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  1. .. I did get that sense from the girl. Perhaps that's why I didn't want to block her.
  2. @Enlightement although I had fun with making jokes about your points, I do see your point of 'unequivocable empathy' with people I know less to be good advice. I'll probably use it.
  3. That's because you never had a decent conversation on text in your life. Blocking on the 5th text? Haha. You must have blocked and insulted some good people along your way who could've been good to you. That's not how you do that my dear friend. It's called being attentive. In real life interactions, when someone starts a rhetoric of his own, instead of a dialogue, a good friend will listen and proceed to be attentive, not block his friend from his ramblings. I hope you understand this. Be more attentive to people next time my dear friend. Based on my observations, people who can't listen in real life, can't be attentive virtually either. It's called 'getting in touch with your own darkness' I just told you, I care to learn about people's darkness. Stop thinking everyone just wants attention, by your own projection. Some people do just want to learn. By the way, please don't get offended by this. Don't block me either, like how you would block the person when he texts the 5th text, haha. I am enjoying this conversation with you. But good luck being attentive to others with living with your advice suggested to me.. I write and speak in a way that will seem like an idiot speaking, or just like I am being a provocateur, but really, I'm just trying to have a deep debate with you. Don't block me. Haha. I do notice, I can be very very offensive in my way of speech, at least in the eyes of the perceiver. But you have to understand, I'm not trying to attack, I just enjoy deep conversations and debates, both.
  4. How are you so sure it would wild sex,, lol
  5. Although, I do get the point, I can be provocative with words. But that doesnt mean I must be unprovocative. That is like telling someone to not use free speech. The best speakers were always provocative. Also, whether someone believes my words to be untrue or true, does not give the right to that person to say I dont have my freedom to speak. Even with trying to understand a person's dark side, without provocational freedom, without free ideas and speech, exploration of that dark side is impossible. Then there would be no communication. And the consequences of miscommunication will fall mostly on the person who has limited those free ideas and rights to speak.
  6. You don't get the point then. I'm not here to talk about "pick up" advice as you want to talk about with me. I actually didn't want to block her, even now I don't want to block her now. Because I was interested as to why she acted that way. Believe you me, I don't think you realize I've gotten many F you texts myself. But she was a bit different because it was integrated and natural the way it was written. I was primarily interested in what her state and understanding of the world was. I didn't want to fuck her. What on Earth makes you think of that? If somebody shows you their dark side genuinely. I have a degree of curiosity and I know many people who does too, while you may not have the curiosity, consider others too.
  7. I just told you, I already did. I just said it to you.
  8. No no, she definitely likes me. Every girl loves me. You never seen how cute I am. Dont you assume that presumptuously.
  9. @Enlightement confirmed, i just texted her "fucking why did you do that?" Then she just now proceeded to text me 15 times the same text "dont anger me in the morning." And gave 30 emojis. Fuck it was scary just now again. Wtf It really is the girl who is giving me those text. Not her friend.
  10. Perhaps. Some psychopaths ... huh.... i dont know.
  11. Ok. Fine. You will try to understand them despite that person talking about killing you, mind you the girl had a degree of humor and seriousness, when talking about all this. These two qualities are scary as shit. You will try to understand that person. Haha. Believe it or not. I did try to do that. But not with 'unequivocable empathy', until whenever i tried to sleep there were 50 emojis on my notifications of smiling bears. And clown pictures.
  12. @Enlightement imagine I wrote to you, after having touched and flirted with you on dates, a few days later "where is your address?" "Im going to kill you." "Lets meet now :)" "ill ve there in 2 hours I assume"On text. How will you respond? Or was I triggered? Laugh it off?! Take her on another date? If I could show you the homicidal articles and clown pictures she sent me while I asked her to calm down. The 50 emojis she sent me every time I left her unread 3 seconds. I wonder if you could laugh it off. In fact, i did laugh it off come to think of it. She said she missed her time in prison (am i supposed to believe her?), and got on a long history of what she did to get there. So i asked "what do you miss most?" Laughing. And she replied "ramen" Saying how she was aroused by what i said about "weirdness"and myself replying late. Late? Text her every 3 seconds?! With unequivocavle empathy?!
  13. No I can handle a critique! How dare you! But maybe, youre right. What you said is very very true. I do have to be very 'unequivocably empathetic to impeccable levels.' Because they are women Ive just met. Youre right, i didnt have 'unequivocable empathy' for stranger women. You're right........ But why should I? Have unequivocable empathy?!
  14. Yo, read carefully before you write. I called her weird, because she blocked my phone calls (oh, i just realized writing this I didnt mention this haha) Anyway, i didnt call her any profane word. Avoid uncomfortable texting? Then I would have to guess you were never having any real conversations with texting in your life yourself. Because real conversations require discomfort. But please, i have no time to argue with anyone here. Because I have a horrifying premonition that you will try to argue with me, in which I would dread because I dont have such time here to do that. Mind i tell you, she said she will 'cook' me. So, when I said she was weird, i dont think I was inaccurate my dear friend. The real question is, how can I be genuine with people on text, but also being able to be safe and sound in life from such attractive psychotic women!