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  1. Haha, I don't know that I'm done yet. I can only say that from lots of research and practice, that this is the best approximation of the truth I have come up with. But there is certainly more to enlightenment than what I have mentioned; there is no way words can ever do it justice. If you want to hear it from the horse's mouth, these are resources I enjoyed:
  2. All emotions are still felt. The difference is that they are not taken so seriously, there is no attempt to battle with emotions or thoughts. You could liken it to watching a movie. The regular person watches the movie and gets lost in it, takes everything seriously, even tries to change what is happening in the film. The enlightened person sees what is happening on the screen and enjoys the show, they don't fight it. They can see everything that is happening on the screen at once rather than being caught inside of it. As a side effect, any suffering is dramatically reduced. Of course, this just an analogy and is not the real thing. In reality, there is no viewer, there is only the show. Beware of gurus selling you the idea of the "stone Buddha," who experiences no human emotions. There is no evidence that one has ever existed.
  3. Hell no. There are high-protein plant foods, but almonds ain't it. As an immediate measure I would recommend that you download the app Cronometer, get a $10 food scale and start tracking your calories and macro/micronutrients. Then, you can Google what a good amount of macro or micronutrients to have is, and adjust accordingly. That would be the fastest way to learn how nutrition works.
  4. What if an AI programmed for the betterment of mankind came up with the perfect chemical that could enlighten you forever and automatically sent out drones to spray it on everyone?
  5. That game is a classic. Although Kojima has the most insanely convoluted method of story writing I have ever seen, the themes in MGS2 were fascinating.
  6. There's not much point in ruminating over it. You could use your free time to start a Youtube channel, learn Ableton and make some music, learn how to draw, etc, and find out if you really enjoy those things, or if you're just fantasizing about them.
  7. Just focus on becoming enlightened rather than trying to fight thoughts in your head.
  8. You could start a business, go to school to get a better job, or keep working your job and minimize living expenses, saving as much money as you can. The way the system is designed, there aren't many other options. Everything takes work, so you might as well choose what kind of work you want to do the most.
  9. Some more good health hacks: Rebounding - The most efficient form of exercise I've ever done. Extremely low impact, yet does an excellent job building all the soft tissues in your body including muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones. You can spend just 15 minutes doing an easy health bounce, yet the oxygenated, uplifted feeling you get afterwards is similar to what you get from a more intense workout. The alternating g-forces of rebounding help move your lymphatic fluid throughout your body. Since humans do not have a central lymph pump, it is essential for everyone to do SOME form of exercise, and this is the most convenient/accessible form available - simply spreading out a few 1-minute sessions throughout the day can yield great benefits. RSO - An amazing form of cannabis extract. Typically a full spectrum extract of several high-quality THC-rich indica strains with potent medicinal properties. This has given me some of the best sleep I've ever had, and very interesting psychedelic-like trips. Digestive enzymes - Vital supplement especially as you get older. Makes the body's job of breaking down food far easier, leaving you with more energy to do your daily tasks. A basic enzyme supplement with protease, papain, bromelain and lactase does the trick for daily use. If you want to take it to the next level, pancreatic enzymes with betain HCL are the most powerful I've used. Having had issues with certain foods in the past, now I can eat pretty much anything, and these enzymes tear right through it.
  10. I agree with @Michael569. A healthy diet could also be one to add to the list. Junk food, sugar and alcohol have to be cut down or eliminated. As far as a supplement you could try, I would recommend suma root. The effect is quite strong subjectively, and seems to make improvements to your baseline even when you've stopped taking it.
  11. I would suggest running the equation again using the number of UNARMED criminals rather than armed ones. When you include armed criminals, it's a lot harder to differentiate whether the officer acted out of self-defense or not. Still, I don't think the movement is about raw numbers. It's about the total lack of accountability in the cases that do happen, as well as worse treatment in general, and on those grounds I completely agree that something has to be done.
  12. If you take good care of your body, meaning exercise, meditation, a healthy diet, and maybe some adaptogens, then there is no shut-off at 30. Depending on how seriously you take this, you can still feel like you're 20 when you reach 30.
  13. I think that letting someone indulge in something to excess can be considered a valid strategy. It's like when a parent lets their child smoke as many cigarettes as they want, until they get physically sick and never smoke another one. And if he's asking this question again, it's clear that nothing is gonna stop him. My personal policy is that if I think of something I want 3 times, or if my interest lasts for over a week, then I do it. Otherwise it will just keep coming up. This is essentially how I quit gaming over the course of a few years. I did it often in my teenage years to the point where I finally realized that playing games all day is psychologically no easier or more pleasant than working all day.
  14. It's a really good course but if you have to save for months, I wouldn't do it. I would focus on working on what field you're talented in and get a career in that. One of my main criticisms of the course is that it's very idealistic. It encourages you to follow even the most saturated endeavors. For instance, if your "life purpose" is to become an actor or an indie game developer, there's no mention of the fact that you have to win the lottery to succeed in those fields. The amount of people who move to LA and succeed in the acting industry, or who release a few games and actually make a living off of them, are in the .1%. If you don't already know what to do with your life, my recommendation is instead to find work that has lots of job opportunities, pays decently and gives you a work-life balance. Once you have that base, work on your consciousness - that will translate over to work satisfaction more than anything else. You will have the money to throw down on as many courses as you want. And finally, you can work your hobbies on the side, and see if they are worth following long-term. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Frank Yang is great. I watched his videos for years and saw him make a complete psychological transformation. He used to be out of control and made extremely disturbing/entertaining art videos, depending on how you look at it. His primary method has been meditation for hours daily and 10 day retreats. He did some psychedelics a few times but didn’t use them often.