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  1. Do you think our ultimate goal from AI is to upgrade from our biological limited vehicle to something more powerful? Because the gap between our capabilities is the only thing I noticed in here. Would like to hear some thoughts on this video
  2. @Leo Gura "if this relationship should ever end ( and it always does)" Why it always does?
  3. @allislove I don't know what I want. Maybe because I started digging into what love is and why that person specifically. And it appears that that selection is based on one's conditioning. So the feelings seem groundless and an illusion. Maybe that created my hesitation toward the idea of spending my life with a person. I don't know if that's a thing I want to do. But at the same time, I want to be in a relationship and feel the whole spectrum of emotions. There's conflict in me. I think because I know the truth behind my emotions, as if I'm looking from the outside and not totally immersed in the relationship. That's why I can't say hell yes. I'm not sure if my feelings can be called love or based on love. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
  4. @Preety_India i mentioned up that he feels the same. i actually opened this subject many times with him and he feels the same. He isn't sure and doesn't have an answer too. But i feel i made him more uncertain with my questions and digging. He isn't the type who questions a lot or speak about a situation that might be bothering him. He's torn between leaving or staying too. but he's not initiative lately. so i can't depend on him here.
  5. So, I have been in a relationship with a guy for two years. It started in a weird way, back then. We weren’t attracted to each other or have any feelings, except being comfortable together. So we decided to date, maybe not for the right reasons. But with time a lot of feelings grew between us. As if we built intimacy from point zero. I once read here an answer for leo that says you can grow intimate with any person if you decided to. I believe if you hold that opinion as true you will be capable of doing that, as beliefs manifest themselves into reality. But I don’t seem to be able to do it completely in my case. We are in a point in our relationship were we need to decide if we are going to take the next step and get married. But neither of us is sure about this step. We are not even sure if we love each other. Sometimes he says that he loves me, other times he says he have feelings for me. I feel the same. Sometimes I feel I love him and other times I’m not even sure. Is that normal in relationships? That impermanence? I’m unable to compare because that’s my first one. It feels like there’s something missing between us. Maybe a lack of chemistry/compatibility/the feeling of belonging to one another. And because of that error I feel stressed out and anxious. I want this relationship to work out and with this person. Can be that an indication that I love him? I’m always wondering if there’s a better relationship with a more loving person. A relationship that doesn’t feel forced and needs a lot of work. But I’m afraid that such thing doesn’t exist except in my daydreams and high expectations. I don’t want to leave and the idea of it makes me depressed. But I’m not feeling comfortable staying forever and I’m afraid that I will regret it afterwards. Earlier this year, we broke up but after four months I talked to him again. Wanted to mention that because it might occur to you that we are just attached or got used to each other. In that period I got comfortable alone and partially moved on but I couldn’t tolerate the idea of not speaking to him at all or not knowing how he is doing. So how can I be sure if what is between us is love or not? Should I try more or not? Should I stop thinking about it and let it unfold naturally in whatever way? Because I feel the more I try and feel anxious about it, the more unsatisfied I become. Maybe because of my expectations and what should have happened. But I’m afraid if I stopped trying, that will let the relationship die. Nowadays, I’m not comfortable with not knowing what to do in my situation. I want to feel certain and assured. I hate the hesitations. I hate that I might be preventing both of us a more comfortable relationship where each feels more love. I feel that we want to have more feelings between us but there’s some blockage. I feel I have more to say and other questions that keeps me stuck in a loop. Questions that leads to a more metaphysical type of questions. I’m unable to answer any because how could I be sure except through experiencing. Can I know just through speculating and theorizing? What do you think I should do? If anyone went through the same situation, I would like to hear what happened.
  6. @Jack River I feel like it makes sense for a second then it goes. Fear/ resistance of what? Of being? And that's what create a self. That's somehow what I'm saying. I was wondering like what's the opposite of desire? When all constructed desire disappears, what's left? What enlightened beings act upon, for example?
  7. I was reading the book of not knowing, the part where he talks about the process of creating a self, and a question came to my mind. How can I differentiate between a true /genuine desire and a desire that we just relate to through accumulated ideas or that fits one's self-image? I know that "desire" is a concept itself. But what about, for example, people who preferred a certain field and excelled in it as if they were born for it. What did Einstein felt about physics? Was it a pure desire/urge? Is it when there's no reason for doing it? And I'm talking about all preferences & desires including music taste, the kind of people you fall in love with, fashion taste etc. If our preferences is a mental fabrication, then can I deconstruct the ideas that support it? If I have no self-image, will that mean I won't have any preferences/desires? How can one go about life like that? Just flow with life? Or is everyone destined? I feel lost in my thoughts and can't articulate them properly. Sorry for my English too