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  1. Yes. @cjoseph90 typically said she was into something serious and would be hurt if the guy would treat her as casual sex. She wants to avoid that specific situation. There is nothing stingy with that.
  2. Yep. Imagine how stupid one feels after this. Avoiding this scenario is a woman's top priority, hence all the safeguards and questioning. It's especially bad if she gets emotionally involved only to be dropped like an old sock. And this happens a lot because woman sexuality is very wired towards feelings. ^ The female side of things.
  3. Thank you. You're welcome, @soos_mite_ah. There are several degrees of commitment. We're not talking about planning a LTR which must imperatively succeed before sex . It's more about having the intention to pursue something beside sex with this person and put the mean and effort to it in a reasonable way. Because, you're there for more than just the sex. You actually like each other and seek something intimate and special together. And there is still room for calling it quit any time if the circumstances makes it right and incompatibility is revealed. In Europe (especially in France), if you get out with someone once on a romantic date, it's assumed that you don't get to see anyone else on the side. If you do, you'll be considered a cheater or a player. I got confused the first time I understood that Americans were waiting to have a conversation to call themselves exclusives and stop seeing other people on the side. The real commitment is showing sincere interest for someone. It doesn't need to be framed as anything. Usually, if you're truly interested by someone, you just keep seeing each other and the thing unfolds naturally, without any need for label.
  4. @Flowerfaeiry It depends. I find that there aren't any general rules that apply to all cases. I mean, if we are talking about a tinder date with someone you've never spoken to before or if you're finally getting on a romantic night out with someone you've known for years, you're not exactly in the same situation. My opinion is that most of the time there is no rush, and things can mature until you get to know someone a bit and learn how to value him/her and vice versa. To me, the right moment is when both have a feeling of trust and ease about it.
  5. I think your comment is taking excessively a masculine vantage point here, Leo, You are venting out possibly some frustration about how females are "sexually stingy", but the reality is that the female experience is energetically at the opposite side of the spectrum you are familiar with. What she wants is a guy who is there because he's interested, not because he's looking to empty his balls. If you had a daughter, ask yourself if you would give her the same advice? Knowing to what extend many men will outlook a female's agenda for their desire for sex, you'd probably understand why it's important that she feels like this guy has also her best interest in mind. Women are the like the egg. We chose who gets in meticulously and this is done by sorting out who is compatible ahead. It's not a house party for everyone to get it. Just like the female reproductive system has safeguard to select the best sperm, the female body and psyche is the same when it comes to chose who is compatible for sex ahead. The thing is, there is no timeline to when you desire to have sex with a man. It depends on what you are looking for. You've got the right for a one night stand as much as you've got the right for looking something more serious. You've got also the right to no sex at all if that's what you chose. What I get from your post is that you are currently wondering if this guy is interested in you in the same way as you are in him. And that is totally legit. So I wouldn't listen to anyone telling you you should suppress or overrun this feeling and have sex. To me, the ideal situation is to feel like you're dealing with a man who values you and for whom having sex is part of how the relationship is naturally unfolding. It's quite intuitive, and your ability to screen this is is always a question of intimacy and ability to read someone's energy. If you suspect this man is not on the same page as you, just dive into his psyche by asking him general questions about the whole topic as part of a conversation in many other subjects and make up your mind discreetly. What's important is not so much the spoken commitment but the presence or the premises of this unspoken mutual respect and genuine care for one another.
  6. Okay. Trying to be slowly back on track. It's been quite a difficult month for me, I must say. I'm having a hard time realigning to the good place I was before all these events happened to me. First there was this second Pfizer shot right before my exams. It totally knocked me out for nearly a week while I still had to assimilate and get ready for the session. I had fever, migraine, vertigo, chills and insomnia. That was NOT fun. Seriously. I wish someone had warned me not to take exams right after that or during the preparation phase... Anyway... I worked my ass off for 2-3 weeks (the good old 18 hours per day kind) just for them and I ended up both sick and stranded in Germany. My train ticket to go back to Switzerland (yes, I am a crazy wanna be ecologist) got cancelled because the Bahn got on strike the day I had to go. So... I missed my corporate law exam despite for all my efforts. And I was fucking pissed. Because I wanted it done. Then, I took my civil procedure exam and it went very poorly. I had worked the whole semester on the computer and my files weren't properly ordered. I had a counter time with printing my stuff and I wasn't happy with my knowledge. Not to mention that this subject is ridiculously hard and most of my efforts went on the corporate law stuff. I also got to present 30 mn in advance and was seriously taken out of guard because I got taken in the classroom right at the moment I sat my ass on the stairs, out of breathe, trying to retrieve my most important files in the mess I just created. Anyway. I was feeling so insecure that my voice was shaking. I even thought about leaving the room and run away. Out of embarrassment. And because I was such in a bad mindset and got so slow at resolving the case because I couldn't retrieve anything... I still have this impostor syndrome kicking in when I don't feel like I'm at my full capacity. Even thought I'm already graduated from one of the supposedly best law school, I still get a strong sense that I am a fraud sometimes. The fear and heavy usage of my mind makes it hard not to be identified with the self-image. I walked out totally depressed, convinced I had given my professor the worst performance she had ever seen. Apparently not, because the results went out yesterday and I passed. But still. I'm convinced it was dreadful. And then, I've spent 7 days in my hometown. A marathon, meeting everyone, catching up with their lives. Went out 1-2-3 times. Got drunk a few time. Got caught in my relative's "hedonostic" lifestyle. Usually, I am much better at dodging that stuff, but the sickness, the exams and the stress it had generated within me got my consciousness burried under layers of identification and I got caught in doing pretty unconscious stuff. Up to this day, I still pay the price. I don't feel well. I feel like my consciousness and vibration has been lowered. Got a strong feeling of disgust with myself. I even ate chicken nuggets at a McDonalds a 2am after I landed back in Germany. Says it all. Everything was close, but still. That was the day I got the news. She died abruptly. More challenges. First time confronted so close to death and grief in a while. Not to mention that for me, so many things happened innerly in the last weeks. I'm still not sure where I am. So many things to unpack.
  7. Jacob, 12 year old, trader and a Thatcher Fan. The video is in english with french subtitles.
  8. My boyfriend's mom suddenly died last Friday. He's obviously very very sad. I flew back on the same day from Switzerland to Germany. Seeing him dealing with the loss of his mother is painful. I'm helping and comforting the best that I can. I'd like to write more on the topic, but I'm always wondering if there is a chance he reads or will read my journal in the future. Obviously, he sees me spending quite a lot of time on this forum... So I can't ignore this possibility. I feel very protective to his feelings. I don't think he'd like that I'd write anything about that.
  9. But that was a secret Alyssa... The secret of Brokebake Mountain. 😁
  10. Yeah, my experience is that a lot of the women I know have been in LTR during their 20s. Others just had a few relationships that failed, but none because they were jumping from Chads to Chads. ^ Here is a good read on the level of delusion coming from incels, regarding that matter.
  11. The proof that holding a job relies on an unequal power dynamic (which can be described as authoritarian) is that this relationship is currently used as the main mean of coercion towards anti-vaxx by the government. Now that they've asked people to do it as volunteers and the flow has stopped, they know this one is an extremely high conversion measure. As an illustration, my brother had no interest whatsoever in getting vaccinated until yesterday. The Swiss government allowed employers to ask for full vaccination under certain condition and of course, now he's got no other choice but to comply or be very poorly seen by his hierarchy.
  12. @StarStruck That's very interesting. Where did you get that from?
  13. That was a cool docu to watch. Is this possible that we've been witnessing stage purple/red women rejecting masculine red values to make an alliance with Green?
  14. Cowboys...? Bwhahaha.
  15. Women definitely do have plenty of shady sides. But I think the red pill doesn't make a good job at understanding why we/they do that. The perspective is not deep enough. Women aren't meant to be put on a pedestal but to be seen as fellow humans. I think no humans belong to a pedestal to be fair. I'm surely guilty of forgetting this from time to time.