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  1. Nothing… but this is a forum started by him to discuss topics related generally to his content… if you consider the possible implications of my original post in relation to what I’ve just stated it makes sense why Leo is more relevant than the colour red in this instance… perhaps Leo is the colour red 👺🤔
  2. Not for over a year… and I wasn’t on any at the time but that genuinely did happen as I described… I seem to get coincidences like this quite often… but I thought I’d share that one here as it involves Leo…
  3. I find a lot of Leo’s content very interesting indeed! But some of his political stances seem quite biased and unfair… at least to me And so… I was watching an actualised video over a year ago and was questioning to myself quite absently whether Leo might be demonic in some way (whatever that might mean precisely)… then just as I was thinking that, I scroll down and the video I’m watching has 666 likes… what’s the chances of that? Mere coincidence or what? any thoughts?
  4. https://arkmedic.substack.com/p/how-to-blast-your-way-to-the-truth Would love it if any biologists would like to chime in on this... you can check everything in the article for yourself if you have interest in the origins of SARSCov2 please read the full article... you will not be disappointed. Well worth a close reading Then let me know what you think. cheers
  5. Who fucking cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toxic gender wars bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  6. This thread had 210 views so far with only 3 positive cases and one possible. Obviously not everyone who had it and viewed this thread necessarily reported it here. Please if you do view this thread and have tested positive for COVID let us here about it Cheers
  7. @Milos Uzelac yeah no probs mate It’s Takashi Shimura. He was a Japanese actor that starred in a lot of Akira Kurosawa movies. This particular shot is from a scene of one of my favourite movies “Ikiru” I’d definitely recommend that movie btw
  8. It does give me pause hence this discussion i genuinely don’t know but it’s beginning to look as though most of the vaccines are fine at least in the short term
  9. For sure my epistemology needs work. However it’s also the case that I don’t have too much time to investigate throughly the things the news projects at me . And I have a hard time merely believing experts that are presented to me or those who disagree with those experts... so I’ll continue to withhold my assent as the picture unfolds... I try not to believe anything blindly. I was just giving one example (of someone we both know of) who I perceive as fairly switched on and observant as being is disagreement with your conclusions. I see them lie often. I see them ascribe views to people by removing context often. I see them character assassinate people. I see them miss out pieces of context to project meanings onto news pieces that in context do not have those meanings. I see them emphasise and exaggerate some news whilst hiding and obscuring other news they seem to be in the business of behaviour management and manipulation more so than sincerely describing events... but I could be wrong about that, genuinely... The existence of atrocities abundant throughout human history and the clear example of people buying and locking into paradigms that made such atrocities possible. Must give us pause! perhaps your epistemology allows you to be so certain about things which you didn’t experience directly... or perhaps you did experience something that I did not... or perhaps your research into this subject is far more extensive than mine... I could be wrong about many things. Could you? You seem convinced. Perhaps you have good reason that you cannot communicate here. I can allow for that possibility... but your strong conclusions on some topics seem somewhat ill conceived to my biased mind
  10. Perhaps you might well be correct I’ll probably know for sure within a year or so Owen Cook seems to be indicating he doesn’t buy into the mainstream narrative here; and you’ve pointed us in his direction before (albeit not for advice regarding COVID). I’m sorry but I find it very difficult to trust the mainstream media. They seem to lie an awful lot... There are strange things happening around this whole COVID situation. Many strange future possibilities arising also. Given my lack of direct evidence for COVID being as is projected; And given my interpretation of the media as being generally somewhat agenda driven and politically biased, I will wait and see what actually happens before I make any conclusions... time will tell and I will try to accept what it tells whatever it tells I don’t know perhaps you somehow do?
  11. Curious to know how many of you have had COVID and what your experience was with it. im not particularly interested in stories about people you know who have had Covid but would prefer to keep this thread strictly for direct experiences of being personally infected. thanks for sharing folks!
  12. Fair enough perhaps the picture is different over there Hopefully things will become clearer regarding this pandemic as we move forward on the timeline I guess I’ll just keep checking in from time to time to see how things progress and try to deduce what may be the actual picture cheers
  13. Interesting perhaps this is contributing to a different picture here in the UK. I’ll have to look into that cheers
  14. There is a lot of delta here, apparently perhaps your assessment is a fair one