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  1. @Jack River I feel like it makes sense for a second then it goes. Fear/ resistance of what? Of being? And that's what create a self. That's somehow what I'm saying. I was wondering like what's the opposite of desire? When all constructed desire disappears, what's left? What enlightened beings act upon, for example?
  2. I was reading the book of not knowing, the part where he talks about the process of creating a self, and a question came to my mind. How can I differentiate between a true /genuine desire and a desire that we just relate to through accumulated ideas or that fits one's self-image? I know that "desire" is a concept itself. But what about, for example, people who preferred a certain field and excelled in it as if they were born for it. What did Einstein felt about physics? Was it a pure desire/urge? Is it when there's no reason for doing it? And I'm talking about all preferences & desires including music taste, the kind of people you fall in love with, fashion taste etc. If our preferences is a mental fabrication, then can I deconstruct the ideas that support it? If I have no self-image, will that mean I won't have any preferences/desires? How can one go about life like that? Just flow with life? Or is everyone destined? I feel lost in my thoughts and can't articulate them properly. Sorry for my English too