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  1. @cypres As you can see eight is 97%, one is 94%, six is only 84%, three is 98% . 381 So does the enneagram show the limitations of these types that I'm most assigned to, and it's good for me to study 3, 8, 1 types? or am I solely supposed to focus on 3 wing 2? I did not recognize this until now, seeing you mentioned I have one. I always knew I and 3 and 8, but not one. One is a huge shadow for me. @vizualmaybe, the reason I hated sensory types so much is because type one enneagram is my shadow. Afterall, in my childhood, I was very traditional but as i grew older, I came to despise it.
  2. @vizual I'll have to be honest. I've been one of them. I've had horrible experiences with sensory types. Just horrible.
  3. I got a 3 wing 2 yesterday, and it was my first time ever touching on the subjet of enneagram But the scores say I got 98% of type 3, and 97% of type 8. Do I completely disregard type 8, and focus on 3 wing 2s? I do see myself primarily 3, but still, I know a big part of me is 8. I don't understand why enneagram wouldn't mention the 2nd most percentages, but just go for the wing of the primary type. Also, upon watching Eben Pagan's master map of success, Wyatt Woodsmall was saying MBTIs are a bit dangerous in the fact that many people feel pride for their personality types and do not try to change while enneagrams are a bit better in that it challenges people to improve. How can we use enneagrams? What is the best way to use enneagrams to self develop? A very serious question for me and thanks for the help
  4. @Knowledge Hoarder So barbarian tribes won them over. That's what I'm talking about. Sorry, for not being too factual. I just want to get my point out that Rome was destroyed by some barbarian tribe.
  5. @PurpleTree That video from Scarface was on my mind the whole time writing this post.
  6. That's a great metaphor @JosephKnecht . I've been thinking the exact thing. Somehow, I feel as if the amount of land a king possesses, the money a business man makes, the things the thieves steal is a way for all of them to express their sense of power. That does not necessarily mean they do have power and influence. It's a form of expression from them, that's all that it is. But, there must be some sort of true power that society tend to shun and dismiss, in which even I don't understand and cannot comprehend.
  7. Examples and Observations (need not read this part): Gandhi seems to have been successful with this tactic. Many Chinese dynasties were destroyed by the weaker country (usually from Mongolia or the Manchurian tribes). Rome was defeated by the weaker country. The Roman emperor was threatened by Jesus Christ, so he opted to kill him. We could say Jesus had such power and influence with no money, no perceived "status" ... etc. Socrates had himself killed because he had power and influence over the young generation. If Socrates and Jesus had no power, why would any "powerful" politicians would have tried to kill them? Hercules was an orphan. No, he was not the son of Zeus. Yet, just with his incredible ability for war and martial arts, he was able to convince others that he was a "hero" or in modern terms, a "Mafia for Greece". Another example, in the 1600s, Japan was planning to invade China and take over whole of Asia. Korea was such a small country to them they did not care to concern over it. Even though Korea probably had 3/10th of the forces Japan had in the military sect, we succeeded mainly for one, we had a bad ass general, and second (which is the most underappreciated of all) the weather was not optimal for Japan to succeed against our newly designed boats. Japan planned for a siege plan using their new technically designed boat just to get an edge over Korea's strong military boats, but the bad weather conditions made Japan not use the boat, so Korea won countless times. Mongolia tried to invade Japan's island called Tsushima. Of course, Mongolia should have won. They were far superior forces than Japan. But what led them to defeat? Weather conditions! Two hurricanes and flood led the mongolians defeated. It was difficult to say Japan succeeded or Mongolia failed. It was more correct to say, the Heavens succeeded. So, my premise is, where do we lie influence and power? Even in military games, just because one country had more talent, more money, more intelligence, more intel, more this and that, did not make them victorious over other countries. Really. Look at all the bigger countries in history, and see how they were destroyed. It was always the least, or the second weakest country that held winner over them. Remember, who took over Rome? Byzantine Empire. They were one of the weakest countries around Rome, but they held the status in the end. This idea of power really confuses me. It's hard to just frame it so easily as if money = power. It's equal to saying, "the amount of land = power of nations". Totally untrue.
  8. @itachi uchiha That I agree. I don't see much in Korea taking Orange to extremes for sure
  9. I think he wants to do what Eben Pagan does. But a little bit differently with Owen's taste of things? More about social interactions, public speaking, persuasion/leadership, energy work (spiritual work). Eben Pagan doesn't talk much about communication, public speaking, and especially not "energy" work. hahhaha
  10. shut up and just sarge -Tyler
  11. @jimwell Korea is the same. But.... Adding to this... Korea has ageism. This one is by far the worst. If only South Korea understood how idolizing elders over youngsters brings so much ineffectiveness. People on other countries have no idea how this idolization is drastically far worse than even China and Japan. If Korea was able to discard this aspect, I think we could soar much more than we are capable of right now. I even think Korea could dominate the economy of other countries just how Japan did in the 90s 80s. (you could see how much I'm passionate about this subject in my culture) This "Samurai" aspect of Japan serves one of the things that I respect most. It's the "may the best man win" is what intrigues me and makes me respect Japan. Korea is more about status and appearance. Confucianism had impacted this a lot. Whereas Japan has more of a Taoist or Buddhist ideal in their culture, in which status and appearance may not be so important as confucius ideals. Many say religion has no impact on culture and our lives. Bullshit. Christianity had impacted western culture to its maximum. Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism on Asia, and this is how we live such different lives on different sides of the Earth. How do you see Korea? I'm curious
  12. I would like to add, part of learning is about "not" being ourselves because we need to change.
  13. @Karmadhi you seem emotional. Get level headed before thinking clearly and taking real decisions
  14. @Leo Gura And gives great biz advice at that.