MeO-DMT from to use RoA? Or in general what form of the 5-MeO-DMT (powder, fluid, crushed seeds...) as well as which form of intake would you recommend for a beginner (or any sources to learn about the pros and cons of both)? I am also open to make new friends in general, so if you feel like you want to get to know me better feel free to message me and we can get together on skype, discord etc.. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this post