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  1. I'm listening to Brian Tracy's "No Excuses" and it's extremely motivational. I trust Brian Tracy. Do you guys have any books, audiobooks motivational from great teachers? I don't like motivational speakers if you know what I mean.
  2. What do you think? Will the content of knowledge we bring be corrupted if the "HOW" and the "philosophy of science" is inept? Maybe it isn't really about "what" you know, but "how" you know it. My interest is not in what most scientists are right now. My interest lies simply on what makes a great scientist. I mean Tesla Einstein level scientist. How much did they devote their time on the philosophy of science as well as the "what" of science, the content? Watching a lot of books about Einstein, David Bohm's philosophy, some Chemistry journals, Thomas Kuhn, Leo's videos, Forensic Science text books, Dr. Henry Lee's Cracking Cases (an account of a Chinese American Detective of all his homicide cases), Feynman's biographies and his lectures.... I have found one thing in common. Their respect for the philosophy of science is immense. Mostly, they got the inspiration to learn about the "How" of science from a very young age. It was so deeply seeped into their souls that they did not need to necessarily read a book about "philosophy of science" to do excel in the field. My question still remains however, should we first understand the "how" of science before seeping into the "what" of science alas we gain corrupted knowledge? I don't want corrupted knowledge. I've seen the dangers of it in my life in other fields. What do you guys think?
  3. a fortune is like a woman. You have to beat it to death to let it come to you. Fortune goes rather to the impetuous men than to the idle.
  4. Read the book from Robert Greene and 50 cent. The book is named The 50th Law. It's about what kind of mentality 50 cent was able to create success with his music and build an empire with his music business even living with his parents both dead, not going to high school or college, selling cocaine to live by, and how he attracted mentors to teach 50 cent about music. 50 cent encountered many street gangs that were trying to kill him and was jealous of his success, so the book teaches us how 50 had to deal with power play throughout his music career. So much hostility and hardship was with 50 cent, but look at him now. what was 50's advice in the book? Hustle. Fearlessness. God Damn read the fucking book and I think it will help you at least to get the psychology and mentality right before you embark on your journey with the music business, because 50 tells you the business is full of shitheads trying to rob you and steal from you. Hustle and Fearlessness. Ain't it so simple. Everybody knows this, but never take action on this step. The 50th Law book is a continuing on from the 48 laws of power. I recommend both of them but for your benefit, I just say at least read the former.
  5. Maybe I was naive. Being in my early 20s, Direct confrontation, brawl fighting, debates, war between countries, hostile word exchanges, business competition, competition of competency were the only matters that concerned me in terms of warfare and conflict. I knew political warfare existed in society, but I had always underestimated the scale that it has the potential to destroy a person's life if he or she is not careful in understanding this. When he does not acknowledge such dynamics exists in the first place, he is entirely deluding himself of reality. We don't want to ignore reality. I recommend reading this book. Also, read Machiavelli's The Prince. Read Sun Tzu's Art of War since politics is basically about warfare and competition. Read the Analects from Confucius is you want to know the cunning ways to devise yourself to have a powerful reputation amongst others. Much of the hostilities we face when we are aiming for financial freedom, health, and relationships, we must understand how others ujustly may take advantage of you politically. Being a pacifist in the face of wolves is the source of endless tragedy... Learn about power dynamics if you don't want tragedy in the world.
  6. no problem
  7. @DreamScape i bet if you were about to get raped, you would be the first one to pray for a police to come help you, or not? Idk. Maybe you just expect a passer-by Joe to save you from the rapist who also has a gun and a knife in his bag to kill anybody trying to oppose him
  8. Its based on the utopian idea. One of its major problems is to give fair outcomes to all individuals and to destroy social hierarchies, one of the ways is to destroy all signs of luxury, art, or wealth. Better if it was said "fair opportunity to all individuals", no? But communists arent really saying that, are they. Reading Gorky's, The Mother, I could totally see in the book how the characters' pursuit for a communist revolution was not out of spite. I wonder if i was a young man in that era, I could have totally done the same, not knowing other ideas and being a hot tempered person. What intrigues me though is people like nietzsche and Dostoevsky were able to see from miles away there was something fishy about socialism. How tf did they see that? They havent seen socialism unfold yet to its utter fucked upness, but they were able predict the horrible effects of it! What geniuses! Im curious how you guys think you would habe stood with socialism in the era? Do you think you would have been like Dostoevsky or like chairman Mao in his younger days fighting for communism against imperialism? What do you think Dostoevsky and Nietzsche had seen through communism that it had them predict such atrocities even before the destruction of socialism. (Only read the following if you are interested) I write about this because i have a girlfriend in China who i deem to be really similar to me: a normal human being. She aint crazy like me ;). She has her own ambitions of mainly being rich. She's quite smart, but not as smart as me ;). Shes funny quirky and cool unlike most individuals i see from where i live which is in korea. I meet korean guys girls american europeans here and they aint cool. Funny thing, however, she is totally for the ideals of communism. I continuously shit on China and she laughs it off like my capitalist ideals are a bunch for losers Lol. Like, its funny how she doesnt react to me shitting on China, but she just gives shit on America and Korea for not being like China. She then says China is the greatest country in the world. She tries to laugh it off like a joke but then proceeds to say to me that she does seriously believe China is the best. When i then shit on chairman Mao, she then (very unreactively) responds how i could think of Chairman Mao as such an evil person. Then i told her she is brainwashed. She laughs again. (At this point her laughter startles me because i expect chinese people to be defensive and reactive. I wonder if the propoganda has become so deep that it had become an identity!) Like me being reactive and being angry at how the chinese gov treats its people, but she treats me like im a little kid and tries to comfort me.
  9. I have a good strategy to deal with those psychos. Anybody with extreme war skills like General Patton or Sun Tzu may handle them. Even with armies and a lot of power is permitted. Isolate the victims (the psychos) and hope to teach them while having them do no harm to the teacher that's reforming them. The only caveat here is the person in power has to have an enlightened outlook. It won't be weak psychologists and teachers that will be helping those psychos. I don't think it would take so much effort for the universe to borne out a person that can be so proficient in war and be totally enlightened at the same time. If he who posses those qualities, he can control the psycho and at the same time help him. It's takes just one person to love strategy and war and takes seriously his personal development. After all, a criminal is just a war crazed individual gone the wrong way.
  10. I'm just curious to know how you people deal with others. Many assumptions people can make about ENTJs We have no problem getting toxic people out of our lives We don't mind being the bad guy to do the right thing We have a tendency to want to dominate in groups Many label ENTJs as heartless, but in reality they don't know what really motivates us underneath. It's not generally something "evil" as they like to think. Most people like to put us in leadership positions We are not too detail oriented. We like to deal with the big picture rather Anyways, how are you people.
  11. @WelcometoReality I agree. How can I love another if there is no trust. After all, love is the highest value I hold for myself. My parents were not trusting people, especially my father. I hate being the constant doubter. Ah! It's so ugly! I remember a high school friend who doubted everything and it was just plain ugly. He was delusional and ugly with his doubts. My father is the same, but he was good at framing his doubts with beautiful packaging. Obviously, I have seen the glimmer of light through the end of this tunnel of doubts, so I ask for advice from anyone who did not necessarily have problems with trust in their life. I for instance never had a problem with money and making friends. Now, I need help from people who never had a problem with trust and being able to see through bullshit. haha I don't know why when you speak, I suddenly find myself emotionally deconstructing LOL
  12. @JosephKnecht awesome shit
  13. Yes, I won't object to even murder. For the sake of self-defense, one does not want to murder the raging maniac, but if he won't stop trying to kill more innocent people, there is no shame in making the choice of killing him to stop him. But I don't think completely giving up on such people is the right mentality to have. Yes, it does simply cost too many resources. But if we don't have that as our ideal, who will? Will they create a world without such atrocities? We have to be the one initiating the goal of reforming everyone: no one gets left behind; or else, we have no hope of creating an enlightened world. In terms of military strategy, Sun Tzu loved to say "The best strategy is to have the least amount of deaths with our troops and with the enemy and win the battle." He wanted to unite China, where there were 8-9 factions waging wars and forming allies with their cunning. So to deplete not only Sun Tzu's troops but to deplete also the faction's troops he is about to wage war on was a problem for his country. In other words, Sun Tzu's ultimate goal, purpose, and drive was to win wars without depleting his own and the enemy's troops. He wasn't saying this quote "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" out of humanitarianism. He was saying this out of cunning and calculation to win wars against enemy factions. However, Sun Tzu was waging war on China, but we, here, are waging war on devilry, am I not correct? In the same way, we cannot lose the sight of our ultimate purpose, goal, and strategy. If we give up on reforming them, nobody will. And the purpose, you all already know: it is to create a world without conscious people.
  14. I have this issue recently where I cannot trust anybody. I am big on being collaborative and not being too negative with life but my incessant doubts about how the world is makes me negative and angry. And this negativity translates onto my friends and family. What is trust? I've read a book on trust by OSHO but it did not transform me ultimately. I've only got one advice from the book: "Trust yourself first." What else can I do? I just cannot see what trust can do for my life. What good can trust do but get me betrayed? What good can trust do but make me naive?
  15. A quote from Chuang Tzu.... wow! Forgive my translation of the Chinese piece. "The knower does not know how to speak. The one who speaks does not know. Therefore, the sage tries to teach without speech. The way is not something that we can give, and goodness is not something that comes from the outside. An act of benevolence is something all too human. Loyalty is something of destruction. Righteousness is something similar to destruction. Manners are for fakers. In other words, only when you have destroyed your way to the Tao have you finally added yourself the values of benevolence, then comes loyalty, and then righteousness, and manners. Rites, rituals, and mannerisms are simply a caricature of the men and women of the way, however! They are the beginners of confusion. A real man of the way simply subtracts. Everyday and night he discards and discards until he finds himself accomplished in having the state of "no intentions", the "no way". Everything is one. Consider that people think of beautiful things as special, while ugly things as filled with stench. But can't you see that which stinks will soon become special, while the special will decay and stink. In conclusion, there is a saying 'the whole realm is nothing but a giant ball of energy', and like this, the sage thinks in the way.